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MWFV Ch. 81 Part 1 – Gift (I)

MWFV sponsored chapters (1/4) by Jacquelyn, Cranky Reader, Tea Biscuit, Lyysine, Mochakat9, Shhhhhh, and anonymous sponsors at ko-fi. Thank you for your support!

This is the first part of today’s sponsored chapters.

Qin Group’s annual gathering could be regarded as a significant event in the business circle. Only a handful of companies and dignitaries were eligible to receive an invitation, but they were all undoubtedly of unusual status. Some companies even made the ‘be invited to participate in Qin Group’s annual gathering’ as their achievement target.

On the second floor of the annual gathering’s venue, Mr. Qin lowered his eyes and said to the twins: “It’s just an annual gathering, no need to be nervous.” It was Mr. Qin’s own way of expressing his care to his children.

Su Xiaobao’s eyes flashed with displeasure: “I know. We are not nervous.” Facing Mr. Qin’s gaze, the boy raised his head and said: “This is our home turf. Why should we be nervous?”

Next to him, Su Bei also nodded in agreement.

Mr. Qin chuckled lightly. He raised his hand to rub Su Xiaobao’s head.

Su Xiaobao: “Do not mess up my hair!!”

Qin Shao: “Let’s go.”

Mr. Qin took the twins to the banquet area. Their appearance instantly caused a stir among the guests.

“That’s Mr. Qin’s two children? I heard they are quite good?”

“Very good. Last week, our team had a project negotiation with Qin Group, and Mr. Qin let his two children attend the meeting…” Talking about Mr. Qin’s two children, the chairman of Yaohua Group couldn’t help sighing with admiration. The children were calm and wise, with a sense of measure that was beyond their age. Sure enough, a tiger father won’t give birth to dog children.

“In the next few years, these children probably will dominate the whole circle.”

“Why haven’t I heard that Chairman Qin has children before?”

“Perhaps they are too well protected.”

Of course, there might be other reasons.

“However, these two children’s identity as the heirs seemed to be fixed.”

Those were the conversations between male guests. Among the ladies present, their talks were more about: “Qin family’s daughter is so beautiful.”, “Qin Yu is really similar to Mr. Qin.”, “I heard they are twins. How enviable.”…

Mr. Qin came up to the stage and began to deliver his speech. His opening sentence was: “Qin Group has gone through another year.”

This sentence was simple and straightforward, and also sounded relatively low-key. But with Mr. Qin’s calm and unperturbed tone, coupled with Qin Group’s current status in the industry, people could easily perceive a trace of pride from Mr. Qin’s words——the Qin Group, which already was a big enterprise, has fared through another year of wind and storm unscathed, and even rose into a higher level. Mr. Qin has the right to feel prideful.

The applause stopped, and Mr. Qin continued his speech. Mr. Qin’s speech was just like himself, short and direct, without any fancy nonsense.

“This year, some changes have taken place…” As he spoke, Qin Shao turned his gaze to Su Bei and Su Xiaobao. The biggest change was probably the appearance of this little girl and stinky boy, who suddenly made himself into a father.

A smile flashed across Mr. Qin’s eyes: “But all are good changes.”

After the opening speech was over, it was time for the dance. The live music started, and people in the center of the hall stepped back, vacating the area for the dance.

Without waiting for her father to speak, Su Bei had already leaped forward, and made an inviting gesture to Mr. Qin as being taught by the teacher. Her posture wasn’t exactly standard, but it had a teenage girl’s playfulness and cute feeling.

Su Xiaobao, who was standing on the side, stared at them with a slightly sullen face. He was a little bit sour inside——wasn’t he supposed to be the first? But Xiaobei actually took that guy to dance first. Forget it. Today, he would just give that guy a face and didn’t steal the limelight.

Su Xiaobao stepped aside, and Mr. Qin took Su Bei’s hand. Accompanied by the music, Mr. Qin led his daughter like a proper guardian. Although he didn’t say anything, from the slightly risen lips, it wasn’t difficult to see that Mr. Qin was in a very good mood.

Lowering his gaze to look at his little princess, Mr. Qin’s eyes were softer than ever. When he didn’t notice, his girl has grown up. Remembering their first meeting, the two children were like stray cats: weak and thin. Compared to now, Su Bei has grown into a beautiful and healthy girl, and Mr. Qin suddenly felt a burst of pride.

When Mr. Qin danced with Su Bei, Qin Group’s female employees watched attentively, and their little red hearts were almost bursting.

“Oh my gosh, the chairman actually looks so gentle.”

“Is it really our chairman? Too gentle! Oh no, I think I am about to faint.”

Mr. Qin, who was always so serious and unsmiling, looked so different at this moment. He was so gentle and handsome that people almost screamed in delight.

“When I occasionally encountered Chairman in the company, I usually didn’t dare to look up. This is my first time to see that our Chairman is actually so handsome.”

“I really want to dance with the Chairman. If only the Chairman will look at me like that…”

“Don’t daydream. The Chairman’s gentleness is obviously exclusive for his little princess.”

“How envious…”

“I bet the Chairman treats his daughter even better than he treats his wife, the mysterious Mrs. Qin.”

“I agree…”

“So what about being a wife. Being a daughter is the happiest!”


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