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MWFV Ch. 87 Part 1 – Final (I)

Qin family’s father and children were vacationing in K Country for one and a half week. If it weren’t for the ‘Red Hacker Challenge,’ Su Bei almost didn’t want to return home. Back from the vacation, Mr. Qin and the twins started to get busy individually. Su Xiaobao was busy with the game’s tournament. Using Liu Kai’s words, even if they failed to qualify for the national tournament, they still must strive to the fullest, as to not losing face in the regional tournament.

As for Su Bei, she was busy preparing for the grand final of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’.

After logging into the long-neglected official website, Su Bei saw the four teams left to compete for the champion, runner-up, and third place, a total of fewer than 20 participants.

However, the forum at this moment was full of excitement. Most people were discussing and guessing which team would be the final champion. For this reason, the organizer specially prepared an online voting, complete with a prize for those who guessed right.

Besides talking about the finals, the biggest topic in the forum was: “Is God Q beautiful or ugly?”

After someone spread out the gossip that [Q] was an ugly woman, most people basically assented to this opinion. Therefore, the topic of #QIsVeryUgly slowly cooled down. Later, someone in the forum suddenly said: [Who said that Q is ugly, she is obviously very pretty!]

Therefore, the topic of [Q] ‘s face once again gained the hotspot.

[The last team was defeated before they could even reach God Q and God V. They didn’t meet the great gods themselves. After all this time, you guys are still arguing, making me itch to beat you all.]

[Guys upstairs, I must shake your hand. My curiosity has been carried away to the new year, haha. Finally, it’s time for the grand final that is going to be broadcast live on the media. We finally will see the honorable great God Q!]

[I don’t dare to hold too much hope. What if the guy who said that God Q is good-looking was lying to make a sensation?]

[I have complete confidence in Q’s strength. As for her face…]

[Even if God is not good-looking, it will not affect her position in my heart. Our God Q depends on strength to earn her living. Other things are unrelated farts. ]

[Yes! Q’s divinity doesn’t distinguish gender or face. Beauty or ugly, she is the great god.]

After reading the comments gossiping about herself in the forum, after a while, Su Bei felt bored and turned her attention to the content preparation for the final.

In addition to the vote for the final ranking, the forum also had a specific section that provided the analysis of each team and individual members’ abilities and technical skills.

Su Bei saw the page about her: [Q] ‘s overall ranking is the third. Offensive player, and can be categorized as ‘genius.’ [Q] ‘s attacks are mostly fast, accurate, and ruthless. Good at intruding defensive walls. [Q] likes to deploy multiple instructions simultaneously for a multi-direction attack. The comprehensive analysis…[Q] ‘s weakness is defense. Aggressive attacks often have large loopholes in defense…

Su Bei felt a sense of wonder.

[Q]: I just read the analysis about me in the forum.

[vvvv]: Hahaha! Baby, how do you feel?

[Q]: A bit wonderful. It seems that these people know me better than myself.

[vvvv]: Hahaha, they are not chickens.

[vvvv]: But don’t worry so much. Among the top-ranking masters in this circle, which one never got scrutinize publicly? No matter how thorough the analysis, an absolute strength determines the victory.

As Xu Shiwei said, almost all the participants who entered the finals had a similar analysis being done. Of course, there were also exceptions. This outlier was precisely Xu Yangyang. Only two sentences were written about him: [Handsome Yang], has a stroke of good luck to hug two golden thighs who bring him into the final. His strength is average and can be ignored.

After laughing at his little brother with Su Bei, Xu Shiwei sent a private message: Are you nervous?

[Q]: A little bit.

[Q]: What if we fail to win the championship?

Each of the four teams that entered the final would be divided into two one-on-one battles, finally leaving the two winning teams to compete for the champion and runner-up rank and the losing teams for third and fourth places.

The four teams that could go to this point were undoubtedly very strong. As far as the analysis concluded, Su Bei’s overall strength could only be ranked third.

She felt a little timid. What if they lost?

[vvvv]: Haha, don’t worry, I won’t let you lose.

[vvvv]: Even if in one of a million chance we don’t win, that’s because Xu Yangyang dragged us down, and not your fault.

Seeing big brother Xu’s comfort, Su Bei let out a chuckle.

At this time, a call was coming in from Mr. Qin. Since they returned from the vacation, Mr. Qin was the busiest in the family. From Chen De, Su Bei heard that the company seemed to be working on a project, but didn’t know the details. For several days, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao didn’t see Mr. Qin home before they went to bed. But every day around this time, he would make a phone call to remind them to sleep.

“Dad.” Su Bei answered the phone.

“It’s time to go to bed.” Mr. Qin’s voice came from the receiver. Listening carefully, Su Bei could hear a trace of fatigue from his voice.

“Yeah, I’m going to sleep now.”

“Dad, it’s not good for you to be this busy every day.” Su Bei couldn’t help but complain a bit. They haven’t seen their father for several days straight. Did he no longer want them?

Unbeknown to Su Bei, although Mr. Qin had been busy at the company until one or two o’clock in the morning, after returning to the home, he would always first go checking the siblings’ in their room before going to rest.

On the other side of the phone, Qin Shao was taken aback by the worries and complaints in her daughter’s words. He explained: “Only this week. Next week, I won’t be this busy anymore.”

“Go to sleep now.”

“Okay. Good night Dad, you should rest early too.”

After he finished calling his son and daughter, Mr. Qin’s fatigue seemed to be wiped out. With a renowned vigor, he continued confirming the project’s final details with Lin Shaochi and his team, whose eyes were full of dark circles.


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