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MWFV Ch 89 Part 2 – Birthday (II)

‘The Dream Park’—it was a theme park built by the investment from Qin Group. The project took half a year to build, and was not a simple theme park, but a dream kingdom. There were a total of 15 distinct zones in the park, each with its own fantastical theme, interconnected to make a dream world separated from reality.

On the 27th, a total of 30 ‘Dream Park’—both across the country and overseas—held their grand opening for the public. The exception was the one in B city, which was open only to selected invitees.

Mr. Qin hosted a very grand birthday party for his two children here.

[Qin Group’s chairman spent a huge sum of money to create a grand 15th birthday gift for his children!]

Immediately after being published, this news became an instant hot topic. After the opening, ‘The Dream Park’ got into the top list of most popular places. Even Chen De and the others didn’t expect that Mr. Qin’s sudden decision would ever bring such a massive return on investment.

However, these weren’t all.

Lin Shaochi also gave the gifts he prepared for the Qin family’s siblings. For Su Xiaobao, it was the latest drone developed by one of Lin Group’s business partners.

For Su Bei, he gave a beautiful flower-shaped bracelet. This kind of gift adhered to the etiquette and was suitable to be given to a younger sister.

A week ago, Lin Shaochi went to a counseling clinic ran by a psychologist he knew. Wang Chen, who was also Lin Shaochi’s friend, was very surprised at this unusual visit: “Now, Chairman Lin, speak up. Why are you coming to me? Are you planning to invest in my small counseling business?”

Lin Shaochi: “I need counseling.”

Wang Chen: “Are you serious?”

“I’m serious.” After a pause, Lin Shaochi said again: “I like a girl.”

“Pfft—are you kidding me?” If not for their disparity in strength was too great, he would already chase this guy out.

Who would come to a psychologist for this? Was he making a joke?

“If you like a man or even non-human, it’s okay for you to come to me. But since you like a girl, why don’t you just chase her? Instead of coming to me, go to the mall and buy a bag or lipstick or whatever. Why are you wasting time here?” He didn’t have any advice on how to chase a woman either.

“The person is underage,” Lin Shaochi said heavily.

Wang Chen: “…”

In Wang Chen’s eyes, Lin Shaochi has always been mature and steady. He never expected that this friend of his would someday say something like, “I like an underage girl.”

“Tell me, how old is she?”

“Fourteen, almost fifteen.”

Wang Chen’s eyes widened: “F*ck. Lin Shaochi, you beast, ah!! You dare to fancy a fourteen years old girl!”

“She is fifteen next week.”

“Fourteen, fifteen, what’s different? The problem is that you are too—”

“That’s why I came to you.” Lin Shaochi rubbed his throbbing temples and interrupted Wang Chen.

“So you actually fell that deep.” Since Lin Shaochi was willing to visit a psychologist, it showed that he was unable to completely let go of his feeling, and it even made him so entangled that he has to seek professional help.

Wang Chen stared at his friend for a moment, then changed his attitude into a professional one: “Follow me.”

They went to the counseling room.

“Can you give me a brief talk about this?”

“If you want, you don’t have to think of me as your friend. Just pretend I am a stranger you occasionally meet at the bar and have drinks together.”

“We got to know each other because of a joint project…” Lin Shaochi didn’t want to say much about Su Bei. Now that NST Company was in the limelight, and Su Bei has also entered the public eyes because of the ‘Red Hacker Challenge,’ Wang Chen could easily deduct her identity if he said too much. Therefore, Lin Shaochi didn’t reveal too many details.

Wang Chen probably also noticed his friend’s protectiveness towards the girl. Although he wanted to warn Lin Shaochi that it wasn’t conducive for the counseling, he temporarily let it go after a brief contemplation.

“Can you tell me what makes you like her?”

“I admire her talent.” Lin Shaochi said seriously.

Wang Chen was stunned. A fourteen-year-old little girl actually made Lin family’s talented young Chairman, who had experienced many big wind and waves, to express such an admiration. What made this girl so great?

Wang Chen suddenly became very curious about the girl Lin Shaochi liked. If it wasn’t for his capacity as a professional here, he would already pull Lin Shaochi closer to dig more juicy gossip from this good friend.

Lin Shaochi underwent psychological counseling twice a week with Wang Chen. He didn’t know if it would work, but at least he knew that he should try.

After giving the gifts, Lin Shaochi retreated to provide the space for today’s protagonists. He stood aside with Mr. Qin, discussing works while Su Bei, Su Xiaobao, Xie Minxuan, and their other friends were playing around not far away.

“Children at this age are indeed quite lively and noisy.” Looking at the children, Mr. Qin suddenly sighed.

Lin Shaochi: “…” In any case, he and those ‘children’ were supposed to be the same generation. Hearing Mr. Qin’s words, why did he suddenly feel old?

Mr. Qin’s words weren’t aimed at Lin Shaochi. It was merely a sudden flashing thought. At this age, children already had a lot of their own ideas. Sometimes, they showed a comforting mature side. Sometimes, they showed a childishness that made him laughed. Sometimes, they were so rebellious that he would grit his teeth in annoyance. Despite this, Mr. Qin was still thankful for each process. While having the headache of becoming a parent, he thoroughly enjoyed the happiness they brought him.

As a father, Qin Shao always looked forward to what kind of adults his two children would grow into in the future. But on the other hand, he also selfishly didn’t want them to grow up so quickly.


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    1. Had this been set in ancient times 15 is a suitable age to get married, anyways age is just a number i prefer having an older partner for her

  1. I’m glad Lin Shaochi is getting help too, if his romantic feelings for Su Bei didn’t disappear even after seeing her and knowing full well that she’s underage for sure that’s an issue. I really hope that he’s not our male lead, there is nothing that could justify them getting together when she’s legal. Minors can’t give consent to adults, that’s fucked

  2. I’m actually impressed that he’s getting help and not just thinking about pursuing her when she’s older. The age gap isn’t huge or anything but it obviously is wrong to go after a relationship with her with the situation

  3. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    “The person is underage,” Lin Shaochi said heavily.*dials up phone*Hello,Police? Yes sir ,right here at XX clinic

    tbh you can’t blame him,she spent four years as 19 years old + her age here due to going to another world and she is in some ways too precocious for her age.making him feel he was talking to an adult.

    and the whole issue about dating minors is cuz they are immature and not fully developed or aware.These are clearly not issues here.Also they aren’t that far apart in age, he’s in his 20s and she’s 15 right.It would be pedo if he was like old enough to be her father.

  4. 30 theme parks built in half a year? It took Disney 5 years and 100,000 workers to build the first section of one of their parks

  5. Lol. She didn’t spend years as an adult. She transmigrated at 14 and spent her life there for 4 years. She was mostly at home studying and then reading novels when her body’s condition got worse. She obviously didn’t mature emotionally in that world which made her actions in this world more realistic.

  6. The problem for LSC is that he fell in love with someone that partially doesn’t exist, so counselling is definitely the right route.

  7. Lin Shao fell for the Mc quite deeply, unfortunate but also props for him to having a good bottom line and standards.

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