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MWFV Ch. 88 Part 1 – Identity Revealed (I)

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Under the spotlight, three figures walked out to the stage just below the gigantic ‘Q&V’ team logo.

Xu Shiwei was the first to come out.

“So handsome!” Someone exclaimed loudly.

Behind him, a girl’s slim figure began to appear. Many people subconsciously held their breath, waiting for the girl to finally arrived under the spotlight. Everyone seemed to be stunned for a moment, and then the whole venue was exploded with surprised voices and exclamations.

“Is-is that really God [Q]?!”

“My God! Too beautiful!” The legendary God [Q] was not ugly at all. On the contrary, she was beautiful, far beyond anyone’s expectations!

——Is this little princess perhaps going into the wrong place?

Some people suddenly had this doubt.

“Gosh, it’s a goddess!”

“Who was blind enough to dare to say that [Q] is ugly?! They must be blinded by jealousy!”

“Damn, I want to hack that fool!”

“Why do I think that [Q] looks so young?”

“The f*ck? Is she a minor?”

Everyone’s focus instantly changed from Su Bei’s beautiful face to her age.

“Still a minor and already such a master? Is it even possible?”

“Maybe she has a babyface. Babyface goddess.”

The next moment, MC’s question broke those people’s fantasy.

“Q, you seem to be the main focus of everyone’s topic even before the final began.” The MC half-jokingly said.

“Everyone has always been curious about Q’s identity, so let’s take a few minutes before the game start for a quick interview.” The MC asked the first question: “Are you really Q?”

Su Bei nodded. “Yes,” she smiled playfully: “Do I look like a fake?”

MC: “Does the handle name [Q] have a special meaning?”

Su Bei: “My father’s surname is Qin, isn’t it special enough?”

The MC smiled: “What about God v? Is there a meaning behind your handle name?”

Xu Shiwei: “Yes, I was originally called 4v. Right, Baby Q?”

Host: “Haha, it seems that God V has a good relationship with Q even in private.”

“Of course we are!” Under Daddy Qin’s murderous glare, Xu Shiwei patted Su Bei’s head affectionately. He then glanced back at the baffled audience and secretly laughed in satisfaction.

At this time, the commentator suddenly interrupted: “Let me ask the question that everyone is eager to know. Someone in the forum said that the format of our finals was changed for Q, and that you have a very powerful ‘patron.’ Is it true?”

The commentator’s rude question not only made Mr. Qin, Su Xiaobao, Xu Shiwei, and Su Bei’s other friends’ face darkened, but also put the MC in an awkward position: This commentator had a good relationship with a particular participant who made caused an uproar about [Q] before. But to deliberately targeting [Q] at this moment was absolutely not a smart move.

However, the question had been asked out, so they could only try to salvage the situation. The MC laughed awkwardly and said: “If you think this question is infringing your privacy, you don’t need to answer.”

“It’s okay.” Su Bei smiled. She turned her gaze to the direction of Mr. Qin and Su Xiaobao’s seat and said: “Actually, it’s only half-true.”

“Eh?” What does she mean?

“It’s true that I have a powerful ‘patron,’ who is also my biological father.”

Su Bei’s words made the audience exploded again. For the first time, Su Bei had the cool feeling of bragging about her father openly.

From the seat underneath the stage, Mr. Qin also smiled upon seeing his daughter’s proud look.

The MC promptly threw the last question: “Let me ask you for the last time. Baby Q, how old are you?”

Su Bei: “Fourteen, but I’m going to be fifteen soon.”

After several questions from the MC, the audience began to recover from the shock caused by [Q] ‘s beauty. However, when they knew her age, many people got shocked for the second time, especially those who also participated in this competition——and lost to [Q].

“F*ck! She is only fourteen!” They were actually beaten down by a fourteen-year-old little girl!

“How the heck did she grow up? Eating keyboard?!” [Q] was already at this level, and she was still fourteen. Did it mean they were all embarrassing losers???

However, those people’s shock still couldn’t be compared to the heavy blow a certain person received——Lin Shaochi.

