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MWFV Ch.8 Part 2 – Even a Vicious Tiger Will not Eat Its Cubs (II)

Chen De brought Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to Qin Shao’s Jingyuan villa. The reason he brought them here wasn’t because their identity have been recognized, but because letting them stay here would make it easier for monitoring.

The villa’s housekeeper was surnamed Zhou, given name Fu. When he saw Chen De leading two children over, Uncle Fu was very surprised.

“Xiao Chen, who are these two children?”

“The police station contacted our sir to take them back. But sir has some important matters to deal with in the company, so he cannot take care of them. You first arrange a room for them to stay temporarily. As for specific circumstances, you can ask sir personally when he come back.” Chen De answered.

After he gave the housekeeper some brief explanation, Chen De looked at the children and said, “For the time being, you will stay here. This is Uncle Fu, the villa’s housekeeper. You may ask him if you have any question. In addition, don’t run all over the place and you should listen to Uncle Fu….”

“Okay,” Su Bei nodded. She pulled Su Xiaobao to Uncle Fu and greeted him,“Hello Uncle Fu.”

Because Chen De’s explanation was ambiguous, for a moment Uncle Fu wasn’t sure what kind attitude he should take. But in front of the sweet greetings of the two children, he still responded with a smile.

After seeing Su Bei and Su Xiaobao was taken upstairs, Chen De pondered a bit and gave additional explanation: “Those children’s identity were currently unknown. So bother Uncle Fu to monitor them carefully. If they show any abnormality, please contact me anytime.”

Uncle Fu’s eyes flashed with surprise, but he still nodded: “I understand.”

“Then I’ll take my leave.”

Chen De was about to leave when Su Bei chasing him downstairs.

“This is for you.” Su Bei handed Chen De two folded papers, obviously torn from a notebook.

Chen De was puzzled: “What is this?”

“Me and Su Xiaobao’s hair, and here are the nails we just cut out. I have marked them, you can use them for paternity test.” After pondering a bit, she continued: “If blood sample needed for the test, we can also go with you for a blood draw.”

Listening to Su Bei’s words, Chen De’s eyebrows slightly raised: How can you be so confident, is the paternal test result will be like you said?

“Qin Group has special medical team. If sampling was needed, a specialist will come here.” Even so, Chen De still took the samples from Su Bei.


After leaving Jingyuan villa, Chen De quickly returned to Qin Group and arranged a trip to S city for Mr. Qin.

“Enter.” Qin Shao answered the knock.

“Sir, the itinerary has been arranged properly. In addition,” after a brief pause, Chen De continued: “I’ve also brought back the two children.”

“Mm.” Qin Shao responded lightly, obviously he wasn’t too concerned.

However, Chen De still has to do his due diligence report: “They are temporarily placed in Jingyuan.”

Chen De’s word made Qin Shao frown. Recalling the two dirty children, his eyes flashed with displeasure.

Upon seeing this, Chen De became nervous: “Sir, is my arrangement not appropriate, then I…”

“Let them stay there for now.” Qin Shao said, “Send someone to investigate, and arrange 24 hours monitoring.”

“Sir, do you mean…” From his words, Mr. Qin seemed to not believe the two children?

“Do you think I might have two children?” Qin Shao asked, feeling ridiculous.

Chen De was silent.

——Indeed, how could his boss didn’t know if he really had children?

Like a tall tree that attracted the wind, many people was staring Qin Group and doing a lot of small movement in the dark. All kind of business spies, both women and men, Chen De has dealt with too many times. Only three years ago, someone who pretended to be the old madam’s maternal relative came and tried to take benefit from Qin Group.

However, even Chen De never before see someone who try to let two kids impersonating Mr. Qin’s biological children. he boss has a cold personality, coupled with the fact that he has been busy with company matters all over these years, made him never has a single woman around him.

It wasn’t exaggeration to say that if not for Qin Group’s supression, all kind of gossip about ‘Mr. Qin is a frigid’ or ‘Mr. Qin cannot get it up’ would already spread all over the country. And this was not a secret.

Without even a single woman, where did the children come from? Did the mastermind not doing a basic research or couldn’t use their brain?

“The acting skills are good.” Qin Shao suddenly made a casual comment. This evaluation was given to Su Bei: When he was looking at the girl before, although he didn’t believe her, his attitude indeed loosened for a moment. Recalling that scene, he felt ridiculous.

What? Do they think that he would be soft-hearted if they send over young children?

“What’s that?” Qin Shao asked, glancing at Chen De’s hand.

“Sir, do you mean this? These are the children’s hair and nails.”

Thinking about Su Bei’s words when she gave him these samples, Chen De pondered a bit before carefully asked Qin Shao : “Sir, do you want me to arrange a paternity test for you and those children?”

“….”Qin Shao raised his eyelids: “How long will it until the result come out? ”

“After taking the sample, the fastest time to get the result was a few hours.”

“Do it.”

After Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s matter temporarily have been handled, suddenly Chen De recalled Su Bei’s face when she handed him the DNA sample. On unknown basis, or probably some ghostly curiousity, Chen De asked : “Sir, have you ever thought if, I mean if, those two children really have blood relationship with you?”

If those two children are really the boss own flesh and blood…..

Chen De: …

Mr. Qin, who always being swift and decisive when doing business, suddenly has two more children. He couldn’t imagine that scene.

Qin Shao didn’t have Chen De’s brain holes. Hearing his question, Mr. Qin just responded with an inddifferent glance.

“Even if it’s true, so what?”

Just two children who suddenly popping up, how could they be a problem?

Qin family was not short of money, and Qin Shao was even much richer. If the law stipulates that he should raise those two children, then he would simply throw some money for them. Raise the children until adulthood then just throw them away.

However, in Qin Shao’s mind, there was no such possibility. Taking ten thousand steps back, even if he really has children, they wouldn’t be like those dirty twins.


“Now, take a look at this.” Putting away the ‘children’ topic, Qin Shao motioned Chen De to pick up some documents from the table.

Chen De took the documents and carefully read it. His expression soon became gloomy.

“Song Group again?” Chen De frowned.

It wasn’t a secret that Song Yancheng, the Song Group’s chairman, for some reason secretly competing with Qin Group. Just, it seemed that Song Group’s sneaky movements have been too much recently?

First, they started with Tianlan subsidiary. And even more daring, directly reached into Qin Group’s main office.

They think they could sneakily dig Qin Group’s corner?

“His courage is getting bigger and bigger.” Qin Shao said calmly.

Ten years ago, Song Yancheng moved Jihua’s resources to establish Song Group. Because Qin Shao was too lazy to argue with the two old people, he didn’t say anything, and turned a blind eye to this matter. In the past few years, whenever Song Group busily tossing under his eyelids, Mr. Qin was only regarded them as a clown and never put them in his eyes. Unexpectedly, that man took his tolerance as granted and became more impudent.

“Song Yancheng is now in S City?” Qin Shao raised his eyebrows and asked.

“Yes, he went there a week ago.” Chen De replied, this is the news he just got. In order to break one of Qin Group’s arm, Chairman Song indeed took a great pains dealing with Tianlan.

“Very good, let’s give him a lesson.”


“Right, sir, are you going back to Jingyuan villa tonight?”

Mr. Qin frowned, “No.”

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10 days ago~

Mr. Qin: “They are my baby? Really dirty.”

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Mr. Qin: “They are my baby! Really fragrant!”

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