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MWFV Ch. 83 Part 1 – Deadly Ugly (I)

As the New Year approaches, the festive aura became more prominent everywhere. Today, right after Mr. Qin left for work, Su Bei dragged Su Xiaobao and also prepared to go out.

“Xiaobei, Xiaobao, are you going out too?” Uncle Fu asked the siblings.

“Yeah. We want to buy New Year’s gifts.” Su Bei replied cheerfully.

“Gifts? You can ask people to send anything you need, or you can make a customized order.”

“No,” Su Bei shook her head. “of course we have to choose the gifts by ourselves.” And those high-end items didn’t suit their intention.

“Okay, but you must pay attention to safety and never go too far from the bodyguards, understand?” Seeing the twins nodded obediently, Uncle Fu finally saw them off.

Like two prisoners on respite, right after they arrived at the mall, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao ran towards the area selling small clothing items. At first, Su Bei was a bit worry. She didn’t know whether the custom of giving red items for the New Year was unique to their previous Hongxing County or a culture shared by the whole nation. Therefore, when she saw the racks full of beaming red items, she sighed in relief.

First, Su Bei picked some socks: this pair of big red socks has a ‘fortune’ word on its sole, and they looked pretty good.

Su Xiaobao chose a pair of red gloves.

“Do you want both of these?” A salesperson came over.

Su Bei: “Well, we need four pairs of men’s socks, one pair of women’s socks, and five pairs of this glove. Could you please help us wrap one pair of gloves and one pair of socks each into five separate gift boxes?”

Su Bei has counted the number of people in their home. First, there were Mr. Qin and Uncle Fu. Also, even though the gifts Chen De gave them actually exercise books, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao decided to repay grievances with virtue and included Chen De in their gift recipients. As for the remaining two sets, Su Bei planned to send them to Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan, who were far abroad.

After buying gifts for family members, Su Bei took Su Xiaobao to the men’s underwear area. After a lot of pondering, Su Bei finally chose the most good-looking one and took a closer look at the label to see the size and material.

“Haha, are you going to give it to our old man?” Su Xiaobao asked from the side. Standing with both hands in his pockets, his tone was full of glee at other’s misfortune.

“No, we’ve bought the gift for Dad. This one is for you.” Su Bei said calmly, but her words were like thunder.

Su Xiaobao: !!!

“This size should be just right for you.” Su Bei took the bright red underwear on her hand closer to Su Xiaobao, trying to compare the size.

Su Xiaobao quickly took a step behind, avoiding the horrendous underwear. “I don’t want it.” He muttered. Every cell in his body rejected that thing. Even if Su Bei killed him, he still refused!!

The bright red color was still okay, and even the yellow ‘fortune’ word on the side was tolerable. But what terrified him the most was the large zodiac picture printed on the buttock side. He would never wear this kind of underwear!

“No, this one is good.” Su Bei frowned. She stared at Su Xiaobao: “You can wear it on the New Year.” Su Bei added: “Anyway, what’s wrong with this? The material is comfortable, the print is cute. It’s look so good.”

Su Xiaobao: “…” As long as Xiaobei was happy. Who made her having the final say in their family?

Su Bei: “Do you want to try the size?”

“No.” This was Su Xiaobao’s greatest concession.

“If you don’t want to try, then okay. Anyway, I know your size.” Su Bei took the underwear and posed it in front of Su Xiaobao to ensure the size was not wrong.

When Su Bei went to pay for the underwear, Su Xiaobao walked over to the nearest salesperson. This salesperson was young, and talking to such a handsome young guy made her a little nervous. “Ha-handsome guy, can I help you?”

“That thing,” Su Xiaobao pointed to the same underwear Su Bei chose for him. “Do you have anything uglier than that?”

“Huh?” The salesperson was dumbfounded. Although these kinds of underwear were quite unpopular, shouldn’t he use a subtler word? Who would say ‘it’s ugly’ so blatantly inside the shop?

The salesperson didn’t quite understand what kind of ‘ugliness’ this handsome guy wanted. However, she bit the bullet and found another red underwear from the shelf. It was printed with a zodiac sign on the front and a koi carp with ‘Rich and Wealth’ on the back.

“Handsome guy, how about this?”

“Okay, I’ll take it.” Su Xiaobao was satisfied. “XL size, please.”

Salesperson: “Okay, do you want to pay it together?”

“No, I’ll pay myself.” Su Xiaobao took out his mobile phone, paid with WeChat, then satisfiedly took the item he just bought.


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Misfortune has to be shared together – Su Xiaobao.

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