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MWFV Ch. 80 Part 2 – Dancing Together (II)

“Dad, just record one video with me. It’s very easy. One minute, oh no, half a minute is okay.” Su Bei looked up at Mr. Qin eagerly. Her expression was full of appeal.

Qin Shao: Should he arrange more schedules for these children during this vacation? Otherwise, they were too idle at home and got poisoned by these so-called trending videos.

“Otherwise, can I use my reward for the final exam?” Su Bei finally extorted her final bargain piece. She gritted her teeth and added: “Plus the new year’s gift.”

Qin Shao: “Only this time.”

Su Bei “Okay! Wait, I’ll put the phone first. Dad, give me your coat, I’ll hang it for you, hehe.”

In the end, Mr. Qin danced with his daughter on the camera. After the video was recorded, Su Bei held her mobile phone contentedly and returned to her room.

That night, Su Bei uploaded a short 49 seconds video on her homepage. In the video, Su Bei and Mr. Qin stood side by side and began to dance to the music. It was the same dance from the trending video she showed before, but with some minor changes.

In the beginning, Mr. Qin’s movement was half a beat slower than Su Bei, as if trying to slack off. Watching more carefully, a trace of helplessness could be seen from Mr. Qin’s face.

However, strangely enough, this video didn’t look weird. Mr. Qin was in a proper business suit, which he wore to attend a very important summit during the day. On the other hand, Su Bei wore cute plushy pajamas, with cat-ear accessories on her head. She looked very casual and cute. They also moved very differently——Su Bei’s movement was lively, while Mr. Qin was so oppressive and composed.

Obviously, there was such a big contrast, but it didn’t make the audiences feel weird or odd at all. On the contrary, it made the video so interesting and funny.

As soon as this video was online, a lot of people flooding the comments section:

[OMG! What did I see! I just browsed the forum because I was bored, but actually found such a gem!]

[Th-this, is this really Chairman Qin? Did you use a program to change the face?]

[Gosh, so Mr. Qin still has this side. It’s completely different from the news and rumor.]

[Mr. Qin is so excellent.]

[No, Mr. Qin is still the same Mr. Qin. Only his daughter gets special treatment.]

[Aaaaaaaah!!! Su Bei’s father is so handsome!]

[This video is so cute.]

[How envious. I also want a Dad who will dance with me. Of course, he needs to be handsome!]

[I don’t despise my Dad’s chubby belly. But if I let him dance with me, I guess he will bounce me onto Mount Everest.]

[Have watched this video 24 times and can’t stop. What should I do?]

On the second floor, Su Xiaobao, who just finished the match, also saw this video and got upset: Su Bei obviously also saved their dancing video, so why did she only upload the one with that guy?

Soon, a video was posted on Su Xiaobao’s homepage. It was a similar video of two people dancing. However, the protagonists this time were him and Su Bei.

This video was taken at home yesterday. The twins wore similar fluffy pajamas——Su Xiaobao in dark blue and Su Bei in light pink——with a pair of cat paw gloves. Unlike the video with Mr. Qin, where the stark contrast made it funny and cute, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao cooperated very well, and their movements were synchronized perfectly.

The comment section once again exploded:

[My mom, ah! What day is today, two big gems one after another.]

[I really like this video!]

[Young master Su and Su Bei movements are so synchronized.]

[Haha, it goes without saying. They are twins after all.]

[Young master Su is so cool at school, but unexpectedly also has such a cute side. How lovely.]

[Even so, I still like the previous video with Mr. Qin more. There is a different degree of cuteness.]

[Choosing is only for elementary school kids. As a junior high school student, I can have both!]

[Am I the only one who wants to see Mr. Qin dance together with young master Su and Su Bei?]

[Me too.]


Soon, someone drew two chibi drawings based on the videos and uploaded them onto the forum. One was Su Bei and Su Xiaobao in cat paws, and another one was Mr. Qin and Su Bei dancing.

Su Bei thanked the uploader, and saved the two drawings. After thinking hard, Su Bei finally set the one with Su Xiaobao as a screensaver and the one with Mr. Qin as wallpaper.

The videos soon became trending. More and more comments flooding below:

[I cannot find Su Bei’s pajamas online. If anyone found it, please share.]

[I only found similar ones.]

[Everyone, I found Su Bei’s cat paw online.]

[Thank you, brother. I’m going to buy it now.]

[Bah, do you think cat paw gloves are important? What I want is a handsome brother who will dance with me.]

[Handsome brother? What I lack is a beautiful face.]

People saved the videos and forwarded them to others. Soon, many CEO and chairmen who knew Mr. Qin also saw it. They were so surprised: Mr. Qin didn’t seem to be that scary.

However, soon enough, Mr. Qin used his usual actions to quickly prove that he was still the same Mr. Qin.


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