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MWFV Ch. 85 Part 1 – Thank You, Dad (I)

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao quickly returned to their room to clean up and put on their New Year’s clothes. The two sets of clothes were prepared by Uncle Fu for the twins before he took the leave. They were specially designed and were matching in pair.

Su Xiaobao wore a red sweater, and Su Bei wore a long red dress. But they had the same pattern and color style. In addition, they also wore a small badge on their clothes. The badges were custom-ordered by Su Bei in advance and printed with the words’ Excellent Younger Brother’ and ‘Excellent Elder Sister’ respectively.

When Mr. Qin saw the twins in their New Year’s clothes, his eyes lit up, and a burst of pride suddenly rose in his heart: No matter what they wore, his children looked the best.

“Dad, how? Do we look festive in these clothes?” Su Bei asked with a smile.

“Not bad.”

The siblings thought that the clothes were prepared by Uncle Fu, but didn’t know that actually Mr. Qin was the one who personally ordered and selected it from many other designs provided by the designer team.

Su Bei: “Do we look like a lucky baby?”1

Qin Shao: Yes.

Su Xiaobao: “Like the New Year gift decoration at the door of the stores.”

As a teen boy who somewhat lacked aesthetics, Su Xiaobao had a bit inexplicable sense of rejection towards bright red, mainly because he was forced to wear ‘that’ special underwear Su Bei bought.

Qin Shao: It’s a New Year. He should hold back from hitting this stinky boy.

“That’s a lucky baby!” Su Bei twisted Su Xiaobao’s arm.

Mr. Qin has also changed his clothes. Today, he wore a white casual shirt and the red tie that Su Bei tied for him, coupled with a dark gray sweater. Unlike the usual business suit that made him looked solemn and cold, today’s Mr. Qin looked young and casual.

Su Bei stared at Mr. Qin with shining eyes. As for the sentence ‘Dad, you look younger,’ she very wisely didn’t say it aloud.

“Dad, you are super handsome today!”

Hearing his daughter’s compliment, Mr. Qin smiled.

Su Xiaobao also glanced at Mr. Qin: Not bad.

But compared to this, he was much more curious about another thing: Since his old Dad wore the tie Su Bei bought, did he also wear the ugly underwear he gave?

Of course Mr. Qin would not give Su Xiaobao an opportunity to confirm it.

“Let’s go down and eat breakfast.”

Thanks to Su Bei’s long-term efforts, she finally got rid of Mr. Qin’s bad habit of skipping breakfast.

After breakfast, without allowing Mr. Qin to help, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao quickly brought the used utensils and plates to the sink. While Su Xiaobao washed the dishes in the kitchen, Su Bei took out a few large plates of ingredients.

“Dad, let’s make dumplings together.”

The kitchen staff has prepared the meat and vegetable fillings, as well as the dough for the wrappers, in advance. They only need to wrap the fillings with the wrappers and cook it.

“Dad, do you know how to make dumplings?”

Mr. Qin: “…” This question was torture.

Seeing Mr. Qin did not answer, Su Bei understood. She smiled, “Then, I will teach you.”

Hearing this, Mr. Qin also smiled, “Xiaobei can make dumplings?”

“Of course, I am already a master.” Su Bei quickly rolled out a few dumpling wrappers on the chopping board and demonstrated how to wrap the fillings.

“That’s it. Dad, it’s not hard.”

Mr. Qin: Seems easy enough.

Mr. Qin took one wrapper and began to make his first dumpling, but it ended up pretty ugly.

“You have to pinch here.” Like how Mr. Qin taught her how to tie a tie before, Su Bei patiently guided Mr. Qin to wrap the dumpling.

When Su Xiaobao came out after washed the dishes, he saw this warm father and daughter scene. But Su Xiaobao didn’t feel touched. Seeing Mr. Qin’s clumsy movement, he wanted to laugh a little: He finally found a thing that his old Dad did worse than himself.

Su Xiaobao went over, picked up one wrapper, quickly put the filling in, and placed the just-made dumpling next to the ‘ugly dumpling’ Mr. Qin had made before. The boy also didn’t forget to raise his eyebrows provocatively.

“Su Xiaobao, you must be quicker. We should finish all before dinner.”

“Don’t worry. Just making dumplings takes no time.”

“Are you sure? Let me tell you, all of these has to be wrapped.” Su Bei pointed out the pots full of fillings.

“There are just three of us. Why did you prepare so much?”

“We will eat some today, and the rest will be eaten on the road. There are also Uncle Fu and Uncle Chen’s shares.”

“Oh.” Su Xiaobao hastened his speed.

From the side, Mr. Qin watched his two children rolling out dough and wrapping dumplings. His eyes flashed with a smile. But soon, he frowned again. Seeing their clothes and sleeves rubbed against the chopping board, Mr. Qin couldn’t stand in and went into the kitchen to fetch two aprons.

“Raise your hands.”

Looking at his daughter’s small hands covered with flour, Mr. Qin didn’t feel disgusted and helped roll up her sleeves. “Alright, turn around.” Mr. Qin put on the apron for his daughter.

Afterward, he glanced at his son and threw the other apron: “Wear it.”

Su Xiaobao: …

Fine. It was his new clothes anyway.


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  1. Lucky Baby or Fuwa is a chubby baby character (male or female) that appears on the Chinese new year picture.

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  1. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    whats the lucky baby thing?didnt get the lingo
    And folding the sleeves should have been enough was the apron even needed?

    ik its supposed to be part of the story and comedy but sometimes i don’t like how QS blatantly keeps a huge distance from his son or always treats him worse than SB, if it wasn’t for him being close to her he would have developed an inferiority complex and even hated her.

  2. With how Daddy Qin is with Xiaobao, I have two modes. First is laughing at their banter because it’s funny and second is being concerned with the blatant favoritism that Daddy Qin shows to the twins. Xiaobao needs obvious care, too. He’s also a teenager who just got a parental figure since the granny died.

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