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MWFV Ch 92 Part 2 – Guilty Feeling (II)

MWFV sponsored chapters (2/4) by  Datugu at ko-fi. Thank you for your support!

The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 92 Part 1.

“By the way, there is one more thing.”

“Eh? What?” Su Bei looked at Li Fei.

“You remember that Wang Qianqian? She sent you a bag today and put it in the dorm supervisor’s place.” Li Fei said.

Wang Qianqian was a senior in sophomore year and also the head of the Student Union’s foreign affairs department. Su Bei previously had submitted an application to join the department, but was brushed off directly at the interview after just a few words.

Originally, Su Bei didn’t care about it. But afterward, an incident happened that made her laughed so hard.

This matter was starting right after the term began. As usual, Su ‘Stinky Shameless’ Xiaobao became a fragrant flower that attracted bees and butterflies everywhere. Upon arriving at the campus, he successfully gained numerous fangirls.

This Wang Qianqian was also one of Su Xiaobao’s admirers. Maybe she was the type that didn’t care about the news, or perhaps Mr. Qin’s deliberate attempt to hide the twins from public view over the years has been very successful, but Wang Qianqian didn’t know that Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were siblings. Seeing the two often walked together, and Su Xiaobao also helped carry Su Bei’s bags and umbrella, Wang Qianqian thought Su Bei was Su Xiaobao’s girlfriend.

During the interview, when the ‘love rival’ met, Wang Qianqian was driven by jealousy and deliberately failed Su Bei. Later, someone probably informed Wang Qianqian of the truth, and her attitude towards Su Bei changed 180 degrees.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

“Our Qin family has a high standard.” At least, the daughter-in-law should be lively, lovely, filial, and gentle. If the above conditions couldn’t be fulfilled completely, then she must be someone Su Xiaobao really liked.

“That kind of woman, she is a no-no.”

Hearing Su Bei’s response, Li Fei smiled and asked: “Then…do you want to accept that bag?”

Su Bei: “Of course not.”

Li Fei: “That’s the latest model from H brand.”

Su Bei glanced at Li Fei slightly: “Am I the kind of person who will bend my back for a little money?”

Li Fei was astonished: Well, it’s indeed so. Because Su Bei was too down to the earth, she usually forgot that her roommate was actually ultra-rich.

Even if Su Bei made a call and ordered people to buy the whole H brand collection, Li Fei would believe it. She smiled secretly: That Wang Qianqian now must be regretting so much that her intestine turned green. Not only did she offend this ‘sister-in-law,’ but she also let go of family fortunes worth hundreds of billions!

After Lin Shaochi sent Su Bei back, he didn’t return to the company, but went to find his old schoolmate slash psychologist Wang Chen. Over the past few years, Lin Shaochi often invited Wang Cheng to accompany him ‘for a drink,’ and the two of them had been very familiar with the routine.

Lin Shaochi was a handsome young man. Coupled with his mature, stable, and non-arrogant aura, he was the center of attention wherever he went. On top of that, Wang Chen was also a reasonably handsome guy. As soon as the two were seated, they immediately attracted numerous gaze from females.

“Alright, Chairman Lin, let’s talk. What made you down today?” Wang Chen raised his glass and opened the conversation.

“Nothing.” Lin Shaochi answered heavily. He toasted his glass with Wang Chen, then sipped the wine.

“Tsk tsk, you use alcohol to relieve your bad mood, and you still say there is nothing?”

Lin Shaochi glanced at Wang Chen: “Here is not your counseling clinic.”

Here, he was not a patient, and Wang Chen was not his psychologist. There was no need to divulge his mind.

Wang Chen waved his hand, but asked no more.

“Hey, buddy.” Wang Chen seemed to have found something funny, and suddenly elbowed Lin Shaochi’s hand: “Turn to your right, look at two o’clock direction.”

“Do you see that? The big-busted girl over there.”

“So what?” Lin Shaochi looked at Wang Chen coldly.

“Of course it’s nothing. But according to my observation, that woman glanced at you seven times in one minute, and she has an 80% possibility to be attracted to you.”

Wang Chen’s words only made Lin Shaochi feel no interest.

“You, ah. Don’t be so boring. But indeed, that woman isn’t too attractive, maybe even married…”

“What, you don’t you believe me?” Seeing Lin Shaochi ignored him, Wang Chen said dissatisfiedly: “My buddy, don’t forget my profession. I am a professional psychologist.”

“Not necessarily.” Lin Shaochi said suddenly. His eyes darkened as his eyes fell into the wine glass in his hand.

——He received four years of psychological counseling at Wang Chen’s clinic, but didn’t feel any significant effect. Even sometimes, Lin Shaochi thought that he merely learned how to hide his emotion better, so he could perfectly stay as an ‘elder brother’ in front of Xiaobei.

Having his professionalism questioned, Wang Chen wanted to refute, but as soon as he turned his head, he saw his friend’s gloomy face. Wang Chen had seen Lin Shaochi’s depressed and painful expression too many times during their counseling sessions.

Wang Chen remembered their most recent session. He set up a relaxed atmosphere and chatted jokingly to Lin Shaochi: “You are not too young anymore. Do you have xxx life?”

Lin Shaochi: “No.”

Wang Chen: “Not at all? Have you been a good companion with your right hand all the time?”

Lin Shaochi: “No.”

Before Wang Chen asked, Lin Shaochi continued: “It makes me feel guilty.”

When he said this, Lin Shaochi’s expression was heavy and reserved, but there was a trace of tenderness that couldn’t be ignored.

Why did Lin Shaochi have to feel guilt? Unless, when he was doing that kind of deed, someone’s face appeared in his mind.

It was also on that occasion that Wang Chen confirmed that his four-year-long treatment of Lin Shaochi did not achieve the expected results.


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  1. Wang Chen: “Not at all? Have you been a good companion with your right hand all the time?” <— OMG!!! 😂🤣😂🤣

    A little tact for your lovelorn friend there, Mr. Psychologist. 😅😅😅

  2. aaa i still don’t like him,, it’s not even bc he’s way older than her or bc he watched her grow up (though that’s also part of the reason lmao), and i’m also glad he tried to seek help, i just… don’t like him as the ML.
    idk, it seems he’s going to be the ML anyways and normally i would just drop it but i’ll keep reading just so i can see more of Papa Qin and Xiaobei and Xiaobao. i’ll just have to skip the parts with Lin Shaochi i guess

    1. It makes sense to not like him but so far while reading this I’m actually tolerating him. This story is so family centered some people may feel it’s so abrupt that there’s a sudden romance 😆 so far whether Xie Minxuan or Lin Shaochi it doesn’t matter for me as long as Daddy Qin is there

    2. I suggest you read “I Decided to Look for my Father” chinese novel. It has the same father daughter genre. And the love team is “Su Bei + Xie Minxuan” love team version. She has no twin but has lots of male cousins.

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