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MWFV Ch. 86 Part 1 – My Little Princess (I)

Watching fireworks outside was more beautiful than seeing it from the window. The huge fireworks display seemed to enshroud Su Bei’s whole vision. Even the seemingly non-existing smoky smell and the occasional ash that fell on her face made Su Bei very happy.

Su Bei suddenly was very thankful that they had come to find Mr. Qin. Of course, she was also glad that Mr. Qin was such a good father. With this thought, Su Bei’s hand holding Mr. Qin’s arm tightened again, and she raised her head to smile sweetly at her father.

As if he sensed Su Bei’s gaze, Mr. Qin also lowered his eyes at the same time—the light from the fireworks fell on Su Bei’s face, making the smile on her face brighter.

Mr. Qin smiled back gently at Su Bei. He then looked over his daughter to the boy, who was obviously very excited but still pretended to be calm. Mr. Qin chuckled: one daughter and one son indeed made up for the character’ good.’ 1

After the fireworks ended, the family of three returned to the house. They turned on the TV and took their mobile phones. Mr. Qin was busy replying to various New Year greetings, while the twins checked their WeChat messages.

[Xu Yangyang: I saw free fireworks show just now.]

Xu Yangyang posted a photo.

[vvvv]: Isn’t it your house? The direction and distance seem to match. @Su Bei @Su Xiaobao

[Su Bei: Bingo! You are right!]

Su Xiaobao was even more straightforward: he directly uploaded a photo, which was clearly the same fireworks show Xu Yangyang shared, but from a much closer distance.

[Dong Wenqi: Aah! Why is my home so far from yours?]

[Liu Kai: F*ck, how extravagant!]

It wasn’t merely a matter of money, nor was this the same as a few kids ordering a few light sticks to play around. In B city, especially during a big holiday like now, it wasn’t easy to get the permit to hold such a large-scale fireworks show. Among their group, apart from the Qins, only brother Xuan’s family had this ability.

[Xu Yangyang: Next year, I decided to spend New Year’s countdown in Su Bei’s house!]



[Dong Wenqi: What are you doing now?]

[Du Yiming: My Dad is exchanging New Year’s greetings on WeChat, my Mom is playing mahjong, and I’m doing nothing.]

[Chen Zi’an: Same with me.]

[Xu Yangyang: I wanted to go out and do BBQ, but it is too cold outside.]

[Liu Kai: So boring…]

[Su Bei: Let’s play with red envelopes again.]

After Su Bei giving this suggestion, Xie Minxuan was one step faster and issued red envelopes on their group chat.

[Xu Yangyang: Haha, go, go~]

[vvvv]: Now, I will send the small amount first. After midnight, big bro will give you thick red envelopes.

Xu Shiwei also wanted to send more. But because he sent too many red envelopes to baby Q today, his account was flagged with ‘irregular activity’ and was now restricted. The restriction would only be lifted after midnight.

When it was the twins’ usual bedtime, Mr. Qin turned to ask them: “Do you want to wait for the New Year’s countdown?”

“Of course!!” Su Bei and Su Xiaobao said in unison.

Looking at the two full-spirited teenagers with mobile phones in their hands, Mr. Qin gave up the idea to make them go to sleep.

After a while, Mr. Qin felt something heavy on his arm: the two children who just said to want to wait for New Year’s countdown had fallen asleep on the sofa. Qin Shao glanced at the clock: [11:49]. He looked at the twins’ sleeping face and finally didn’t wake them up.

——Because Mr. Qin didn’t wake them up, the next morning, Su Bei stared at her phone with a tragic expression of someone who had just missed a bonus of one hundred million. On the contrary, Su Xiaobao didn’t care. He wouldn’t necessarily be able to grab a large red envelope anyway.

Mr. Qin stayed in the living room and waited until the midnight bell rang from the TV before hugging Su Bei back to her room. After putting Su Bei inside the blanket, Mr. Qin’s eyes warmed as he watched his daughter’s cute sleeping face.

Mr. Qin’s palm gently stroked Su Bei’s soft hair: “Happy New Year, my little princess.”

Before he left, Mr. Qin put an exquisite gift bed on Su Bei’s bedside table——a lovely star-shaped bracelet, as shiny as Su Bei’s eyes.

When he back downstairs, Mr. Qin looked at the sleeping Su Xiaobao on the sofa and snorted——this kid was more than fifty kilograms heavy. Qin Shao wanted to ignore the boy and let him sleep like this, but didn’t want to call a doctor on the first day of the New Year.

Qin Shao went to take a blanket for Su Xiaobao. Covering his son’s body with the blanket, Mr. Qin leaned over and whispered: “Happy New Year.”

“As your father, I hope you will grow into a man who can distinguish right from wrong and hold your own principles. But I don’t want you to grow up too fast, and you don’t need to. You must enjoy every process of your growth…”

This was Mr. Qin’s New Year’s message, special for his son. In normal times, Mr. Qin would never say such sentimental words. It was only because the boy was asleep that he would say it now.

Unknown to Mr. Qin, after he walked back upstairs, Su Xiaobao, who was sleeping on the sofa, opened his eyes slowly. His expression was still awkwardly rigid, but the redness on his eyes couldn’t be concealed. Su Xiaobao glanced at the gift box next to him and snorted softly: He wasn’t touched by those words, but just feeling a tiny bit sentimental.


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  1. The character good (好) is made up of two radicals ‘woman’ (daughter) and ‘child’ (son)

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