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MWFV Ch 89 Part 1 – Birthday (I)

Su Bei persistently brushed her presence to her father, not by lingering silently on the corner of the office, but by occasionally jumped in front of Mr. Qin, or lying on the wide sofa right before Mr. Qin’s desk and made some casual chats.

Su Bei: “Dad, are you very busy recently?”

Mr. Qin put down the document and glanced at his daughter: “A few projects are in the final stage.”

Su Bei replied, “Oh,” casually and returned to her own desk to continue reading the book Mr. Qin gave her.

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Half an hour later, she ran back to Mr. Qin again: “Dad, will you still be busy at the end of this month?”

Mr. Qin: “No.”

Su Bei: “I heard that the temperature will get warmer by then. The weather forecast is also excellent.”

Mr. Qin: “I see.”

Su Bei: “Dad, do you have any work schedules during those days?”

Mr. Qin: “Not particularly.”

“Dad, I like this bracelet. Can you buy it for me?” Su Bei opened a screenshot on her phone and showed it to Mr. Qin.

Mr. Qin took a look: “Alright.”

Not only Su Bei, but Su Xiaobao also showed a ‘rare’ enthusiasm towards Mr. Qin. The boy took out a picture of a giant model in his phone and showed it to Mr. Qin: “What do you think of this?”

Mr. Qin stopped his work, took a look at the phone, then glanced at his son and asked: “Do you like it?”

“Yes, but just so-so.” Su Xiaobao nodded reluctantly and said: “Can I get one to play at home?”

“Yes, you can. After we go home, ask Uncle Fu to empty a room for you. But you must not hinder your study.”

Su Xiaobao grumbled for a while and finally forced another sentence out: “Then, you should buy it for me when you have time.”

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao held Mr. Qin’s secondary card and never lacked the money to buy anything they wanted. Even if they needed anything else, they only had to talk to Uncle Fu, and he would prepare it for them immediately.

Therefore, it was the first time the twins came to Mr. Qin and asked him to buy something. Regarding his children’s abnormal behavior today, Mr. Qin saw it through at a glance but didn’t reveal anything. However, an indiscernible smile was always on his lips today.

“Have you done your homework? After you finished it, bring it over for me to sign.”


During the break, the twins were either going on the trip or busy with competitions. They only started doing their homework not long before the break was over. Fortunately, under Mr. Qin’s supervision, the two were fast enough to finish their homework in a few days.

Mr. Qin carefully checked the twins’ homework. Xiaobei’s handwriting was nice and tidy, but Xiaobao’s…looked very wild.

“Next time you do homework, write it properly.” Mr. Qin reminded.

“Oh.” Su Xiaobao replied carelessly.

The siblings’ attention was focused on Mr. Qin’s reaction. For a long time, Su Bei stared at her father unwillingly: Does he perhaps truly forget about their birthday?

How could Qin Shao forget their birthday? He had prepared a surprise for them long ago. However, seeing the twins restlessly tried to ‘remind’ him subtly, Mr. Qin smiled secretly and decided to keep the surprise a secret until the birthday.

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On the 27th, it was Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s birthday.

As soon as Su Bei opened her eyes, she found an exquisite gift box beside her bed. Su Bei’s eyes lit up. She jumped off the bed and took the box. Inside was a pink diamond bracelet in the shape of cherry blossoms. It was the one she showed Mr. Qin that day!

At the same time, in the room next door, Su Xiaobao was also busy opening a box of a model toy.

Mr. Qin did not forget their birthday!

Although at midnight yesterday Su Bei has received many birthday messages and gifts from her friends and Qin Jinguo couple abroad, nothing made her happier than Mr. Qin’s gift.

After wearing the bracelet, Su Bei bounced around a few times before running downstairs, still in her pajamas.

Cooking a bowl of noodles for each other——this was Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s habit on their previous birthdays. Su Bei wanted to get ahead of her brother today. Unexpectedly, as soon as she entered the dining room, she saw Mr. Qin brought out two bowls of noodles from the kitchen, and obviously were made by Mr. Qin himself.

Mr. Qin actually cooked longevity noodles for them?

Su Xiaobao, who came downstairs one step later than Su Bei, also almost couldn’t believe his own eyes.

Qin Shao: “Come and have a taste.”

“Okay.” Su Bei and Su Xiaobao replied in unison.

Su Bei was already touched enough having a bowl of longevity noodles personally made by Mr. Qin, and to be honest, didn’t have high expectation about the taste. As a result, the two siblings were surprised by the noodles’ deliciousness.

“It’s delicious!” Su Bei raised her head and looked at Mr. Qin with gleaming eyes.

Su Xiaobao also took a look at Mr. Qin: He didn’t expect this guy to have this skill.

Su Bei smiled sweetly at their father, “Thank you, Dad.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Su Xiaobao echoed flatly. The boy lowered his head so low until his entire face was almost buried in the bowl, mainly because he didn’t want the guy sitting on the opposite side to notice the redness in his eyes.

The twins spent the morning of their birthday joyfully, but didn’t know that there was even a bigger surprise waiting for them.


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