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MWFV Ch 92 Part 1 – Guilty Feeling (I)

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At the meeting that day, Lin Shaochi formally introduced Su Bei’s identity to the high-ranking employees of NST Company. For a time, except for a few technical department members who had known about her beforehand, everyone else was utterly shocked.

What? So this Miss Qin was not only their big boss’ daughter but also that legendary mysterious consultant?!

Since the inception of the company, NST has a very expert remote consultant. This fact had never been a secret, especially among the middle and senior management. In fact, although this mysterious consultant had never shown up over these years, she had always been involved in the technical department’s projects. Moreover, the consultant did provide not only technical guidance but also advice on the company’s development plans.

Now, Chairman Lin announced that the young girl before them was actually the legendary expert that had almost become a deity in their mind. There was no way they wouldn’t be shocked. In fact, even if Chairman Lin introduced Miss Qin as his girlfriend, they wouldn’t be half as surprised.

Under so many shocked gazes, Su Bei calmly introduced herself.

“Hello everyone, my name is Qin Yue, and I am also known as [Q]. Although I have not been able to come directly in the past three years, I am pleased to have worked with you via the phone.”

Everyone: Well, this voice is indeed the same as the one on the phone.

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“Master, are you planning to officially begin working at the company?” Zhou Sheng asked Su Bei excitedly.

“I still have to go to class.” Su Bei replied with a smile. “But I should be able to spare one or two days a week to come.”

Recently, NST had begun to upgrade its technology and expand its service area. Therefore, Su Bei would also become busy.

“Haha, one or two days is okay! Talking via the phone is not as good as working together. Moreover, it’s a waste of phone bill!”

Most of the people who attended the meeting had been acquainted with Su Bei via the phone, so they were not unfamiliar with her. After a few light banter between Su Bei and Zhou Sheng, the others quickly became more familiar. Thanks to Su Bei’s arrival, the meeting was done in an unprecedented relaxed atmosphere.

Lin Shaochi took Su Bei to the office cafeteria.

“Try it.”

“Is it still the previous chef?” After tasting a piece of sour pork, Su Bei asked Lin Shaochi excitedly.

When NST was first established as a company, its scale was still small. The cook hired for the office cafeteria was a temporary worker who was also a relative of a technical department’s staff member. However, Su Bei only ate once at the previous cafeteria and instantly fell in love with the temporary chef’s craftsmanship.

And this taste has not changed a bit from four years ago.

“Yes.” Lin Shaochi nodded with a smile. Originally, this temporary cook wanted to go back to his hometown to open a small restaurant, but Lin Shaochi paid a high salary to keep him working at NST.

In the cafeteria, the employees eating there automatically emptied an undisturbed space for Lin Shaochi and Su Bei. After the meeting ended, the news quickly spread, and most people in the company now knew Su Bei’s other identity. Therefore, even if they saw how Chairman Lin personally served her dishes and even poured water personally, they didn’t think there was anything wrong.

She was the genius consultant who played a vital role in growing NST to this scale! What’s more, based on the relationship between Qin Group and Lin Group, for the heirs of two families to be this close was completely normal.

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In the afternoon, Su Bei said goodbye to Lin Shaochi: “Brother Lin, you must be busy. I will leave first.”

Lin Shaochi put away the documents he was reading: “I’m also about to go out. Where are you going? I will send you by the way.”

“I’m going back to the campus.”

“Alright, let’s go.”



Lin Shaochi sent Su Bei back to her campus. Looking at the girl who got off the car and was about to leave, Lin Shaochi opened his mouth and called out subconsciously: “Xiaobei.”

“Yes? What is it, Brother Lin?”

“Don’t eat too many snacks.” After a long time, Lin Shaochi forced out such a sentence, which obviously wasn’t the one he intended to say.

Hearing this, Su Bei couldn’t help laughing: “Brother Lin, I think you are more and more like my Dad.”

Lin Shaochi: “…”

Not long after Su Bei bid farewell to Lin Shaochi, she was stopped by her roommate Li Fei.

“Speak the truth! Is it Chairman Lin who sent you back just now?”

“Yes.” Su Bei nodded calmly.

“Wow, Chairman Lin is so handsome. I definitely didn’t mistake the wrong person!”

Among her roommates and a few close friends, Su Bei’s identity was not a secret. Moreover, the relationship between Qin Group and Lin Group was also known publicly, especially for those with close eyes to the news.

“Are you two going to get married?” Li Fei asked curiously.

Su Bei was stupefied. After a moment, she gave Li Fei a speechless look: “How could it be possible? Our family and the Lins are indeed a close business partner, but there is no need for marriage.”

Li Fei: “But Chairman Lin…”

Su Bei: “Big Brother Lin? He is almost like me and Xiaobao’s real brother.”

“So that’s it, ah.” Seeing Su Bei’s casual look, Li Fei nodded. Actually, when she saw Su Bei and Lin Shaochi stood together just now, she thought that they really matched each other. Especially Lin Shaochi’s eyes when looking at Su Bei, it was so tender that it almost made her single-dog heart exploded!

But, it turned out that she actually misunderstood.

Strange. Why did she feel a little disappointed?



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