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MWFV Ch.8 Part 1 – Even a Vicious Tiger Will not Eat Its Cubs (I)

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The atmosphere in the reception room suddenly stiffened.

Chen De couldn’t even spurt out a word. After following Mr. Qin for many years, Chen De could say that he can do his job pretty well. But there is one thing that he was especially good at –reading Mr. Qin’s expression.

For example, right now, boss’ face was calm, but his mood was actually not very good.

Chen De once again glanced at Su Bei’s direction, secretly worried. Although he didn’t know where these children came from and their motive on recognizing Mr. Qin as their dad was also very suspicious, but from the simple communication they just had, Chen De had no bad feeling towards Su Bei and Su Xiaobao.

He didn’t know if this little girl has a pit on her brain or simply lacked some IQ. Since she could find the boss’ home address, couldn’t she also find out other people evaluation about Mr. Qin? The last person who dared to challenge Qin Shao like this, the grass on their grave already grew two meters long.

However, looking at Su Bei’s eyes, he didn’t know if it simply his own illusion– Chen De always feels that those eyes were somewhat similiar with Mr. Qin’s own eyes. And not only the eyes, even their expression also similiar.

The same calmness, with hidden waves.


In this stalemate, Qin Shao was the first to withdraw his sight.

“What is your purpose?” Qin Shao asked.

“We are looking for you.”

“The reason?”

“You are our dad.”

Qin Shao: “…”

He suddenly missed the spies sent by his business opponents. At least they could use their brain well, unlike the two children in front of him now. For the first time, Mr. Qin felt the powerlessness of being unable to communicate.

Looking at Qin Shao’s darkened expression, Su Bei felt a little diffident. The novel only wrote that the unexpected relationship between Su Mei and Qin Shao was planned by the male lead, but didn’t elaborate how it was done. So, does Qin Shao know that he has such an unexpected night in the past? Even Su Bei wasn’t sure. But the fact was that he really was their biological father.

“Maybe you are surprised because we came over so suddenly. But what I said is true. You are really our dad.” Su Bei looked at Qin Shao. With sincere tone and expression she continued. “If you really didn’t believe me, you can take us to take paternity test.”

Qin Shao lightly glanced at Su Bei. He didn’t responded at her suggestion about paternity test.

Just right then, Qin Shao’s mobile phone rang. After glancing at the caller info, Qin Shao raised his hand, signalling Chen De to take the two children out, then answered the phone.

Qin Shao spent twenty minutes on the phone call. When Chen De once again called in by Qin Shao, he saw his boss putting away his phone, his expression unchanged.

With a small voice Chen De called: “Sir?”

“Except for Liu Jinqi, who else in charge of Tianlan subsidiary?”

“Tianlan subsidiary?” Chen De pondered for a moment: “Beside General Manager Liu, Wang Jin and Xu Qiang are also stationed there. Is there something wrong at Tianlan? ”

“A blind fool dared to stretched out his hand too long.” Qin Shao briefly answered. With a few words, he instructed Chen De to arrange him a trip to S city.

After received his order, Chen De suddenly recalled two children waiting outside the door. Feeling helpless, he firmly reminded his boss: “Sir, the two children outside….”

“Put them aside for now.”



At the same time, outside the reception room.

Su Xiaobao was leaning against the wall. After kept silent for a while, he couldn’t help complaining: “I don’t understand why you have to find that person.”

“So that he could raise us.” Su Bei replied.

“Just because of this?”


Su Xiaobao: “…”

Su Xiaobao thought that Su Bei’s sudden impulse to go find the man in B city was because she wanted a father. Just like their other classmates, who all have a father to attend parent meeting, or to protect them whenever they got bullied. Unexpectedly, Su Bei’s reason was so superficial.

“Even without that person we similiarly could still living well, and I could provide for you.” Su Xiaobao remarked, feeling dissatisfied.

“It’s different.”

Even though Su Xiaobao was very smart and Su Bei has learned a lot during her four years studying in another world, but since they are still minors, there are many things they cannot do. Whether it was the ending in the novel, or the ending in the dream, Su Bei didn’t want to see it happen in reality. She couldn’t let Su Xiaobao to follow the path to that future. So no matter what, she still need to find Qin Shao. Because that man has the ability to provide them with a normal growth environment.

Although in the novel Qin Shao will eventually lose in his fight against the male lead, resulting in ruined ending, but that still many years later. At the very least, the current Mr. Qin is still an arrogant man who could easily stomps the male lead on the mud anytime.

“But I think that Qin Shao… is not a good person.” Su Xiaobao pondered for a moment, before spoke again in heavy tone.

Su Bei: “…”

The question of whether Mr. Qin is a good person or not was indeed vague. In the novel, as the male lead rival and the biggest villain throughout the story, Qin Shao was potrayed as a sinister, cunning, vicious and cold-hearted man. But after analyzing more carefully, except that he didn’t get along with the male lead and that he was a bit fierce against his opponents, Qin Shao didn’t seem to have done anything that was out of the law, never dirtied his hands with blood. Of course, it didn’t change the fact that Qin Shao was not a man to be messed about.

“Su Xiaobao, you have to remember that whether he is a good person or not, he is our father.”

After a moment, Su Bei whispered again: “Besides, even a vicious tiger will not eat its cubs.”


When Chen De came out fron the reception room, he happened to overheard the sibling’s conversation.

These two children dare to say that Mr. Qin isn’t a good person?

Also, little girl, did you seriously say ‘even a vicious tiger will not eat its cubs’?

Unconsciously, Chen De glanced at the closed door to make sure that Mr. Qin didn’t heard the children’s evaluation of him. Chen De then deliberately coughed up and walked over to the siblings.

“I’ve made you wait.”

“Uncle, has my dad finished the call? Can we go in now?”

She called ‘dad’ very smoothly.

If he hadn’t overheard their conversation just now, Chen De would really believed that Su Bei was simply a little girl who obediently waiting for her dearest daddy.

“Mr. Qin now has some important tasks to deal with, as for you two,” looking at the two pitiful kids in front of him, Chen De sighed: “You come with me.”

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  3. “Whether it was the ending in the novel, or the ending in the dream”

    Ohh now that i see this I think that the dream was separate from the novel and that would be their ending even if now they’re changed people.

    Will she keep having dreams if things are going in a bad direction then?

  4. I know this one probably came first, but the other book I was reading is too similar to this one! Like this same scene happened in that book, with her waiting in the room, dad walking in and she confidently says “you’re my dad” and “we can get a paternity test” and then the dad getting a cal and leaving and telling his assistant to watch over the kid for now….

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