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MWFV Ch 90 Part 1 – Growing Up (I)

Time flew. Four years had passed, and in a blink of an eye, Mr. Qin saw his son and daughter went through high school and finally the college entrance examination. Now, Mr. Qin was certainly a qualified and seasoned father.

Qin Group, inside the chairman’s office.

Mr. Qin took his gaze back from the document in his hand. He raised his head to look at Chen De, who was standing on the side, and asked: “Have those two been picked up?”

Before Mr. Qin finished his sentence, a girl’s clear and mellow voice came from outside. The next second, a slender figure leaped upon him: “Dad!”

After catching his daughter whom he hadn’t seen for half a month, a smile flashed through Qin Shao’s eyes. But immediately after, he frowned: “How old do you think you are?”

Su Bei: “I miss you.”

A helpless smile appeared on Mr. Qin’s face. With a slightly curled up lips, he put on a stern look and said to his daughter: “Don’t speak nonsense. Get down.”

At this time, Su Bei finally noticed that aside from Mr. Qin and Chen De, Lin Shaochi was also in the office. In recent years, Lin Group’s relationship with Qin Group had become very close. They ran many cooperative projects together. Under Lin Shaochi’s leadership, Lin Group grew stronger and now had become one of the top companies in the industry. Lin Shaochi himself had become more mature and stable in these years. Some industry leaders and media even had speculation: Chairman Lin might become the second Qin Shao.

But these were all external evaluation. From Su Bei’s point of view, Lin Shaochi was still a gentle elder brother. This had not changed at all. Su Bei got down from her father and went to greet Lin Shaochi, pretending that nothing happened just now: “Brother Lin.”

The girl wore a white knee-length skirt, very suitable for her slender and slightly tall figure. Her long black hair was tied into a ponytail and fell freely on her shoulders. Her delicate face was so beautiful that people couldn’t put away their gaze, especially with that pair of brown eyes, enticing people in one glance.

Lin Shaochi moved his gaze slightly. After a while, he smiled gently at Su Bei: “Xiaobei, how is your military training?”

“A bit tiring, but in the end, I think it wasn’t that bad?” Su Bei replied with a smile.

After the twins finished high school, many people thought that the two heirs of the Qin Group would choose to go abroad for further study. Unexpectedly, they both decided to enter domestic B University.

Using Su Bei’s words to Mr. Qin at that time: Anyway, she and Su Xiaobao would eventually go home to inherit hundreds of billions of fortune. It didn’t matter which university they chose to study. Therefore, it’s better to find a university close to home with hot water in the dormitory and delicious food in the cafeteria. Besides, B University itself was an excellent university, not losing to foreign schools.

As for Su Xiaobao, he didn’t forget to anger Mr. Qin in his reasoning: Since he felt that his old Dad would be so pitiful guarding an empty nest alone, he reluctantly chose not to go abroad.

University courses were not as full as high school. After checking the class schedule, Su Bei originally thought they could go home at least three or four nights a week. Unfortunately, military training began as soon as they started the new semester. Moreover, it was a closed military training. Therefore, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao hadn’t seen their father for more than half a month now. Since they began to live with Mr. Qin at fourteen, it was the first time they were separated from their father for so long, and the two big babies were feeling a bit unaccustomed.

“Where is Xiaobao?”

“Still behind.”

Immediately afterward, Su Xiaobao entered the office with a big bag in his hands. This bag was Su Bei’s. In Qin Group’s headquarter, except for the spare elevator needed for maintenance service, there was only one special elevator that could directly reach the topmost floor where the chairman’s office was located. Right after they arrived at the company, Su Bei ran straight to this special elevator, leaving behind her bag to be brought by her porter brother. Su Xiaobao finally had to take a normal employee elevator up.

The 18-year-old Su Xiaobao had begun to grow taller than Mr. Qin. Some traces of adolescents were still left on his face, but his facial features had become sharper and more mature. Su Xiaobao was very similar to Mr. Qin, whether in appearance or temperament, but compared to Mr. Qin’s somewhat reserved aura, today’s Xiaobao had a bit more handsomeness.

Looking at the ‘giant’ whom he hadn’t seen in weeks, Mr. Qin suddenly raised his eyebrows—when he sent them out, they were still two pieces of white buns, why did one return as black charcoal?

Seeing Mr. Qin’s reaction, Su Bei sighed inwardly. She was also very helpless. Before the military training began, Su Bei prepared more than enough sunscreen. Under his sister’s strong nagging, Su Xiaobao barely applied sunscreen for two days. As a result, this stinky boy complained incessantly, saying that the sunscreen felt like cement on his skin and vehemently refused to use it again.

Su Bei majored in computer science, and Su Xiaobao majored in business. These two were not in the same military training group. Therefore, Su Bei didn’t pay enough attention and consequently let her brother turned into black charcoal.

What annoyed Su Bei the most was how Su Xiaobao’s fans accepted the fact so well. Seeing that their male god had become tanned, they were enamored even more and even started the ‘dark handsome’ trend.


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