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MWFV Ch. 82 Part 2 – Arranged Marriage? (II)

MWFV sponsored chapters (4/4) by Jacquelyn, Cranky Reader, Tea Biscuit, Lyysine, Mochakat9, Shhhhhh, and anonymous sponsors at ko-fi. Thank you for your support!

The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch. 81 Part 1.

Meanwhile, in the main hall, while listening to Xie Minxuan’s childhood ‘anecdotes,’ Su Bei suddenly took out her mobile phone.

Su Bei: “Don’t move. I’m going to take a photo of you two.”


Before the boys could react, Su Bei already clicked the button and immediately sent the photo to their WeChat group.

[Su Bei: Look, look. Don’t they look like two big bosses?]

[Liu Kai: Haha, gosh, it really looks like!]

In the photo Su Bei just shared, Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan were sitting on each side of the sofa. Both were high-spirited teens, and they wore a particularly handsome-looking and slightly mature suit today. Moreover, their temperament was similar, with a kind of arrogance and coldness typical to teenage boys. There was also an obvious disdain on their face when staring at each other. This kind of posture, it really looked like two big bosses who were engaging in verbal fighting.

[Xu Yangyang: Damn, this is so cool! As expected of my brother Bao and brother Xuan!]

[Dong Wenqi: I’m envious that male god Xie can attend the annual gathering of Su Bei’s company.]

[Chen Zian: Me too.]

They also wanted to go to Qin Group’s annual gathering. Unfortunately, except for the Xie family, the rest of their group were either didn’t have the qualification to receive an invitation, or simply had no business dealing with Qin Group.

[Su Xiaobao: Actually, it’s boring.]

[Du Yiming: Even if it’s boring, I still want to attend. Getting the invitation to Qin Group’s annual gathering is enough to be bragged for a year!]

[Dong Wenqi: Exactly!]

[Dong Wenqi: And that! What did I see? So many little cakes! Delicious desserts!]

[Dong Wenqi: Hmph, the three of you, just watch out.]

Reading Dong Wenqi’s comment, Su Bei remembered that she still hadn’t offered any food for Xie Minxuan.

“Xie Minxuan, do you want to eat some dessert?” Su Bei asked.

Xie Minxuan: “Okay, give me one.”

“How? Is it tasty?” Seeing Xie Minxuan very cooperatively helped them eat one small cheesecake plate, Su Bei’s eyes brightened.

Xie Minxuan: “Well, it’s not bad.”

Su Bei: “Do you want another one?”

Xie Minxuan: “…” No, it’s too sweet.

Xie Minxuan felt strange: Even when he had to attend the company’s shareholders meeting or was taken to business negotiation with partners, he never felt nervous. But recently, whenever he was facing Su Bei, he always felt an indescribable tension.

“Okay.” Xie Minxuan nodded and took another plate from Su Bei.

Su Bei was joyful: It’s great. One more eaten, one less wasted. She hoped Xie Minxuan would eat a few more plates, so they could finish this table full of food.

Xie Minxuan seemed to notice Su Bei’s ‘small thought.’ In the end, the three played a game, and the loser had to eat a plate.

When Mr. Qin came over, he happened to see three children playing together, and his expression instantly darkened. If it was before, Mr. Qin wouldn’t feel anything wrong with this scene, but after hearing Xie patriarch’s nonsenses, this Xie family’s little brat was extremely unpleasant in his eyes.


After the banquet, Mr. Qin immediately called Uncle Fu right after returning to Jingyuan. He ordered: “Find a teacher who is experienced in teen physiology and gender awareness.”

Uncle Fu was taken aback. A little surprisedly, he asked: “Sir, is it for Xiaobei and Xiaobao?”

To teach physiological and gender awareness to children, an experienced teacher was a must. On the one hand, they needed to make sure that the children had a thorough understanding, but on the other hand, they needed to grasp the children’s limit and didn’t overdo it. Therefore, Uncle Fu was in support of Mr. Qin’s intention to hire a professional teacher.

It’s just…

“Sir, isn’t it a bit too early? Xiaobei and Xiaobao are still young now.” Uncle Fu said.

Mr. Qin glanced at the housekeeper and said in a heavy tone: “Not too young.”

“After Chinese New Year, they are going to be fifteen.”

At this time, the pair of siblings who were going to get an additional holiday class were in Su Xiaobao’s room, looking forward to opening the New Year gifts Chen De gave them.

Su Bei: Such a large box, could it be an electronic gadget?

Su Xiaobao: It’s so heavy. Could it be the set of figures he recently wanted?

When the boxes were finally opened, the twins instantly dumbfounded: New Year’s limited hardcover version of the complete eighth-grade exercises set. Chinese, English, math, physics, chemistry…

Su Xiaobao’s face darkened, and Su Bei also equally stiffened.

“Su Xiaobao, you can take mine. All for you.” Su Bei patted Su Xiaobao’s shoulder and quickly ran back to her room.

Su Xiaobao was left alone to stare at the two piles of exercise books.


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