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MWFV Ch. 86 Part 2 – My Little Princess (II)

On the first day of the New Year, Qin Shao, Su Bei, and Su Xiaobao family of three carried their luggage and departed to K country early in the morning. The person in charge of Qin Group’s subsidiaries in K country enthusiastically received them from the airport and sent them to the hotel.

When they arrived at the hotel, Su Bei pulled Mr. Qin’s arm: “Dad, is this hotel also owned by our company?”

Mr. Qin nodded with a smile: “R city in the K country is a four seasons tourist destination. On top of that, the city also hosts two big international events every year. Qin Group here mainly focused on the hotel industry. In addition to this one, Qin Group has nine more hotels here, plus two sanatoriums.”

Su Bei: Amazing…

In the novel, Mr. Qin was described to be a very powerful businessman. But the narration simply wrote ‘Mr. Qin was rich and powerful’ without a specific description. It was not until she began to be involved with the company that Su Bei understood what the term ‘business tycoon’ truly meant, and how powerful their father was.

Seeing the admiration in her daughter’s eyes, Mr. Qin didn’t show any particular emotion, but inwardly, he was delighted.

After arriving at the suite on the top floor, Su Bei began unpacking. She first hung the clothes from her and Su Xiaobao’s suitcases to their respective rooms’ closets. Then, under Mr. Qin’s not-so-obvious expecting gaze, she also unpacked Mr. Qin’s suitcase and put the clothes neatly inside his room. What unexpected was that the son who usually annoyed him every day had a rare moment of filiality today and helped to arrange Mr. Qin’s other supplies into the bathroom.

As an old father, Mr. Qin fully enjoyed the service.

“I’m going out to inspect the subsidiaries here, and there is also a meeting later. It must be very late when I come back. You two stay in the hotel today. Tomorrow, I will take you to play on the snow mountain.” Mr. Qin told the siblings before departing to work.

“Okay.” This hotel had so many facilities, they could play all day!

When Su Bei received a WeChat message from Lin Shaochi, they were about to pack up to go skiing at the mountaintop of the hotel.

[Lin Shaochi: Are you busy recently?]

[Q: No.]

These few days, Lin Shaochi sent several messages to Su Bei. Unfortunately, because she was in the K country, there was nearly an 8 hours time difference with China. Every time Lin Shaochi sent a message, it always after Su Bei went to sleep.

So, their conversation was typically delayed to the next day. It was rare that Lin Shaochi sent a message during Su Bei’s daytime.

[Q: I am on vacation.]

Su Bei found a great angle in front of the gigantic French window and took a photo to send to Lin Shaochi. His reply came quickly: [Are you in K country?]

Su Bei: Yeah~

[Q: How do you know?]

[Lin Shaochi: The photo you took is a very distinctive landmark.]

On the other side, Lin Shaochi suddenly lowered his head and chuckled.

[Lin Shaochi: There is another reason, I am also in K country’s R city now.]

Lin Shaochi came to K country on a business trip for a joint project. Usually, he and [Q] discussed work matters at around 10 am. After arriving in K country, Lin Shaochi calculated the time difference and sent messages at 2 am every day. However, [Q] ‘s replies always came late. Lin Shaochi thought that the other party was busy, so he switched to China’s evening timezone.

Unexpectedly, [Q] was also in K country.

Su Bei was equally surprised: Th-this…what a coincidence.

[Lin Shaochi: Sorry, it seems that I’ve disturbed your sleep.]

He sent messages at 2 am after calculating the time difference, but didn’t expect [Q] to be in the same timezone as his. Thinking that [Q] received his messages so late at night, Lin Shaochi felt guilty.

[Q: No, it’s alright.]

These past two days, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao went to play crazily with Mr. Qin. To be honest, Su Bei didn’t even pay attention to her usual WeChat account, not to mention this rarely used work account.

[Lin Shaochi: Want to go out for a drink?]

