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MWFV Ch. 88 Part 2 – Identity Revealed (II)

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Lin Shaochi came over to greet Mr. Qin. He finally understood why Mr. Qin once said to him: “The other party might be a minor.”

“Xiaobei is so good.” Lin Shaochi praised Su Bei. He tried to give a congratulation with a normal ‘elder brother’ voice, but his voice was a bit stiff

“Brother Lin, I’m sorry for concealing my identity before.” Su Bei held Mr. Qin’s arm and hid half of her body behind, apologizing embarrassedly to Lin Shaochi.

Lin Shaochi expressed his understanding of Su Bei’s situation. “Xiaobei doesn’t need to apologize. When I first know you, your identity was [Q], wasn’t it?” Lin Shaochi said with a soft smile.

However, deep inside, Lin Shaochi’s heart was very sour at this moment. [Q] always showed a very high level of professionalism, and chatting with her has always been like chatting with a young adult professional woman. Therefore, Lin Shaochi never thought about the possibility that the other party was a minor.

When did this feeling start? It seemed to be accumulated bit by bit from their interactions. Originally, it was merely a trickle, but now it has merged into a sea in his heart. It made Lin Shaochi, who had always been steady, to put on a rare determination to follow his impulse.

Just when he made up his mind to pursue the girl he loved, reality gave him a big blow——for Lin Shaochi, the shock was no less than finding the woman was married, and that he had become a hateful third party.

In any case, not even in his wildest dream Lin Shaochi ever thought that [Q] would be so young. His logic and bottom line didn’t allow him to continue this thought. Otherwise, he would make himself lower than a beast.

Lin Shaochi smiled bitterly. Inward, he laughed at himself: unexpectedly, his first love ended without even started.

Su Bei didn’t know how much shock and regret her identity as [Q] brought upon Lin Shaochi, this young and promising businessman. Hearing that he didn’t blame her, Su Bei was finally at ease. She smiled at Lin Shaochi and said: “After a while, it will be my grand final. If Brother Lin is not busy, how about you stay longer and watch it together?”

Lin Shaochi: “Okay.”

The second game was between the two remaining teams, and then continued with the match between the losers of the previous two games to determine the third and fourth winner.

Finally, it was time for the grand final.

Su Bei team’s opponent for the grand final was KTK. Xu Shiwei was not surprised by this result. After all, this team was indeed very strong. Interestingly, KTK was also a team of three, which was rare in ‘Red Hacker Challenge.’ Prior to this, Xu Shiwei participated several times in various red hacker competitions and faced them as his opponent.

“Did you lose?” Xu Yangyang asked.

Xu Shiwei glanced at this stupid brother of his: “Some win, some lose.”

“But don’t overthink. Just do our best as usual.” Xu Shiwei patted his teammates’ shoulders.

The game began.

Sure enough, even from the start, Su Bei felt unprecedented pressure: it was true that all of their opponents were of master level, but in just ten minutes, the security wall KTK built has reached a professional level and was still being reinforced.

“Baby Q, don’t panic. Let’s do as usual.”


KTK’s distribution of roles was simple: one for main offense, one for main defense, and one for maneuver. After noticing that Su Bei’s attacks were too fierce, they quickly adjusted their strategy, changing into one offense and one defense, while the last one directly confronted Su Bei and kept a close eye on her.

On the stage, Su Bei’s stern and serious look was exceptionally eye-catching. At this moment, her youthful face was full of momentum, exactly the same as the [Q] Lin Shaochi knew: smart and brave.

For a moment, Lin Shaochi stared at Su Bei in a daze. But in the next second, his mind returned in a startle, and he hurriedly forced himself to remove his gaze and put away the messy thoughts in his heart.

Mr. Qin gave the flustered young man a slight glance. He was fairly satisfied with Lin Shaochi’s ‘elder brother’ attitude before his daughter.

“When doing business, there will be inevitable times when you have to make a difficult choice.” As long as he knew what to do and should not.

Lin Shaochi: “Mr. Qin is right.”

Meanwhile, on the stage.

