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MWFV Ch.9 Part 1 – I Don’t Like This Place (I)

Jingyuan villa.

The siblings has finally settled down.

Because Chen De brought them suddenly and he didn’t leave much explanation about the arrangement of these two children, it wouldn’t be good for Uncle Fu to decide by himself. He could only temporarily arrange for Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to stay in a guestroom on the second floor. The room was not big, but has good lighting, ventilation, basic furniture and living facilities.

Right after she entered the room and examining it’s layout, Su Bei felt a sense of security. On the other hand, Su Xiaobao seemed to have stepped into an unfamiliar territory. He stopped at the door, the whole place made him feel uncomfortable.

“Why are you standing there.” Su Bei put down her schoolbag, and then took Su Xiaobao’s bag. Inside were the luggage they brought from home.

Su Bei first took out some workbooks and textbooks then stacked them neatly on the only table in the room. She also took out some bottles and jars filled with the daily necessities that two siblings usually use and found a place to put them down. The things they brought from their old home weren’t much, but after Su Bei arranged their belongings, the whole room seemed to be much more hospitable.

The last were their clothes. Although there were only a few pieces, Su Bei still sorted out the clothes separately. After putting them in the closet, she turned her head and told Su Xiaobao: “Su Xiaobao, this closet has two sides. I use the right side for my clothes, yours were on the left.”

“And this, I’ll put it under the bed. You can take it by yourself if you need to use it.” Su Bei shook the tin box in her hand. This was the box they used to store money in their old home, and now there were still more than two thousand yuan left.

Su Xiaobao: “…”

Did this girl really treat this place as their own home?

When Su Xiaobao saw Su Bei putting their belongings one by one inside the room, he felt strange and uncomfortable, as if she made a clear separation.

“Are you really planning to stay here?” Su Xiaobao couldn’t help but ask, his expression darkened.

“Yeah,” Su Bei replied, she looked at the teenager with a word ‘uncomfortable’ written on his face and then spoke with serious tone: “If there is nothing wrong, we will stay here for a long time.”

‘Something wrong’ was the ending where Qin Shao got PK-ed by the male lead, and they have to follow him wandering on the streets.

“I don’t like staying here.” To be precise, he didn’t like the feeling of having to rely on a stranger’s mercy.

“And, you don’t like it either.” Su Xiaobao was staring at Su Bei, emphasizing each word.

Because they were twins, he could feel Su Bei’s nervousness and anxiety about their new, unfamiliar environment.

His words made Su Bei, who was spreading the sheets, paused her movement. Yet she didn’t deny it. Putting down the sheets in her hand, Su Bei walked over to hug Su Xiaobao. She buried her face and rubbed it against his shoulder. Somewhat depressed, she said: “I just want you to live well.”

Didn’t have to drop out of school, didn’t have to go work so young, didn’t have to get hurt or went into prison…..

Su Xiaobao didn’t know what made Su Bei afraid. Forget it, since Su Bei really wanted to stay here, then they will stay. He would protect her.

“You don’t have to be afraid, I’m here, I …”

Su Xiaobao opened his mouth and was about to say a few words to reassure Su Bei, but suddenly she let go of him and at the same time covered her nose in disgust.

“Su Xiaobao, you are stinky.”

Su Xiaobao: Did I force you to hug me?!

“As if you aren’t stinky.” Su Xiaobao gave Su Bei an angry stare.

The two went from N city to B city, getting squeezed in the bus, having to catch the train, and had no place to take a bath during the whole journey. It would be strange if they were not stinky. Su Bei seemed to understand a little bit why Qin Shao looked disgusted when he saw them. Especially because they also looked dirty.

Looking at Su Xiaobao’s grey, smudged face, Su Bei couldn’t hold it and laughed loudly. When they got off the train, Su Bei deliberately smeared their face with dust, afraid that in case when they were still didn’t find their father, they met another wretched man like the director on the train.

The novel mentioned that Mr. Qin had a clean habit and hated dirtiness. At first Su Bei never planned to met their villain dad with this appearance, but unfortunately she couldn’t cope up with the quickly changing situation. Before even going out of the train station, they got caught by the police and then Chen De directly took them to Qin Shao’s company.

It seemed that their first meeting with Mr. Qin didn’t work well- Su Bei shook her head and sighed inwardly.

“Behind that door should be the bathroom. Su Xiaobao, quickly go wash yourself.”

“Mm.” Very cooperatively, Su Xiaobao took the clean clothes handed over by Su Bei and entered the bathroom.

By the way, Su Xiaobao also had a clean habit, and still pretty severe one.

At dinner, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were called into the villa’s side hall by Uncle Fu. This was the place where the housekeeper usually eat. When they arrived, they saw three dishes and one soup already served on the dining table, plus two sets of newly added tableware.

“Sir likes quietness, so the villa’s worker all will leave after they finish their work. Beside Sir, I’m the only one who live in this villa.” Walking towards them, Uncle Fu also gave the siblings more advice: “Starting today, you two will eat with me here. This area is the side hall, the kitchen is there….”

“You two…”

“My name is Su Bei, this is my twin brother, his name is Su Xiaobao.” When she saw Uncle Fu didn’t seem to know how to address them, Su Bei introduced herself and Su Xiaobao.

“Xiao Baobei? Little baby?” Fu Bo smiled. He secretly wondering, so their surname was ‘Su’? Among people who had relationship with his employer, it seemed no one was surnamed Su.

“Who gave you the name?”

“Grandma Wang.” After a pause, Su Bei added another sentence: “The woman who raised us.”

After reading the novel, Su Bei knew that this Jingyuan villa was Qin Shao’s primary residence, and the villa’s housekeeper was also one of his trustworthy subordinate. Therefore, when facing this kind-hearted old man, Su Bei didn’t hide too much.

“Alright, now sit down and eat.”

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