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MWFV Ch. 85 Part 2 – Thank You, Dad (II)

Afterward, Mr. Qin continued to make dumplings with his children. After several attempts, he gradually found the trick, and finally finished an acceptable-looking dumpling. However, Su Xiaobao still looked down on Mr. Qin’s ‘creations’ and deliberately separated what he made from the ones made by Mr. Qin, which were pretty apparent.

On the side, Su Bei kept rolling out dough to make new wrappers. Seeing Su Xiaobao’s quick movement, Mr. Qin also focused fully on the task. Seeing Mr. Qin’s focus, Su Bei’s eyes flashed. She wiped her flour-stained hands on her apron and quietly took out another badge from her pocket. While Mr. Qin didn’t pay attention, she secretly pinned the badge on the corner of Mr. Qin’s clothes.

Looking at the words [Excellent Dad] on the badge, Su Bei smiled triumphantly and nodded in satisfaction.

Regarding his daughter’s little action, Mr. Qin chose to pretend not to notice.

On the other side, Su Xiaobao, who found himself far ahead, was feeling itchy. He took a lump of dough and began to fiddle with it. Soon, two puppies-shaped dough figures were born from his hands.

If Su Xiaobao’s little fans at school knew that their ‘Young Master Su’ still had this skill, they might be exploded: “Su Xiaobao is so great,” “Young Master Su can do anything,” “I want to become a dough in Young Master Su’s hand,” “Aaahh! Young master Su, please make one for me…”

Su Bei has been accustomed to Su Xiaobao’s skill. Every time they made dumplings for Chinese New Year, he would make two dough figures.

Su Xiaobao placed the two dough puppies side by side. After hesitating for a moment, he took another lump of dough to make a larger dog and put it next to the puppies.

“Have you finished? Alright, I’ll steam it now.” Su Bei picked up the plate with dough figures on it. Two puppies and one adult dog. One of the puppies looked soft and cute, the other one was ferocious, and the adult dog…was even more ferocious. But seeing Mr. Qin’s expression, he seemed to be quite pleasant.

That evening, Su Bei prepared the dinner. Most of the domestic worker in the villa has returned to their hometown for the holiday. Although the family could find temporary workers, because it was a New Year, it’s better to not disturb others.

Except for the freshly-made dumplings, Su Bei also prepared several side dishes. Although she couldn’t make particularly complex or high-end dishes, just a few simple home-made meals were enough to make Mr. Qin brag endlessly on his WeChat.

Father, son, and daughter. A family of three sat on a table full of simple dishes. The atmosphere didn’t feel deserted at all. On the contrary, it was very warm.

Looking at the two children, Mr. Qin’s eyes overflowed with warmth. Even since he could remember things, Qin Jinguo and Yang Guizhi’s relationship was not harmonious. This was Qin Shao’s first time feeling the joy of celebrating the New Year together with his family.



“Thank you.” Su Bei raised the glass of grape juice in her hands. Her shiny eyes and warm smile seemed to melt Mr. Qin’s heart.

“Thank me for what?” Mr. Qin asked, his eyebrows raised.

“Thank you for taking us into your family and for being willing to raise us.”

Su Xiaobao also took Su Bei’s words and added: “Thank you for not disliking us.”

Hearing this, Mr. Qin couldn’t help but smiled. He suddenly felt quite emotional. It should be him who had to thank them. He was thankful for their existence, thankful for coming to him, and thankful for them to choose him over their biological mother.

As for the dislike…At first, he was indeed a bit disgusted at them. But now, they were his pride.

After they finished eating dinner and washing dishes, Mr. Qin glanced at the clock.

“Let’s go upstairs.”


“A gift from me.”

“Okay!” The siblings said in unison.

Originally, Su Bei thought Mr. Qin was going to give them physical things, similar to the tie, socks, and….underwear they gave him. However, as soon as they arrived on the second floor, a splendid firework was flared outside the large french windows and fell into their eyes.

Afterward, colorful fireworks bloomed one by one over the villa.

“How beautiful!” After recovering from the initial shock, Su Bei looked up at the sky full of fireworks in surprise.

In the past, the siblings often saw fireworks being lit in the county town, but they were merely looking from a distance. For the first time, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao watched fireworks at such a close distance. It was so dazzling. Their entire sight was filled with colorful fireworks. This scenery was simply too fantastical.

“Dad.” Su Bei pulled Mr. Qin’s arm: “Let’s watch it outside.”

Qin Shao: “It’s cold outside. Isn’t it the same watching from here?”

“It’s not the same. Fireworks should be watched outdoors. It’s all about the atmosphere.”

Su Xiaobao nodded in agreement.

Faced with his daughter’s rare persistence, Mr. Qin finally nodded: “Go back first and put on more coats.”

It was not until he saw the twins wrapped tightly like two balls that Mr. Qin nodded in satisfaction and led them to the terrace. Outside the house, it was indeed pretty cold. Su Bei shuddered as soon as she was outside. Although she watched the fireworks enthusiastically, her body subconsciously snuggled towards Mr. Qin.

“Didn’t I tell you that it’s cold outside?” Qin Shao lowered his gaze at Su Bei and chuckled.

“Not too cold.” While Su Bei stubbornly said that she didn’t feel cold, she secretly put her cold hand into the pocket of Mr. Qin’s coat.

The next moment, a warm and big hand wrapped Su Bei’s cold hand.


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