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MWFV Ch. 82 Part 1 – Arranged Marriage? (I)

MWFV sponsored chapters (3/4) by Jacquelyn, Cranky Reader, Tea Biscuit, Lyysine, Mochakat9, Shhhhhh, and anonymous sponsors at ko-fi. Thank you for your support!

The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch. 81 Part 1.

Across the table, Su Bei observed Lin Shaochi, who was sitting in front of them. This young Chairman of Lin Group gave people the same impression as the dark suit he wore today: calm, composed, cautious, and even a bit unsmiling.

Of course, these were simply first-glance impressions. As Lin Shaochi’s half-employee, after so many chats with him, Su Bei knew the real side of her boss: his solemn and serious appearance was only on the outside. Actually, Lin Shaochi was very warm inside.

It was a bit similar to Mr. Qin. The difference was that Su Bei has discovered that her father’s warmth was only for her and Su Xiaobao.

Noticing the gaze, Lin Shaochi raised his head, looked at Su Bei, and asked: “Xiaobei, what’s the matter?”


Probably because she knew Lin Shaochi privately, but even after he found out that she was staring at him secretly, Su Bei didn’t feel ashamed or awkward, but simply shook her head calmly.

“Brother Lin, do you want to eat this?” Su Bei asked.

Lin Shaochi smiled and refused: “You can eat it.”

Su Bei: But they can’t eat anymore.

Under Chen De’s order, the waiter brought them too many foods. In the end, Su Bei only picked out some that she liked the best. Even so, many were still left untouched on the table.

Lin Shaochi also noticed Su Bei’s ‘pickiness.’ He found out that Xiaobei seemed to like matcha-flavored cheesecake.

Lin Shaochi: “Is it tasty?”

Su Bei: “Yeah, it’s tasty. Brother Lin, are you sure you don’t want to try it?”

Lin Shaochi: “No.”

It’s just that when seeing Su Bei eating the matcha-flavored cheesecake, he suddenly remembered that [Q] seemed to say she liked it too.

After accompanying the twins for a while, Lin Shaochi got up and went back to the crowd to socialize. Right after Lin Shaochi left, Xie Minxuan came over with unconcealed fatigue on his face.

“You two found a good place to hide.” Thinking how tired he was having to socialize with those corporate bigwigs just now, seeing the twins sitting here cozily and having snacks made Xie Minxuan felt an unbalanced bitterness.

“Is that Lin Shaochi?” The boy sat down and asked.

Su Bei: “Yes. Recently, our company has a lot of cooperation with them.”

Su Xiaobao: “What? Do you have a grudge with him?”

“How can.” Xie Minxuan glanced at Su Xiaobao coldly and said: “At most, he is my old nightmare.”

“To be precise, Lin Shaochi is the nightmare shared together by children of our generation.”

Xie Minxuan began to tell Su Bei and Su Xiaobao. Lin Shaochi was five to six years older than the children of Xie Minxuan’s age, but they were still the same generation. Therefore, from childhood, Xie Minxuan kept listening to the elders’ praises: how many scores did Lin family’s son get in the last exam, how many prizes did he win, how many grades did he skip. At the age of fifteen, he began to manage projects. At sixteen, he managed a whole subsidiary by himself. At seventeen, he got a double degree from this and this university…

In short, Lin Shaochi was ‘that child from someone else’s family.’ Like other children in his generation, Xie Minxuan grew up under Lin Shaochi’s shadow. Fortunately, now it was his turn to become other children’s’ nightmare.’

The corner of Xie Minxuan’s mouth was raised, and a touch of pride flashed across his face.

——Of course, excluding Su Bei and that annoying guy beside her.

It was no secret among their circle that Mr. Qin brought his two heirs to the company. Before long, people in the circle began to praise them left and right. Even Xie Minxuan’s own grandfather recently liked to say: “Qin family’s two children are very good. You are classmates. You must learn well from them, and give good influence to each other. Understand?”

Unknown to Xie Minxuan, when he was sitting sullenly in the hall, his grandfather was drinking tea with Mr. Qin in the VIP room, chatting and laughing friendly.

“The two little children from your house has given us a pleasant surprise this year.” Xie Zhoucheng sipped his tea and said smilingly.

Mr. Qin also smiled: “Probably not everyone feels so.”

Xie Zhoucheng: “Haha, that’s true. But my Xie family has no conflict with your Qin family, so they are a pleasant surprise for me.”

“I heard that the NST project is originally recommended by your daughter?” Xie Zhoucheng couldn’t help sighing in admiration: “How old is she, and already has such a keen eye.”

Hearing the Xie family’s patriarch praising his children, Mr. Qin still looked modest, but his heart was full of pride.

“Xie family’s young master is also very accomplished at such a young age.” Qin Shao praised Xie Minxuan back, but he secretly thought: The little kid from Xie family is not bad, but his Xiaobao and Xiaobei started later, and can get a similar result. It’s obvious that his children are better.

Listening to Qin Shao praising his grandson, Xie Zhoucheng laughed: “That kid’s temperament is still immature. Who knows how he will be in the future. However, those three children have a good relationship, and it’s good to let them spend time together.”

Mr. Qin nodded, agreeing with Xie Zhoucheng’s words. After a while, Mr. Qin took another sip of tea relaxedly, and Xie Zhoucheng suddenly sighed: “Children nowadays are different than us back then.”

“Fourteen or fifteen. At that age, the first thing our family arranged for us is marriage.”

Regardless of the intention, Xie Zhoucheng’s words made Mr. Qin’s entire face turned black at speed visible to the naked eye.

“That way of thinking is very old now.” Through his gritted teeth, Mr. Qin spat out those words.

Arranging a marriage? Humph, this old man must be daydreaming.


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