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MWFV Ch 94 Part 1 – I’m Serious (I)

Lin Shaochi has never been this flustered in his life before. His friend’s words suddenly opened up his eyes, as if he finally found the way out of his years-long obsession.

After waiting for a night, Lin Shaochi was thinking about how to confess his feeling to Su Bei. Should he begin with a normal chat? Or directly tell his feeling over the past four years? Finally, the next day, Lin Shaochi dialed Su Bei’s number.

Lin Shaochi’s feeling at this moment—a mix of tension, anticipation, anxiety, and natural excitement—only him alone could tell how it was.

However, when he finally was ready, Su Bei didn’t answer the phone. One beep, two beeps…in the end, the ‘No Answer’ prompted on the phone.

Lin Shaochi frowned subconsciously: At this hour, Su Bei shouldn’t still be sleeping. Moreover, it was rare for her to not answering his call.

When Lin Shaochi made the third call, it was finally connected.


“Are you looking for Qin Yue?” A female voice came from the phone, but it was not Su Bei.

“Yes, who are you?” Lin Shaochi asked back with a solemn tone.

“I am her roommate. Qin Yue’s mobile phone is currently with me.” Li Fei explained. When she saw the name [Lin Shaochi] on the incoming call, Li Fei immediately guessed the identity of the caller.

Wow, the legendary Lin Group’s chairman actually has such a nice voice.

It was so noisy on Li Fei’s end. Lin Shaochi heard the sound of a police siren from the receiver, and a bad premonition instantly struck his mind.

“What’s happen? Where is Xiaobei?” Lin Shaochi’s asked urgently.

Li Fei: “We had a car accident here, just now…”

Li Fei didn’t know how much shock her words brought Lin Shaochi.


Hearing Lin Shaochi’s tone, Li Fei was momentarily stunned. “Uh, at Changjing Road. We—” Before she could finish her sentence, the call was hung up, leaving Li Fei stared at the screen dumbfoundedly.

Meanwhile, at Lin Group’s headquarter.

Seeing Lin Shaochi suddenly rushed out of his office, all his staff were shocked. It wasn’t until his figure disappeared into the elevator that someone finally reacted.

“Mr. Lin, what happened to Chairman Lin?” 1

“What’s happen?”

Assistant Lin, who was besieged by everyone, was not less surprised——he also had no idea what was happening.

Assistant Lin had followed Lin Shaochi for many years, and it was his first time seeing their young Chairman was so out of control. Lin Shaochi was reticent in personality and, under normal circumstances, would never easily reveal his emotions. Even when the Lin Group faced a huge capital problem back then, Lin Shaochi seemed to only have a darker expression, absolutely nothing like the current panicked action…

At this time, Lin Shaochi had already driven his car to Changjing Road, ignoring multiple traffic rules on the way.

At the intersection of Changjing Road, a major traffic accident happened half an hour ago. A large truck ran out of control into the intersection. After hitting several cars in a row, it slipped sideways and hit a kindergarten bus.

When Lin Shaochi arrived, the area of the accident had been blocked with police lines, and the place was crowded with many people, including police, medical personnel, injured people, and passerby.

Lin Shaochi got out of the car. His forehead and hands were totally wet with sweat. He walked hastily with staggering steps. In his whole life, Lin Shaochi had never felt so scared before. His heart jumped uncontrollably, but his body seemed to be numb.

Lin Shaochi nervously searched for Su Bei among the wounded. Finally, his eyes caught a girl’s slender figure.


Hearing someone called her name, Su Bei turned around: “Bro—”

Before her words came out fully, Su Bei had fallen into a sturdy embrace.

“You’re alright.” Lin Shaochi said. There was a visible tremor in his voice that was hard to be ignored.

“Fortunately, you are alright.” Lin Shaochi tightened his grip on the girl and whispered again and again. The fear and subsequent relief he felt made it difficult for Lin Shaochi to act calmly at this moment—he didn’t even remember how he ran all the way from the company to here. The moment he saw Su Bei, Lin Shaochi finally realized that this girl was much more important than he once thought.

Being held tightly in Lin Shaochi’s arms, it took Su Bei a long time to recover from the initial shock.

“Brother Lin?” Su Bei whispered. She could clearly hear Lin Shaochi’s rapid heartbeat. Did he misunderstand and think that she had a car accident?

“Brother Lin, it’s alright. I’m fine.” Su Bei said softly. Her voice brought a magical soothing effect on Lin Shaochi.


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  1. Just a quick info: assistant Lin’s name (林, Lin) is not the same as Lin Shaochi’s surname (蔺, Lin).

7 thoughts on “MWFV Ch 94 Part 1 – I’m Serious (I)”

  1. It seemed like LS waited for her to turn into an adult 😭 but I know the intention is not there so that’s not the deal breaker for me. I would probably finish this since there’s only a few chapters and since LS tried to go to counseling I might give him a +1

    Ps. This also includes that I know her and his mental age are far apart (she’s older mentally) but in a normal situation this would be unforgivable

    1. Actually I am not having a problem with Lin Shaochi being the ML, because from my perspective he showed that he is actually in real love with her, and respected that she was way too young for him, and even did not conscientious consider her as an adult not until his friend reminded him. That shows that he has her in his heart, but at the end of the day it who XiaoBei wants that’s more important.

      If you live in my country which is in the Caribbean, you wou be call the police every minute; because a lot of underage girls are in relationships with older guys or fully adult men, my fellow countrymen talk about this social and cultural problem, every few years or so and nothing has changed since before I was born and onwards now as an adult.
      E.g. I am 45 now but my mother had me at 15, two months before she turned 16, my Dad was already married and in his early 30’s, and that not even very shocking here, some girls are having children at 11/12, and some of the pedophiles are family members, police officers or other authoritative figures.

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