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MWFV Ch. 87 Part 2 – Final (II)

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao finally saw Mr. Qin again on the morning of Su Bei’s final. When she went downstairs and saw Mr. Qin, Su Bei’s eyes flashed in surprise.


“Eat your breakfast first. I will take you to the venue after this.”


Su Bei peeled a boiled egg for Mr. Qin and put it in his bowl. She couldn’t help asking: “Dad, let me ask you something.”

Qin Shao: “What?”

“Did you take a rest yesterday?” Mr. Qin dressed so neatly early in the morning. She suspected that he had just returned home after working all night in the company.

Mr. Qin was surprised. After a while, he chuckled: “I came home early yesterday, not too long after you went to bed.”

On the way to the venue, Su Bei checked her phone and received a bunch of red envelopes from Dong Wenqi and Xie Minxuan’s group. Then, Lin Shaochi’s message also arrived on her work phone.

[Lin Shaochi]: Don’t be nervous. Regardless of win or lose, you are our NST’s best technical expert and backbone.

This one simple sentence made people feel at ease immediately. What really made Su Bei want to laugh was: Just half a minute ago, Mr. Qin said something similar to her. Mr. Qin’s original words were: “You don’t need to be nervous. No matter what your rank is, you will never lose your job at NST.”

Qin Group held 51% share of NST Company, with Lin Group owned the rest. With two big bosses’ assurances, Su Bei felt confident. Her original goal of entering the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ was to get the 300,000 yuan prize money. Unexpectedly, she helped to create the NST Company in the process. But for the 300,000 yuan, she would still work hard to win first place!

When the Qin family of three arrived at the venue, Xu Shiwei and Xu Yangyang had already arrived. Seeing Xu Yangyang’s set up for today, Su Bei almost couldn’t hold her laughter.

Xu Yangyang: “How? I am so handsome today, right?”

Su Bei: “Which part…?”

Xu Yangyang: “My battle costume, custom ordered specially for today, extremely cool!”

Su Bei: “…” She didn’t know what to comment.

Looking at Xu Yangyang’s colorful ‘jacket’, Su Bei’s secretly put on an evaluation in her mind: except for being a sting to the eye, it also made him looked ridiculous.

“Only your blind eyes think it’s handsome.” Xu Shiwei smacked his brother’s head. “Without skill or strength, what’s the use of doing those fancy things?”

“I’ve also worked hard.” Xu Yangyang was wronged. This holiday, except for occasionally playing sub for Xie Minxuan or Su Xiaobao, Xu Yangyang practically used the rest of his time for training. His level now was much higher than before.

“And this is necessary for camera view!”

Although this time he relied on hugging the great gods’ thigh to win while lying down1, Xu Yanyang had never been this excited. Not only he ordered a battle costume, he even prepared a winning speech. Now they were safely stored in his trouser pocket, two speeches in total: one for winning the championship and one for getting a runner-up or lower.

Xu Shiwei was too disdain to even look at this brain-damaged younger brother, so he completely shielded his view from the colorful boy.

Xu Shiwei noticed the dress Su Bei wore today. It had a sharp style, with the fiery aura of a master, but without losing a teenage girl’s cuteness. All in all, it could be summed up in two words: very beautiful!

Inside his mind, Xu Shiwei laughed wildly. He was looking forward to a satisfying face-slapping moment.

The competition was about to begin. Most of the audience already arrived at the venue. As the members of the competing team, Su Bei and Xu brothers were admitted to the preparation room specially reserved for their team.

Mr. Qin and Su Xiaobao sat in the first row of the VIP seats, with Su Bei’s support team behind them.

“When God V and God Q entered the stage, I’ll give you a signal, and we will yell our slogan together. Starting from ‘Q&V dominate the place,’ yell twice per sentence, understand?”

“Don’t we have more people?”

“We do. The supporter t-shirts are not enough, so they went to fetch it.”

“Has everyone got their light board and light stick? Who brings the banner? Quickly hang it up.”

“The preparations for the forum and social media have been done. Guys, don’t forget to hype it up.”

Listening to the conversations behind, Mr. Qin and Su Xiaobao turned their head to take a look: sure enough, it was very lively there.

As a middle-aged man who was busy with his career, Mr. Qin never had this kind of idea before. If he knew earlier, he would already ask Chen De to custom order the most magnificent light board ever.

Su Xiaobao glanced at Mr. Qin lightly and took out a small light board from his pocket.

Qin Shao: “…”

“I know you don’t have time to prepare these. I will lend you one.” Su Xiaobao took out another light board from his other pocket and handed it to Mr. Qin. “Why did you so busy…” The boy grumbled with a low voice.

Mr. Qin didn’t say a word. He took the small light board with the word ‘BEI’ written on it and examined it quietly. These light boards were custom-ordered by Su Xiaobao and his buddies on the internet. Of course, those guys also came to the venue today. However, because the front seats were oversold, Xie Minxuan and his group, who were neither relatives nor sponsors, could only sit in the back rows.

Finally, the time arrived. The lights on the big hall went down, and the stage lights were on. An MC and commentators walked on to the stage. After a few words of gratitude to the ‘Golden Patron,’ the MC went into the main topic: “Next, let’s welcome the two teams who will participate in the first round of today’s final!”

“The first team is Team Rock, with a total of four members. They are: Dboom, Baibai, Tao, and Wang Zhouzhou.”

“Which team is their opponent? It seems to be a team that everyone is looking forward to. Ladies and gentleman, have your mobile phones and cameras ready!”

“Q&V?!” Someone called out the name of Su Bei’s team. At the same time, a huge logo appeared on the monitor.

“Let’s welcome Q, vvvv, and Handsome Yang of the Q&V team.”

Before the MC was finished, the whole audience seat burst into a loud cheer. Q&V was not only the favorite winning team, but also the hottest gossip topic in the circle. At this moment, both the hacker geeks and gossip lovers had their blood burning in excitement.


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  1. Win while lying down: to win without effort.

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