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MWFV Ch 90 Part 2 – Growing Up (II)

Qin Shao: “I still have a meeting in the afternoon. You two must be tired. Go back home first.”

Su Bei: “It’s alright, Su Xiaobao and I can play somewhere nearby.”

A father knew his daughter the best. Seeing Su Bei’s face, Mr. Qin accurately guessed the little ploy in her mind. He said: “Don’t eat those unclean foods outside.”

Qin Shao didn’t know when it started, but these two children actually liked eating hot pot and skewers on the roadside. Hot pot was barely okay, but skewers and other street foods were too unhealthy for them.

Su Bei: “…”

Qin Shao: “Go home and ask Uncle Fu to prepare a hot pot for you.”

Su Bei: …

Su Xiaobao: …

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In recent years, Uncle Fu had become addicted to healthy food. Su Bei and Su Xiaobao definitely didn’t want to eat the wolfberry and ginseng hot pot he prepared once again.

Suddenly, Lin Shaochi spoke from the side: “Mr. Qin, it just happens that I’m going to take a look at the Fuhua project. I can send them back on the way.”

Su Bei didn’t answer and turned to look at Mr. Qin instead. Her eyes seemingly were asking: ‘Dad, can we?’

Mr. Qin glanced at the twins, then at Lin Shaochi, whom he trusted to be reliable. Anyway, it’s better to let the children go home with Lin Shaochi, lest they asked the driver to take a detour to eat skewers or other unclean food.


The twins followed Lin Shaochi and hopped into his car. As soon as the car drove out of the Qin Group’s headquarter, Lin Shaochi asked, “Where do you want to eat today?”

“Here.” Su Bei smiled. She showed the barbecue restaurant recommended by Xu Shiwei in WeChat and told the address to the driver.

“This restaurant is newly opened and has an excellent rating.”

“Alright, let’s go.”


Mr. Qin never expected that Lin Shaochi, whom he thought of as a steady and reliable young man, was actually a ‘traitor.’ Instead of making sure that the twins were back home without taking a detour, he even went to eat with them!

And obviously, this kind of thing has not happened once or twice. In fact, Lin Shaochi had ‘betrayed’ Qin Shao for a long time.

After the twins entered high school, Mr. Qin learned a lot about teens’ health and nutrition balance from their homeroom teacher, who was very knowledgeable in this aspect. Afterward, he became very strict with Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s foods. Things like spicy strips, fried food, junk food, boba milk tea…all were forbidden.

Su Bei couldn’t remember when exactly they started to drag Brother Lin as their partner in crime. All in all, Lin Shaochi had helped them for a whole four years. The three went to various places to eat and occasionally also called Xie Minxuan, Xu Shiwei, and their other friends.

Even Lin Shaochi’s personal driver had been very familiar with their modus operandi. Before the boss even ordered, the driver already drove into a familiar road, to the ice cream shop Su Bei usually frequented.

“Xiaobao, I want a matcha flavor.”

“Stay here. I will go to buy it.” Before Su Xiaobao got off from the car, Lin Shaochi had taken over his duty and went to buy the ice cream.

“He-hello, sir. What do you need?” The employer taking the order was a new young girl. Facing a handsome man with an expensive suit and leather shoes, she was momentarily dazed.

“Two cups of tea and one matcha-flavored ice cream.”

“Don’t put ice cream in the cone.” Lin Shaochi ordered.

The girl was taken aback: No ice cream, does this handsome guy want an empty cone?

Lin Shaochi: “Add some ground peanuts and fruit first.”

“Ah, okay.” It turned out to be like this.

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“Don’t put too much ice cream. Half a scoop is enough.” Lin Shaochi said again.

The employee made the order according to Lin Shaochi’s instruction and handed it over, but she was a bit puzzled. Their shop mainly sold ice cream, but there were only a few small bites of ice cream in this guy’s order.

Su Bei first wanted to try this ice cream shop after reading someone recommend it on the internet. But she rarely could sneak out for eating, and every time she came here, it was always Lin Shaochi who made the order while they waited in the car. Therefore, Su Bei never suspected anything and simply thought that this kind of ice cream was the shop’s special feature. She didn’t know that the ice cream in her hand had been ‘cut corner’ severely by Lin Shaochi.

Xu family’s eldest brother had good taste in food. The restaurant he recommended was absolutely not bad. Although the storefront was small, the interior was very stylish.

Su Bei, Su Xiaobao, and Lin Shaochi group of three walked into the shop, and their eye-catching looks quickly attracted everyone’s attention, both the employees and customers alike.

“OMG, those three people are so good looking!”

“The girl in the middle is as beautiful as a goddess.”

“I like the guy in the suit.”

“No, I still like the dark one.”

“So, which of them is that girl’s boyfriend?”

“I think it’s that darker guy. The one in the business suit looks a bit older, maybe a big brother.”

“I don’t think so. It must be the older guy in the suit. Look at his eyes looking at the girl. My God, he is so gentle.”

“They seem a bit familiar. Which stars are they?”

“Is it a street shooting?”

“I don’t think so. But they are indeed a bit familiar.”

“How handsome. Let’s take a photo.”

When Su Bei’s group came in, they happened to hear the words ‘take a photo’ and immediately lowered their heads subconsciously.

“Go in quickly.” Su Bei urged the two.

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, as well as Chairman Lin, were not celebrities, but they were definitely part of the public figure. What Su Bei feared the most was that someone took their photo in the restaurant, uploaded it on the internet, and somehow was being seen by Mr. Qin, putting an end to their years-long ‘underground operation.’

The girl who took out the mobile phone quickly pressed the shutter, but after the photo was taken, she was disappointed: Only one person was taken in her photo, and the girl’s figure was completely blocked by that older guy in the business suit.


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  1. Sighhh, I keep hoping LS won’t be the ML but it looks like that’s the direction this is heading… I not even sure why I dislike this pairing so much (most likely because of the the age factor…) but it’s enough to make me wanna drop this. This is definitely why the author put a time skip, just to make her barely legal for him. Ah well, I keep hoping I’m wrong about the ML and will keep reading until there’s no more hope.
    Thanks for the translation! I love the quality so much that I ended up following ALL your translations!

  2. This is why you shouldn’t forbid your kids from having junk food. They’ll just have it behind your back. Let them have it as a treat and they won’t be obsessed with it.

      1. Haha, and adding to their woes. A friendly ‘uncle’ who’s going through a healthy supplemental food diet phase. I know their pains. Yum, tastes of healthy.

  3. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    …all were forbidden………how do u expect them to live, naturally they’ll sneak around to eat
    and idk why ppl still hating LS i mean all he did was proper(sibling POV) big bro stuff this chap

    these guys make it sound like a robbery plan

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