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MWFV Ch. 84 Part 2 – New Year Eve (II)

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Su Bei switched group and grabbed a few more rounds of red envelopes. Afterward, seeing the it’s no longer early in the morning, she threw the phone to Su Xiaobao.

“Xiaobao, you continue to help me catch red envelopes. I will go to see Dad.” From the door, Su Bei did not forget to remind him: “Your movement must be quick. Don’t miss any.”

Su Bei quietly tiptoed to Mr. Qin’s bedroom. Mr. Qin has already gotten up, and the door to his room was open. Su Bei pretended to be passing by the door, secretly peeked into the room, then walked back again. She did it several times, pacing back and forth repeatedly.

Finally, Mr. Qin couldn’t stand it and asked: “What are you doing there?”

“Um, nothing. Just want to see if you have got up, Dad.” Su Bei stopped at the door and answered quickly.

Qin Shao: “Then?”

Then she wanted to see if Mr. Qin was wearing the tie she gave him.

Su Bei: “Then I want to say you Happy New Year, Dad.” Although technically, it still wasn’t New Year before midnight.

The corners of Mr. Qin’s lips softened a bit. “Come in.”

“Okay.” Su Bei ran into Mr. Qin’s room and sat on the sofa. There was one question that has been repeated in Su Bei’s mind thousands of times. Finally, she couldn’t hold any longer and asked: “Dad, do you want to wear a tie today?”

“I think it’s better to wear one. Although we don’t have to go out, today is an important holiday. We must pay attention to appearance, and Dad looks super handsome wearing a tie!” In order to smoothly make Mr. Qin wear the New Year gift from her, Su Bei directly turned on her rainbow fart mode.

Seeing his daughter’s little trick, Mr. Qin smiled secretly. “You are right.” Mr. Qin nodded, then he asked Su Bei with a serious tone: “Which one do you think is good?”

Mr. Qin took Su Bei to his tie rack. Su Bei saw the tie she gifted, already ironed and hung properly, at first glance. Among the dark-colored and somber-looking ties, this red one stood out conspicuously.

“This one!”

“Dad, you should wear this. I’ll take it for you.” Afraid that Mr. Qin would refuse, Su Bei hurriedly took the red tie.

“Dad, do you want me to help you wear it?”

“Do you know how to do it?”

Su Bei shook her head: “No.”

“Come here, I’ll teach you.”


Su Bei took the tie behind Mr. Qin’s neck per his instruction. Because of their height difference, Su Bei directly used the bed as a stool and stepped on it.

Su Bei: “Like this?”

Qin Shao: “Yes. Pass the end to below.”

Su Bei found out that tying a tie was very different from tying a scarf. However, it wasn’t too difficult either. Su Bei quickly finished the tie and looked at her ‘creation’ with satisfaction. After properly tidied up the edges, she looked at Mr. Qin with starry eyes and asked: “Dad, how is it?”

Qin Shao: The shape was right, but it was a little too tight. If the one tying it wasn’t his own daughter, he has reason to doubt whether the other party wanted to strangle him.

“Very good.”

When Mr. Qin was about to loosen the tie, Su Xiaobao came in, carrying Su Bei’s two mobile phones.

“You also have red envelopes on this phone. Do you want to receive it?” It was the work phone Su Bei used to communicate with NST team members.

“Gimme.” Su Bei jumped out of bed and couldn’t wait to take the phone from Su Xiaobao. The group chats of NST Company and the technical department were issuing red envelopes at this moment. In addition, Su Bei also received one from Lin Shaochi.

After receiving the red envelope, Su Bei sent Lin Shaochi a cartoon emoji, with the words ‘Thank You, Boss’ brightly attached below.

Very quickly, Lin Shaochi sent a reply: Not boss.

Su Bei: ???

[Lin Shaochi: This is my personal red envelope for you.]

Su Bei: …

She suddenly wanted to explain to Lin Shaochi that this ‘Thank You, Boss’ emoji was just a generic thing used to express gratitude after receiving red envelopes, not a real boss. She also sent the same emoji to Su Xiaobao and other people.

[Lin Shaochi: Happy New Year’s Eve.]

[Su Bei: Boss, happy New Year’s Eve too.]

On the other end, Lin Shaochi was stunned by Q’s reply. Looking at the word ‘Boss,’ why did he think that she was deliberate?

“You two go back and change your clothes now.” Seeing the twins still wearing pajamas, Mr. Qin said to them.

“Ah, okay.” Su Bei nodded.

When leaving, Su Bei’s eyes were still glued on her mobile phone, immersed in the addiction of grabbing red envelopes.

The left-behind father and son looked at each other.

Mr. Qin raised his eyebrows slightly: “Is grabbing red envelopes very interesting?”

Su Xiaobao: “Just so-so.”

He also wanted to know why Su Bei liked it so much. He has grabbed more than 20 red envelopes, but after seeing that the total was less than 10 yuan, he completely lost all interest.


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Author’s Note:

[Mr. Qin’s Little Theater]

In the beginning: My daughter help me wear my tie, how happy.

After a moment: Now that my daughter knows how to tie a tie, will she also help a bastard wear his tie in the future?!

Mr. Qin fell into deep gloom.

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