KTK obviously had analyzed Su Bei’s attacking methods very well. The two people who originally were defending the base quickly began to focus their attention on her.

As long as Su Bei made a move, they would quickly make a counterattack.

Even Xu Shiwei couldn’t help but curse: “Those people are shameless!”

Su Bei also frowned slightly. Fighting one on one was still okay, but simultaneously facing two people whose ability was on par with her was really taking a significant toll.

Suddenly, a white [Invasion Success] prompt popped up in the center of the screen. Su Bei’s team was the red team, while KTK was the white team. This prompt meant that KTK’s security wall has been breached, and the game ended.

“W-we won?” Xu Yangyang stood up abruptly and asked in disbelief.

No one, including Su Bei and Xu Shiwei, would expect that Xu Yangyang would actually break into KTK’s security wall!

“Damn! Stinky boy, you did good! How did you do it?” Xu Shiwei smacked Xu Yangyang’s back.

“I, I don’t know, I just moved as usual.” Xu Yangyang was a bit embarrassed.

From the beginning, everyone knew that [Handsome Yang] was just a thigh-hugger lucky bastard. Therefore, no one in KTK paid attention to him. Even when discussing tactics, they directly defined Su Bei’s team as a two-person team.

Who would have thought that when KTK was putting all their focus on blocking Su Bei, Xu Yangyang would easily sneak into their security wall? Right now, their intestines were green with regret.

On the stage, colorful flower petals fell from the ceiling, and the ‘Q&V’ team logo was displayed flashingly all over the stage. Because this victory was brought over by Xu Yangyang, Su Bei and Xu Shiwei graciously let him deliver the winning speech on their team’s behalf. As a result, when Xu Yangyang was standing on the podium, wearing his battle costume and holding the ‘winning’ speech draft, he was so excited that he began to cry and only able to say one sentence after a long time: “I am so happy.”

When the result of the competition was published online, as the consequence of revealing her identity as [Q], Su Bei, the young miss of the Qin family, has completely entered the public’s eye.

[How did Qin family raise their children? It’s too awesome!]

[Praise my Baby Q!]

[Although we live in the same world, we are not the same human species, huh?]

[First-class family, first-class master skill, first-class look, and most importantly, she is still so young! Why does Miss Qin still stay in this mortal world?]

[I only want half, no, one-third of Qin Yue’s good fate!]


On the internet, there were various discussions about Su Bei, the Qin family, and the result of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge.’ Mainly were blowing rainbow farts, but of course, there were also sour comments mixed in, saying that Su Bei has plastic surgery, or that the game was rigged, and so on. However, those words couldn’t make any substantial impact.

Meanwhile, the ‘internet celebrity’ that become the topic of many people’s talk in the past two days was currently sitting in the Chairman’s office at Qin Group’s headquarter, desperately trying to attract her father’s attention.


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  1. I feel lowkey bad for Lin Shaochi. He probably feels like he was catfished LMAO. I hope the author doesn’t write this into a grooming scenario. Like, if he’s always with her until she grows up & then starts pursuing her, you know? I hope the author will time skip or something until she’s a college student or something, and THEN let their romance blossom with some kind of reunion.
    Thanks for the chapters!! <3

    1. Counting her age as her reborn self, she is 20 yr old in her soul, same age as Lin Ss, that’s why she can play at that level and think at that level of experience

  2. “Lin Shaochi smiled bitterly. Inward, he laughed at himself: unexpectedly, his first love ended without even started.” yes. Please. don’t start! I’m glad he has morals. I think the her other half is going to be Xie Minxuan. Maybe they’ll start that story after this part ends 😀

  3. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    nice that LS has a proper moral compass and didn’t get obsessed enough to go after a minor (reminds me of that regressor ML who kept an obsessed watch over his still 2-yr old baby lover *cough*Jin qinwang *cough*, should binge that soon)

    The most unexpected faceslap ! lol this was the Xu Yangyang moment.and he couldn’t use the speech after all.Best part is despite feeling as the 3rd wheel and being underestimated he grabbed the victory.
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