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MWFV Ch. 80 Part 1 – Dancing Together (I)

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s dresses for attending Qin Group’s annual gathering were ready, and the designer team took the dresses to Jingyuan Villa for a final fitting. As soon as Mr. Qin came home, he saw his daughter running down the stairs in a long skirt.

“Slow down,” Mr. Qin reminded. Before he finished his words, Su Bei had already run to him. Mr. Qin raised his hand to catch Su Bei, who almost stumbled.

“Dad, how is it? Does it look good on me?” Su Bei raised her head and asked Mr. Qin with a bright smile.

This was definitely the most beautiful dress Su Bei ever worn. It was a red to white tulle skirt, decorated with a fancy flower motif. When Su Bei wore the skirt, she looked like a lively fairy. In addition, under Mr. Qin’s request, the designer matched this skirt with a top that looked very ‘warm.’

“It looks good.” Mr. Qin smiled and praised her without hesitation.

Seeing this scene from the side, Uncle Fu also smiled secretly: for Mr. Qin, anything his daughter wears will look good. However, Xiaobei’s dress was indeed matched her appearance very much. Uncle Fu gave a thumb up, and planned to add a bonus to the designer team.

“By the way, Dad, the designer brought another set of dress.” The other set was also very nice, but its style was more casual and wasn’t fit for a banquet.

“That’s for you to wear at the final.” Mr. Qin replied.

Hearing this, Su Bei’s face brightened even more. She looked up at Mr. Qin joyfully: She didn’t expect that he would prepare a dress for it.

“Thank you, Dad!”



“Is there a dance at the party?” Su Bei asked. She seemed to overhear that Uncle Fu was going to hire a dance teacher.

Mr. Qin nodded: “If you don’t want to dance, then there is no need to.” Just imagining his daughter dancing with a random brat was enough to infuriate him. Of course, he would never allow this kind of thing to happen under his eyelids. However, if Xiaobei didn’t like dancing, then just cancel it. It was okay for his Qin family’s children to be this wayward.

“I want to dance!” Why not? She was looking forward to dancing at the banquet.

“I’m going to dance with Xiaobao.” Su Bei said. She remembered Su Xiaobao’s appearance when trying his suit just now. He was really handsome.

Noticing Mr. Qin’s slightly raised eyebrows, Su Bei’s survival instinct kicked in, and she hurriedly added: “And also with Dad.”

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao finally began their dance lesson. Today, as soon as Mr. Qin returned home, he saw Su Bei’ dancing’ in the front hall. She was wearing fluffy pink pajamas, with fluffy pink slippers, and holding a bag of potato chips in one hand. Her pace was so random that it didn’t look like the elegant ballroom dance taught by the dance teacher.

Although irregular, Su Bei’s steps were light, flexible, and pleasing to the eye.

Mr. Qin stopped and watched for a while. Su Bei, who wasn’t too absorbed in her dance, also noticed Mr. Qin standing not far away. With a playful face, she bounced towards Mr. Qin.

Knowing what his daughter wanted, Qin Shao took Su Bei’s hand. With Mr. Qin as her partner, Su Bei spun twice and completed the last two steps.

“Why are you practicing here alone? Where is that boy?” Mr. Qin lowered down his hand and asked.

Su Bei: “Xiaobao is playing game upstairs.”

At this time, Su Xiaobao, Xie Minxuan, and their team were taking the qualifying match for the tournament. Initially, Su Bei sat next to Su Xiaobao, munching on potato chips while watching their match. But it annoyed Su Xiaobao. The boy said in disgust that her munching noise almost affected his performance. Although reluctant, Su Bei had no choice but to come downstairs and practice the dance moves she just learned this morning.

“Don’t eat too much.” Qin Shao confiscated the bag of potato chips in Su Bei’s hand.

Su Bei: “…” Only two pieces more…

Looking at Mr. Qin, Su Bei suddenly had an idea. Her eyes immediately lit up.

Qin Shao: “You cannot eat more potato chips.”

“Not that.” Su Bei shook her head and asked: “Dad, are you busy now?”

Qin Shao: “No, why?”

“Dad, can we record a dancing video together?” Although this idea came on a whim, Su Bei really wanted to do it.

Dancing? Video?

Mr. Qin raised his eyebrows.

Originally, Qin Shao thought that Su Bei wanted to take a video of the ballroom dance she was practicing. Instead, she took out her mobile phone and played a video: “Dad, look, this one. It’s very easy.”

Thanks to her classmates’ recommendation, Su Bei recently was hooked by a short video app on her mobile phone. What she showed Mr. Qin now was one of her favorite videos. It was a person in a big yellow duck costume dancing to the camera. The simple head to hand movement accompanied by joyful and rhythmic background music made this video looked a bit cool.

It’s just…

Seeing the big yellow duck costume, Mr. Qin’s eyes flashed in disgust: What is this?

Su Bei: “Dad, how? Isn’t it cool?”

Qin Shao: “…” For the first time, he felt the generation gap.


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