Lin Shaochi was standing in the special seating area reserved for the organizers and sponsors, staring at the girl on the stage with a stiff expression. At this moment, for the first time ever, Lin Shaochi didn’t want to believe his own eyes and refused to acknowledge the scene he saw now.

Lin Shaochi once imagined that [Q] might be a lively girl, or perhaps a quiet person who didn’t like socializing, or just an ordinary girl. Sometimes, he wondered whether [Q] actually was a mature and intellectual woman…but he never thought that [Q] would actually be Mr. Qin’s daughter! And she was even the underage Qin Yue!

Thinking back now, there were actually many clues scattered around. When Lin Shaochi first made contact with [Q], the other party said that she temporarily couldn’t accept a formal job offer. [Q] ‘s availability was also matched with students’ schedules. Lin Shaochi also recalled how skillful Miss Qin was when she spoke out at the NST meeting that day, and then that trip to K country where they never met…

Apparently, there was a logical explanation behind it.

Even so, Lin Shaochi still couldn’t convince himself to face reality——if others couldn’t accept the fact that [Q] was already so skillful at such a young age, then what Lin Shaochi couldn’t accept was the fact that the girl that moved his heart for the first time in twenty years of his life was actually someone he couldn’t fall in love with.

Lin Shaochi gripped the gift box inside his pocket so tightly that his palm began to hurt. This was the gift he bought for [Q] during his business trip before——a necklace with wisteria pendant. It has the meaning of longing and…fascinating love. But now, this gift has become a joke.

On the stage, Su Bei of course had no idea about the storm surging inside Lin Shaochi’s mind. After a few minutes of warm-up chat with the MC, the two teams went to their designated area. The lights on the stage were dimmed, while the team areas on both sides were lit up. On the huge displays, the left and right sides were projecting each team’s logo, while the center one was showing the stats of the two competing teams.

After they sat down, Xu Shiwei teased Su Bei: “How is it? Has your skill rusted during the vacation?”

Su Bei smiled confidently: “Of course not.”

“That’s good. After we start, you should only concentrate on attacking that side. Leave the rest to me.” Xu Shiwei smiled and patted Su Bei’s head. The next second, he put away his joking mode and turned on his focus.

After the game start, both sides were instantly engaged in a fierce battle. The fight between two teams of masters was undoubtedly very exciting, even more so than mundane gossips. However, Su Bei’s team didn’t have a particularly hard time here. In the end, Su Bei broke the opponent’s security wall within 24.5 minutes.

Amidst the enthusiastic yells from their supporters, ‘Q&V’ won beautifully.


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8 thoughts on “MWFV Ch. 88 Part 1 – Identity Revealed (I)”

  1. “How the heck did she grow up?! Eating Keyboard?!”

    Lmaooo, I also want to eat a chocolate flavored keyboard if I can have that skill.

  2. Awww… I feel sorry for Mr. Lin, he had no idea that Q wasn’t an adult. I am glad that they aren’t writing him as perving on a 14 year old – he didn’t seem to display any attraction for Su Bei in person. Just hang in there for another five years or so LS and then it will be safe to consider her as an option for love. Well, legally, at any rate – Daddy Qin might still have you horrifically murdered.

    1. i felt for him too. His liking is pure, based on personality not superficial. I too wonder if he’ll hang in there for a few years.

  3. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    tbh i do feel sorry for Lin shaochi , i mean he wasn’t in the wrong and neither is it SB’s fault.

    Well when you look at it from Lin shao’s side ,he really was clueless about this ‘mysterious woman’ and made quiet a few fantasies while she also never gave him a clue she was underage or in a complicated situation

    then again from SB’s side she never did anything to lead him on and was behaving same as a friend/employee should.It is weird how he fell in love with someone he just contacted via phone and mainly for work.she could never see that coming.and revealing anything about her would be a dead giveaway

  4. I feel bad for Lin Shaochi, he’s been burdened with being a CEO at 21 and he thought he was talking to and falling for an adult, which technically she is mentally if her brief trip away is counted but nah. Thankfully he’s never shown interest in Su Bei in real life.

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