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MWFV Ch.9 Part 2 – I Don’t Like This Place (II)

The three of them sat down at the dining table. Uncle Fu’s eyesight wasn’t very good. But at this moment, under the lighting and at a relatively close distance, he carefully examined the two children sent by Chen De this afternoon. At one glance, they looked decent.

When he took a good look at the already clean and neat siblings, Uncle Fu’s eyes lit up. Then the next second, as if to confirm his own eyesight, his eyes suddenly widened. That because Uncle Fu discovered something that surprised him : the two children and Mr. Qin were somewhat looked similiar.

“You are looking for Mr. Qin?” After took out a glasses from his pocket, Uncle Fu questioned the twins with a probing tone.

Su Bei nodded, “We came here to find our Dad.”

Because his mind already made up some speculation, the word ‘Dad’ he heard from Su Bei’s lips didn’t made him greatly shocked. At least not as great as Chen De.

Uncle Fu wore his glasses and looked at the two children.

Similiar! How similar!

Especially Su Xiaobao, he looked like the exact copy of a young Mr. Qin. The facial features of Su Bei probably looked more like their biological mother, but her eyes were very similar to Mr. Qin, especially the color of their iris, which was almost exactly the same. A light brown colored iris like this was rare.

No wonder when Chen De brought the two children over, his explanation was so ambiguous, as if he was hiding something. So this was the reason!

Mr. Qin actually had two children this big! If he didn’t see them with his own eyes, Uncle Fu couldn’t believe it.

“So, the father you are searching for is Mr. Qin, right?”

“Yes.”, Su Bei nodded: “Although it is difficult to explain, Mr. Qin is indeed our biological father.”

Unlike Qin Shao and Chen De’s suspicion, Uncle Fu has not experienced so many malicious schemes of business world. So, without even waiting for Chen De’s investigation, he more or less already believed Su Bei’s words.

Of course, since he still had to be prudent, Uncle Fu decided to wait until Mr. Qin returned home so he could ask more detail. However, his expression when looking at Su Bei and Su Xiaobao already changed.

Although he previously looked at the two children with some pity, it was only a normal sympathy towards strangers. However, after knowing that these two children were most likely to be the flesh and blood of Mr. Qin, Uncle Fu’s eyes on Su Bei and Su Xiaobao clearly showed an elder’s care towards his juniors.


Uncle Fu then proceed to questioned Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s life experience. Except for her dream and the real reason she took Su Xiaobao to find their dad, Su Bei hid nothing from Uncle Fu. After listening to the siblings’ story, the housekeeper felt distressed for them.

“Did the Sir knew these things?” Uncle Fu asked.

“He knew.” The police at the station already told Chen De’s everything.

“What did he say?”

“Qi–Dad didn’t seem to believe me.” Su Bei lowered her eyes and answered in small voice.

A man like Qin Shao was hard to figure out. Judging from Qin Shao’s expression today, it was actually difficult to tell how was his mood after the sudden emergence of two children. However, Su Bei could still feel that from Qin Shao’s subtle expression and tone, he actually did not have high acceptance of them. Moreover, he also did not believe her words.

However, it doesn’t matter even if he didn’t believe it. After reading the novel, Su Bei understood Qin Shao’s character pretty well: although it was too exaggerating to say that he completely didn’t care about his family, Qin Shao was indeed a person without personal affection.

Therefore, from the beginning Su Bei has never expect him to give them fatherly love. After the result of paternity test came out, it was enough if he was willing to provide them with the basic resources they needed until they grew up.

The figure of Su Bei, who was deep in thought with her eyes dropped, became a pitiful sight in Uncle Fu’s eyes. “Don’t worry, wait until the Sir came back, then you could talk with him.” He consoled the girl.

Su Bei’s eyes instantly brightened: “When will Dad come back?”

“This… Mr. Qin has some work to do, so he won’t come back tonight.” Not just tonight, Mr. Qin seemed to be going to a business trip for several days.

After Uncle Fu finished speaking, he saw a disappointment on Su Bei’s face.

“After he finished his works, Mr. Qin will come back. The two of you could stay in this villa and put your mind at ease. If you need anything, you could either find me or Xiao Chen, he was the man who send you here today.” After Uncle Fu comforted Su Bei, he looked at Su Xiaobao, who was sitting silently at the side with his gaze down. He then raised his hand and patted the young boy’s head.

The usually prideful boy blushed instantly.

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  1. Aww, shy Su Xiaobao! I hope Qin Shao warms up to them. I feel like even if Su Bei doesn’t have expectations, Xiaobao probably does.

    Thanks for translating!

      1. I can’t help but imagine him like tobey Maguire’s spiderman taking off his glasses and putting them on again when he realised his vision got better 🤣

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  3. Ah, our Bei is a little nice schemer, or should I say just has low expectations ;-;, Xiaobao is so cute and I feel he would be the type to tug on his Dad’s sleeve playing tough. Oh I want it to be like that!

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