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MWFV Ch. 84 Part 1 – New Year Eve (I)

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Soon, it was December 31, New Year’s eve. Early in the morning, Su Xiaobao came into Su Bei’s room. At this moment, the boy was using a red ribbon to tie Su Bei’s hair. Although the shape was not complicated, his movement was very skilled.

This was the twins’ special New Year gift for one another. When they were still living in the countryside, due to their family’s economic situation, they couldn’t have new clothes every year, and it was even more impossible to give red socks and red gloves like they did this year. Therefore, small items like red ribbon became their gift for each other.

“Xiaobei, I wish you a happy new year. May you be happy and carefree every day.” After tying a bow with the ribbon, Su Xiaobao said a New Year blessing for Su Bei.

“So are you.” From the mirror, Su Bei smiled at Su Xiaobao. She stood up, looking at the hair Su Xiaobao tied for her in satisfaction, then turned around and tied a braided red string on Su Xiaobao’s left wrist.

“Su Xiaobao, Happy New Year.” The twins hugged each other.

“Xiaobao, you have to be well this year too. And you also have to grow up safely. It’s best if you become an outstanding and powerful person.”

Su Xiaobao: “Okay.”

The atmosphere was very warm and full of love. But suddenly, a few messages prompts rang from their phones. Su Bei threw Su Xiaobao aside without a second thought and ran to the bed to grab her mobile phone.

Su Xiaobao: “…”

Before Su Xiaobao had the time to sulk, Su Bei shouted at him excitedly: “Xie Minxuan throws red envelopes in the group! Hurry up and grab it!”

Even when talking, Su Bei already clicked on the red envelope sent by Xie Minxuan: [66.78]. She felt so lucky, actually grabbed such a big red envelope!

Su Bei jumped twice with excitement and sent a [Thank you, Boss] emoji in the group.

Dong Wenqi: [I’m very grateful]

Du Yiming: [Happy New Year!]

Xu Yangyang: [Give it to you]

Su Bei: “Su Xiaobao, hurry up, only one is left!”

Su Xiaobao’s mouth twitched. Xie Minxuan sent red envelopes according to the number of people in the group, so even if he was late, there would still be one left for him. Besides, how much was in the red envelope? No need to be so excited.

Su Xiaobao clicked the red envelope: [0.21]

Su Xiaobao’s face instantly darkened. His eyes flashed with contempt: This guy surnamed Xie is really stingy.

While complaining, Su Xiaobao very grandiosely threw a 200 yuan red envelope into the group. With him and Xie Minxuan’s examples, others in the group also began to send out red envelopes one after another. Soon, there were 20 to 30 red envelopes in their WeChat group.

Su Bei’s luck was super good. Except for the red envelopes she sent out, she managed to grab big red envelopes almost every time and has been ‘lucky’ several times in a row.

As for Su Xiaobao: 0.13, 1.22, 0.47, 0.89…

Su Bei: “Su Xiaobao, why didn’t you grab it? Hurry up, Xie Minxuan send another one.”

Su Xiaobao: “It’s not fun.”

“Where is it not fun?” Su Bei was totally happy with the red envelopes she got. From last night till now, she has been receiving so many that her hands felt sore.

Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan, who had been in A country, sent New Year’s money to Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s bank account. Later, after hearing that WeChat red envelopes were now popular, the couple made a WeChat account and sent them another big red envelope.

There was also Chen De, who probably felt guilty about the gifts he sent before, and sent red envelopes for the twins.

Uncle Fu went back to his hometown to celebrate the New Year a few days ago, but he stuffed a thick red envelope into their hands before leaving. Su Bei and Su Xiaobao initially thought that those two red envelopes might be half of Uncle Fu’s annual salary, but later they learned from Mr. Qin that Uncle Fu’s salary was super high.

And finally, there was big brother Xu. This guy was sending Su Bei…endless red envelopes. Even now, Su Bei’s phone still rang continuously with red envelope notifications from Xu Shiwei.

Xu Shiwei’s first red envelope was sent at 00:00.

[vvvv]: Baby Q, how is it? Am I the first to give you a red envelope?

[Su Bei]: No, big brother Xu is the third.

She didn’t lie. Her phone provider and WeChat official account sent red envelopes one step ahead of Xu Shiwei.

[vvvv]: Since I can’t be the first in time, I have to be the first in amount.

With such an iron resolution, Xu Shiwei began to ‘shower’ Su Bei with endless red envelopes.

[Su Bei]: Oh, oh, big brother Xu. You are already the first. No one is better than you. So please stop. Even if you aren’t tired of sending red envelopes, my hand is already getting cramps receiving it.

More importantly, receiving this kind of red envelope was no fun at all.

[vvvv]: Hahaha, baby Q, you are stupidly cute.

Xu Shiwei sent an [Laughing] emoji.

[vvvv]: Have you forgotten my skill? I just need to write a script, and it will send red envelopes automatically. Why should I send one by one manually?

Su Bei: Haha.

[vvvv]: Baby Q, do you also want to make an automatic red envelope receiver?

[Su Bei]: No.

There is no fun in doing that!


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