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MWFV Ch. 81 Part 2 – Gift (II)

MWFV sponsored chapters (2/4) by Jacquelyn, Cranky Reader, Tea Biscuit, Lyysine, Mochakat9, Shhhhhh, and anonymous sponsors at ko-fi. Thank you for your support!

The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch. 81 Part 1.

At the end of the music, Mr. Qin steadily led Su Bei to complete the last step. Afterward, he let go of Su Bei’s hand and said: “Go around and have fun.”


The second music began. Su Bei quickly walked towards her family’s ‘sullenbao’ and invited him for a dance. Compared with the grand and magnificent opening music, this second one was more vibrant and light. Even though the twins were dancing a formal ballroom dance, their steps were relaxed and lively. Among all the other people dancing, the two children’s delicate and youthful appearance provided a strong yet beautiful contrast.

Some ladies on the side couldn’t hold themselves and took out their mobile phones to take Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s photos.

“Su Xiaobao, you can’t do early love.” Su Bei suddenly gave Su Xiaobao a ‘stern’ warning.

The boy was taken aback: Where is this come from?

“I don’t even have someone I like. What kind of early love will I do?” Su Xiaobao muttered. “Why are you asking this all of a sudden?”

Su Bei: “Isn’t it because our family’s Xiaobao is so handsome. I suddenly feel worried. Such a good little piglet, what if a cabbage suddenly steal you away?1 I will be so sad.”

Su Xiaobao: “…”

“Then you also cannot fall in love early.” He also didn’t want to see his family’s cabbage being stolen away by a pig.

Mr. Qin walked around to greet the guests, while the tired Su Bei and Su Xiaobao walked to the side to rest.

Su Xiaobao brought two glasses of juice and asked Su Bei: “Which one do you want?”

Su Bei: “Which one is tastier?”

Su Xiaobao: How could he know.

Su Xiaobao picked the two glasses and took a sip. He then gave the red juice to Su Bei: “This one is sweeter.”

Seeing the twins rested on the side, Chen De ordered the waiter to bring over many plates of exquisite finger foods. In Chen De’s eyes, these two children were no different than his juniors. As elders, he always feared that the children might not have enough food.

“Do you want to eat something else? Uncle Chen will ask people to prepare it for you.”

Su Bei: “Thank you, Uncle Chen, these are enough.” No, she actually afraid that Su Xiaobao and her were going to be fed like piglets…

“Uncle Chen, what is that?” Su Bei noticed the two big boxes in Chen De’s hand.

Chen De: “Ah, this. It is the New Year gifts Uncle Chen prepared for you two.”

Su Xiaobao: “Isn’t the New Year still a few days away?”

Su Bei: “Right, Uncle Chen. Why don’t you wait until New Year’s day before giving it to us?”

“A gift is better given sooner than later. If I wait until New Year, who knows if I can really meet you.” Chen De replied with a smile. A few days ago, Mr. Qin asked him to book plane tickets for three people. After December 31, Mr. Qin would already take the twins abroad to play.

Chen De originally wanted to give a big red envelope for the twins. But his boss’ family has never been short of money. Not to mention that the children still had Mr. Qin’s secondary card with them, and Su Bei’s salary from working in NST alone was almost catching up with his salary as the chairman’s assistant. So, after some thinking, Chen De finally decided to prepare a useful gift instead.

“Thank you, Uncle Chen.” The twins thanked Chen De in unison.

“Nothing. This gift is a bit heavy. It’s not convenient for you to hold it now. I will ask Qin Jiu to take it back to the car first. You can open it after the banquet is over.”

When Chen De finished speaking, he saw Lin Shaochi walked towards them. Recently, the relationship between Lin Group and Qin Group was very good. Thanks to their joint projects, the Qin Group gained a lot of income, and Lin Group also benefitted from Qin Group’s reputation. Obviously, Mr. Qin had a lot of appreciation towards this young Chairman Lin, so Chen De also treated him very politely.

“Young Chairman Lin.”

“Mr. Chen.”

“Is Old Master Lin in good health these days?”

“Yes, grandpa is in very good health. Thank you for asking.”

After exchanging a few pleasantries with Chen De, Lin Shaochi’s eyes fell on the two gifts in Chen De’s hands.

“Sorry, I forgot to prepare gifts for you.” Lin Shaochi said to Su Bei and Su Xiaobao.

“Brother Lin is too polite. You don’t need to prepare us anything. This is the New Year’s gift from Uncle Chen.” Su Bei explained.

Lin Shaochi: “Then, I will also prepare New Year gifts for you two later.”

“No, you really don’t have to be so polite.” Su Bei shook her head. She secretly whispered, “Elders really like to give gifts to juniors.”

Speaking of which, Lin Shaochi should be considered their peers. Su Bei inwardly muttered: Boss, just send me the souvenir you wanted to give me before.

Su Bei raised her head and smiled at Lin Shaochi: “Brother Lin, if you want to give us gifts, then wait for our birthday.”

Lin Shaochi’s lips raised slightly: “Okay. When is your birthday?”

“It’s soon. In February.”

“February 27?” Hearing Su Bei’s answer, one date came to Lin Shaochi’s mind.

This time, it was Su Bei’s turn to be surprised——Mr. Qin didn’t disclose much of her and Su Xiaobao’s information. Why can Lin Shaochi tell their birthday so accurately?

Lin Shaochi didn’t know the twins’ birthdays. But Su Bei’s words suddenly made him remembered one date: the opening date of the ‘Dream Park’ set by Mr. Qin.

Initially, when Mr. Qin decided to invest in this project, he asked Lin Shaochi to finished the park’s construction before February of the following year. A few days ago, when they discussed the opening date, Mr. Qin directly gave out a date: February 27.

Now Lin Shaochi finally understands——Mr. Qin obviously intended to give the ‘Dream Park’ to his two children as a birthday gift. Perhaps, the reason why Mr. Qin decided to invest in this project was also because of these children.


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  1. A pig stealing a cabbage: An idiom portraying the parent’s feeling when their daughter is married. It’s like having an excellent cabbage (daughter) you raised meticulously for years getting stolen away by a pig (son-in-law).

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