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Translating Web Novel

My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch 94 Part 2 – I’m Serious (II)

Su Bei’s university was preparing for a social research activity this weekend. She and her roommate Li Fei came here to do their assigned task. As a result, when the two arrived, they ran into a traffic accident.

The scene was chaotic, and there were many injured people, so uninjured passerby started a spontaneous act to maintain order and aid the rescue. When Lin Shaochi called, Li Fei was helping to contact the family of the injured, while Su Bei was helping to comfort the children on the school bus and took the children who were not seriously injured to the side.

“… that’s what happened.” Su Bei briefly explained to Lin Shaochi.

After a long time, Lin Shaochi finally said: “It’s good that you are alright.”

The young man’s low and slightly charming voice reached Su Bei’s ears and made her ears a bit itchy.

Su Bei struggled in Lin Shaochi’s arms. “I’m fine. Brother Lin, please let go of me first.” Lin Shaochi hugged her too tightly that Su Bei almost felt that she was about to be crushed by him.

Moreover, this was the first time Su Bei has been this intimate with the opposite gender besides Mr. Qin and Su Xiaobao. She had no such close contact with men outside her family before. Although Su Bei has always treated this person as an elder brother, their overly close distance still made her somewhat at a loss.

Su Bei’s explanation calmed Lin Shaochi, but the emotions in his heart were still rampaging. At this moment, he was reluctant to let Su Bei go.

Feeling Lin Shaochi’s arms loosened, Su Bei get out of his embrace and looked at him: “Brother Lin, how do you know that I am here?”

“I called you.” Lin Shaochi’s voice was still a bit hoarse.

Su Bei: “Eh?”

At this time, Li Fei came over and returned the phone to Su Bei. Su Bei took a look at the display. Sure enough, there were two missed calls. Both were from Lin Shaochi.

“Chairman Lin called you several times in a row. I thought there was something urgent, so I pick it up for you.” Li Fei explained.

Su Bei looked at her suspiciously. Li Fei shrugged: “Don’t blame me. I was about to explain when the call was hung up.”

After Li Fei said that they were in an accident’s site, before she had time to say that she and Su Bei were just helping out, Lin Shaochi had already hung up the phone and rushed over.

“Right, you guys continue to talk. I will return to help.” Li Fei glanced at Lin Shaochi before blinked at Su Bei.

Li Fei has noticed Lin Shaochi’s arrival from the beginning. No way, who made the great Chairman Lin so outstanding in both the look and aura? It was more difficult for her not to notice.

Only a few minutes after he hung up the phone, Lin Shaochi appeared here, which surprised Li Fei. What’s more shocking was seeing Lin Shaochi’s attitude towards Su Bei.

She didn’t believe the so-called elder brother figure. Lin Shaochi’s panic was already beyond that. Moreover, the look in his eyes when looking at Su Bei was clearly the same as the male leads in the TV series. No, it was even more affectionate!

Before, Li Fei felt that Lin Shaochi and Su Bei would be a good CP1, but now, she was screaming for their CP!

After Li Fei left, Su Bei looked at Lin Shaochi and smiled embarrassedly: “I’m sorry, I made Brother Lin run for nothing because of misunderstanding.”

Su Bei noticed that Lin Shaochi only wore a shirt. He probably ran here in such a hurry that he forgot to wear a coat.

At this moment, Lin Shaochi’s eyes were still bloodshot. He stared at Su Bei without speaking. He prepared ‘confession words’ all night yesterday, but because of this interruption, his mind now was totally messed up, and he didn’t know what to say or how to begin.

“I…” Lin Shaochi’s voice was dry.


“Next time you encounter this kind of thing, focus on protecting your safety and do not be rash.” This time, it was just a misunderstanding. But Lin Shaochi didn’t know whether he could bear the next time he heard that Su Bei truly met a mishap.


Lin Shaochi interrupted Su Bei: “Don’t make me worry.” He deliberately didn’t conceal his emotions. “You know, I was almost scared to death when I heard the words’ car accident.’ I thought you might have been injured.”

Su Bei felt that Lin Shaochi was a bit exaggerated. But when he spoke, the expression on his face was extremely serious, not like a joke at all. Suppressing the odd feeling in her heart, Su Bei smiled reassuringly: “It’s alright. I’m fine.”

“And Brother Lin, you are too exaggerated. How can a person be scared to death?” Su Bei stared at Lin Shaochi and replied half-jokingly.

As if being infected by the girl’s smile, Lin Shaochi finally smiled a bit, but his gaze still lingered on Su Bei’s face unmovingly: “But to me, Xiaobei is the same as my own life. You are more precious than everything I have.”

Lin Shaochi’s words completely stunned Su Bei. Her eyes widened slightly at him: “Brother Lin, you…” Why did she feel that this sounded very strange? It wasn’t like what Lin Shaochi would normally say, especially to her.

“Brother Lin, you can’t just say this kind of thing so easily.” Su Bei smiled playfully, trying to break the deadlock.

“Also, this joke is not funny at all.” She didn’t know how to respond.

“Not a joke.” Lin Shaochi said to Su Bei. After a pause, he said: “I’m serious.”


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Author’s Note:

Don’t know how to confess? I will help you, haha~

PS: The male lead is definitely Lin Shaochi. Xiaobei has been in another world for 4 years. In fact, in some aspects, her psychological age is actually closer to 18 years old. Therefore, it’s normal for her to eventually be attracted to Lin Shaochi, who is 20 years old when they first meet.

Psychologically, Xie Minxuan is a bit too young for Xiaobei, while Xu Shiwei is more like a good big brother and buddy.

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  1. CP: Character pairing.
My Whole Family are Villains
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