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MWFV Ch 93 Part 1 – She Is An Adult Now (I)

MWFV sponsored chapters (3/4) by  Datugu at ko-fi. Thank you for your support!

The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 92 Part 1.

Su Bei saw Lin Shaochi again three days later.

On the road inside the campus, a beautiful girl and handsome boy walked side by side, very eye-catching. But came closer and looked closely, it turned out that only the boy was talking and laughing, while the girl on the side didn’t open her mouth at all and even put on a look of ‘I refuse to admit that I know this guy.’

“Xu Yangyang, can you stop a bit?” Su Bei glanced aside with a sunken face.

“Don’t be so cold, ah. B University is full of pretty girls, of course I want to have a good look. Otherwise, am I not wasting beautiful scenery?” Suddenly, Xu Yangyang’s eyes brightened, and he pointed excitedly at one direction: “Su Bei, look, the girl over there is very cute. Do you know her? Do you know her WeChat?”

Su Bei: “I don’t know!” And even if she knew, she didn’t want to tell him either.

After they finished high school, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were admitted to B University, while Xu Yangyang went to J University, which was just a few blocks away. Occasionally, Xu Yangyang would come to B University for ‘study exchange.’ Usually, Su Xiaobao was responsible for being the ‘liaison,’ and occasionally, Xie Minxuan would take over the role when he was free.

It’s a pity that Xie Minxuan was too busy recently, and Su Xiaobao was also busy working on some entrepreneurial project. So the burden of accompanying Xu Yangyang fell on Su Bei.

This afternoon, Su Bei was about to call the driver to pick her home. But when she got out of the classroom, she saw a person in a silly-looking suit rushed towards her. Looking closer, this fool was precisely Xu Yangyang.

“By the way, Xiaobei, the food in your cafeteria is really not as good as us. If you don’t believe it, go and visit our campus. I will take you to taste what a truly delicious campus food is.”

“However, I found that the girl who serves food in the second window is a bit pretty.” Regarding this, Xu Yangyang was a bit regretful. At the cafeteria earlier, he was about to go to the staff area to see if he could get any information about that pretty girl. Unfortunately, before he could get closer, Su Bei had dragged him away.

“Why don’t we go back to the cafeteria for supper later?” Xu Yangyang’s eyes beamed.

Su Bei: Go home! Go home now!

“I’m serious. The portion we ate earlier is not enough for me.”

Before Xu Yangyang finished speaking, a handsome and sunny boy suddenly walked in front of them. Or to be precise, in front of Su Bei.

“Hello, Miss Qin. I am a sophomore in the mechanical engineering department. My name is Chen Pei. You may not remember me. On the first day of the term, I was responsible for guiding your class across the campus. At that time, I think you are very cute.” The boy blushed: “Can I add your WeChat?”

This was not the first time a boy suddenly came over to ask for Su Bei’s contact information or even to confess, so she didn’t get flustered. Su Bei smiled at Chen Pei and was about to refuse politely when Xu Yangyang jumped out between them.

“Hey, are you blind? Can’t you see I am here?” Xu Yangyang stood in front of Su Bei and confronted the other boy. Chen Pei was not short, but compared to Xu Yangyang, he wasn’t as tall nor as handsome.

“You are…” Chen Pei’s eyes suddenly widened. He looked at Xu Yangyang, then at Su Bei: “Are you her boyfriend? Miss Qin, do you have a boyfriend?”

Xu Yangyang didn’t dare to lie. Otherwise, he would be killed by Brother Bao. However, he still protectively stood in front of Su Bei, silently assumed the posture of ‘you guessed right,’ and glanced at the other person with disdain.

“I see.” The boy lowered his head dejectedly: “I’m sorry for disturbing you two.”

Seeing the boy leave in dejection, Xu Yangyang humphed softly: “He isn’t as handsome as me, not as tall as me, and his temperament also isn’t as good as mine. Dare to pursue our Xiaobei? In his dream!”

“Right, Xiaobei?” Xu Yangyang looked at Su Bei with a ‘please praise me’ expression.

“I think I should walk with you more often. This will deter random people from bothering you again.” Xu Yangyang thought about the feasibility of this idea and said again: “Haha, let’s also ask Brother Bao or Brother Xuan. The effect will be better.”

Su Bei: “…” Haha, thank you for your ‘thoughtful care.’

A pair of good looking young couple walking together has always been a beautiful scene, but for Lin Shaochi, it wasn’t. On the contrary, the scene was so such an eyesore that it stifled his chest.


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  1. It’s a pity that Xie Minxuan was too busy recently, and Su Xiaobao was also busy working on some entrepreneurial project. So the burden of accompanying Xu Yangyang fell on Su Bei. <— Poor Yangyang. 😅😅😅

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