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MWFV Ch 91 Part 2 – Qin Family’s Young Miss (II)

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[No! I’m 100% sure she is not an assistant.]

Chairman Lin and the girl were walking side by side. Moreover, along the way, Chairman Lin kept talking to the girl with a gentle smile and even pressed the elevator button for her.

[Is she his girlfriend?!]


[Why impossible? I saw it with my own eyes. When they entered the building, Chairman Lin also opened the door for the girl.] This wasn’t a treatment an assistant would get from their boss.

[My god! Is that girl really Chairman’s girlfriend? Tell us, is she beautiful?]

[Super beautiful!]

Someone sent a photo to the group chat, which happened to be taken when Su Bei got off the car.

[So beautiful!]

[Indeed a stunning beauty.]

[When did Chairman Lin have a girlfriend? I have never heard about it, and there is nothing in the media.]

[Maybe just recently.]

[So she immediately followed Chairman Lin to the company right after they began dating? It’s not good, isn’t it?]

[Of course it’s not! She has just become the chairman’s girlfriend and can’t wait to come to NST so grandiosely. What does she want to do? Declaring her position?]

At this time, someone in the group jumped in and scolded: [You guys, stop saying anything stupid.]

[We didn’t say wrong.]

[No, because you all have been wrong from the beginning. That girl isn’t Chairman Lin’s girlfriend.]

The commenter sent a screenshot: [See it yourself.]

After Su Bei and Su Xiaobao entered high school, under Mr. Qin’s intention, the Qin Group’s two heirs gradually disappeared from the public view. This screenshot was from news several years ago, with the title [Qin Group’s Twins Heirs at the High School Entrance Examination Site.] and an attached photo of Su Bei and Su Xiaobao coming out of the examination room.

Although Su Bei has grown a lot over the years, it was not difficult to see that Qin family’s young miss inside the photo was the same person as the girl walking next to Lin Shaochi today.

[So, it is Qin Group’s young miss who came with Chairman Lin today?!]

If so, what else could they say. At NST Company, from the newly-recruited employee to the seasoned veteran, almost no one didn’t know that although Qin Group rarely interfered with the company’s operation, NST was in fact majorly owned by the Qin Group.

Now that Qin family’s young miss came to NST, she was merely inspecting her own family property. Who dared to say anything?

[OMG! She is actually Qin Yue! It has been a long time since there was news about Qin Group’s two heirs. I didn’t expect her to have grown so much.]

[More beautiful than before!]

After knowing that the mysterious girl who came today was the big boss’ daughter and not Chairman Lin’s girlfriend, the tone of the discussion immediately changed.

Meanwhile, people in the technical department were also gossiping about this matter.

“Have you heard? Qin family’s daughter is here.”

“I heard that the Qin family’s daughter is also an expert in network security and even won the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ several years ago.”

“Gosh, how amazing! So, does she come today to learn through real-world practice?”

“Not necessarily so.” Zhou Sheng walked over with an inscrutable expression and said to the group of employees who had only joined the team less than two years ago.

“Ah, good morning, Mr. Zhou.” Seeing that the general manager was here, the employees hurriedly returned to their desks.

“It’s alright, no need to pretend. The cleaning team hasn’t come yet. You guys go and clean up the office area and your own desk, so you will get more spirited later.”

As the self-proclaimed [Q] ‘s first apprentice, Zhou Sheng naturally knew Su Bei’s identity. He inwardly mused: His master isn’t here to learn, but to give them guidance.

Zhou Sheng was extremely excited, but forcefully stopped himself from revealing Su Bei’s identity. He glanced at these youngsters and looked forward to seeing their expression when finding out who their idolized mysterious consultant was. The more he thought, the more excited Zhou Sheng became. He immediately went into his office to change into his best suit.

Seeing the usually stern and irritable general manager Zhou was in such a good mood, and even the taciturn deputy manager Chen also looked very excited, the employees of the technical department were left in puzzlement.

Meanwhile, Su Bei didn’t know that even before the meeting started, she had become the hottest topic of conversation in the entire NST Company. At this moment, she and Lin Shaochi was on the 27th floor of the building where the chairman’s office was located.

“Brother Lin’s office here is not bad.” Su Bei joked as she entered an office. She found out that this office was not as monotonous and somber as Lin Shaochi’s office in Lin Group’s headquarter. On the contrary, the style of the whole office was simple yet comfortable. There was 180-degree floor-to-ceiling windows, bright lights, and lots of green office plant.

“It’s not mine, it’s yours.”


Seeing Su Bei’s surprised face, Lin Shaochi smiled and explained: “When we first moved to this building, I prepared this office for you. But you have to prepare for the college entrance examination, so I didn’t call you over.”

“Look around. If there is anything you don’t like, you can change it.”

“No, I’m very satisfied!” Previously, Su Bei hadn’t taken a closer look. But after knowing that this was her office, she looked around more carefully and found out that every detail of this office fit her aesthetic.

“It’s good if you like it. Get ready. The meeting is about to begin.”


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