When he typed the invitation, Lin Shaochi was a bit nervous. But he wanted to use this opportunity to finally meet the girl across the phone.

Go out for a drink?

Ten thousand ellipsis floated in Su Bei’s mind——if she dared to go out for a drink with Lin Shaochi, Mr. Qin would definitely drag her back and beat her up.

[Lin Shaochi: I mean, some coffee.]

Su Bei: Coffee was also a no-no. It was one of the pre-adulthood forbidden items Mr. Qin imposed on her and Su Xiaobao.

[Q: I am going to go skiing, maybe next time?]

Anyway, her identity was going to be exposed sooner or later. If Boss Lin was asking her out to drink milk tea, Su Bei would consider it.

After rejecting Lin Shaochi’s invitation, Su Bei jumped before Mr. Qin: “Dad, do you have any ongoing projects in K country right now?”

Qin Shao: “Yes. There is a medical project.”

Su Bei: “With Lin Group?”

Mr. Qin glanced at Su Bei and nodded: “If you want to see it, I will take you there at the opening ceremony two days later.”

Su Bei: Hehe, she just wanted to ask. What a coincidence.

Su Bei secretly chuckled: no wonder Mr. Qin had so much time to accompany them these few days. It turned out that he has found a coolie.


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18 thoughts on “MWFV Ch. 86 Part 2 – My Little Princess (II)”

    1. There’s no romance tag so I don’t think there is an ML. I also haven’t seen any foreshadowing, other than the fact he’s outside the fam and appears often. With his appearance rate tho, I feel like there should already have been some progress like in WFILTU

      1. I haven’t noticed the tags. Maybe there isn’t romance just half a step close? or maybe the author will end it in a vague way

    2. I think he is the eventual ML (as in ‘referenced in an epilogue only or not at all’). Right now, he seems to be interested in the person he knows as Q, but obviously thinks she is an adult so is unlikely to act until a good decade from current time.

  1. For those who are like me and have no idea what a coolie is…

    Originally used to define indentured labourers from Asia (e.g Chinese railway workers in the U.S. & Canada, or East Indian sugarcane workers in Guyana). Now used in the Caribbean (primarily Guyana & Trinidad) to refer to anyone of East Indian origin.

    1. Thank for the explanation! Coolie is a commonly used word in my native language, so I don’t notice that it’s might be a rarely-used english word haha.

      Basically coolie=low paid, rough laborer, usually doing heavy work like lifting and unloading cargo.

      1. It’s actually considered somewhat offensive in English due to the racial/historical roots of it, which may be why some young folks aren’t familiar with it 🙂

          1. Interestingly, the word “coolie” is pronounced almost the same way in Mandarin. As a Chinese, I don’t find anything derogatory about it…but maybe readers from the West may be offended the word. I guess if most of your readers are from the West, you can choose to be more politically correct because of the cultural differences leading to connotations associated with some of the word choices. Personally, I find the word “coolie” a more accurate “translation” because I don’t have any hang ups about the word.

          2. Eternal perspective

            lol coolie is a common word here(am from east) and tbh i think in this chap reference a gofer/errand boy would be better replacement than free laborer

            and tbh i didnt even notice that coolie was not common and used here till it was pointed out.

    1. For unknown reason, some browser/network fetch the older version of my website. When i access my web via Mozilla desktop, it properly show ch 87 of MWVF, but when I access it via chrome in my phone, it shows THDP latest chapters instead. I’m going to do some troubleshooting, but in the meantime, you can try access the latest chapter via direct link provided in MWFV page at novel update. Sorry for the inconvenience!

      1. Eternal perspective

        i think its a web cache issue,i think its better u ask a network specialist for an opinion

        and pointing out a difference ,each time u reopen mozilla it reloads the page(i.e. checks for latest version of page and shows that) but chrome doesn’t reload the page until explicitly told to/the website reopened(so it shows the last cached page rather than the latest one, reload and it checks for latest one)

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