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MWFV Ch 95 Part 1 – Awkward (I)

Su Bei finally realized that something was wrong. In the past, Lin Shaochi’s attitude towards her and Xiaobao had always been like an elder brother, and sometimes Su Bei even jokingly said that Brother Lin was more like a dad.

However, it was clear that the words Lin Shaochi just said had completely exceeded the boundary of a ‘brother.’

“Brother Lin, you—” Did he eat something wrong today?

Su Bei looked at Lin Shaochi with strange eyes.

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Lin Shaochi smiled: “Don’t you want to ask why?”

Lin Shaochi looked at Su Bei. His eyes were very deep and intense, as if he was about to swallow her whole.

Su Bei: No, she doesn’t want to.

Although she didn’t know what answer was Lin Shaochi going to say, Su Bei instinctively wanted to avoid it.

However, before she could refused, Lin Shaochi had already said: “Because I like you.”

Finally, Lin Shaochi said the sentence that had been buried deep inside his heart for four years. After he spoke, Lin Shaochi paused a little. He saw the panic and surprise on Su Bei’s face. Lin Shaochi didn’t want to scare her, but he knew that he could not hesitate at this moment. Once he hesitated, he would no longer be able to suppress the crazy throb in his heart.

“I like you, not with a brotherly feeling, but as a man towards a woman.” After a pause, Lin Shaochi continued: “Since four years ago.”

This was the deepest secret hidden by Lin Shaochi. Because of this feeling, he had been tormented for four years, and even once felt that he was worse than a beast. But at this moment, facing his beloved girl, Lin Shaochi didn’t mind exposing this secret.

“That…Brother Li—no, I…”

Lin Shaochi’s sudden confession made Su Bei panicked. For years, Lin Shaochi had always been her boss and work partner, and also a caring brother for her and Su Xiaobao. She never had an idea that Lin Shaochi actually…liked her?

Lin Shaochi’s feeling was totally inconceivable for Su Bei. Facing his confession, her first reaction was wanting to escape.

“Did I scare you?”

Su Bei’s reaction fell on Lin Shaochi’s eyes. Although his heart sank so much that it was suffocating, he had expected it beforehand. Lin Shaochi smiled bitterly. When he spoke again, he had regained his usual tenderness. “Don’t be afraid. You don’t need to care so much. If you don’t like, just treat it as I haven’t said anything.”

Su Bei: “I…”

“Let’s go. I will send you home.”

“No need. I will call Uncle Fu to send a driver here.” Didn’t know how to face Lin Shaochi, Su Bei subconsciously stepped back and refused his offer.

Her avoidance pained Lin Shaochi, but he concealed it and said: “Alright.”

After all, it was he who scared her.

After she was home, Su Bei was still in a daze. Su Xiaobao saw Su Bei’s distracted look during the dinner and finally couldn’t help asking: “What’s wrong?”

“Did you get scared by today’s car accident?” Su Xiaobao frowned. He looked at Su Bei disapprovingly: “Next time, don’t go into an accident site again.”

“Not that.”

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“Then what?” Su Bei’s mood at this moment was clearly not right.

“…” After some hesitation, Su Bei dragged Su Xiaobao into her room.

“Today, someone I totally never expect actually confessed to me.” Su Bei’s focus was on ‘someone I totally never expect,’ while Su Xiaobao focused on the word ‘confess.’

“Who?” Which bastard actually dare to confess to their Xiaobei? Does he no longer want to live? Not only confessed, but he also affected Xiaobei’s mood!

Seeing Su Xiaobao’s angry face and the posture of I-am-going-to-beat-that-bastard-into-pulp, Su Bei suddenly drenched into sweat.

——It seemed that she couldn’t tell Su Xiaobao that the person he wanted to beat was Lin Shaochi. More importantly, Su Xiaobao was not Lin Shaochi’s opponent!

“It doesn’t matter who that person is. It’s not important. I only want to talk a bit. Alright, I’m okay now.” Su Bei pushed Su Xiaobao out.

“Do you also like him?” At the door, Su Xiaobao stopped and suddenly turned his head.

From high school to university, countless guys had confessed to Xiaobei. But Su Xiaobao knew that his sister always responded to the confessions calmly. After expressing her gratitude, she would reject them politely.

It was his first time seeing Su Bei at a loss because of a confession.

Hearing Su Xiaobao’s question, Su Bei was stunned. She frowned: “It’s not the matter of liking or not.”

“I’m going to sleep. You should also go to bed now.”

Su Xiaobao was ruthlessly kicked out.

A few minutes later, Su Xiaobao sent a message.

[Xiaobao: If that person makes you unhappy, I will teach him a lesson. If you don’t like him, I will drive him away for you.]


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  1. aaaah I’m not sure what to think about this ship…..was on a different one XD

    Good to see Su Bao’s interactions for her; so envy!

  2. I hate this. They have no chemistry and she’s shown no signs of liking him but I feel like she’s gonna get forced into it. She’ll probably start questioning all her interactions with him and try to turn them into romantic ones. Plus he’s so icky. Gives me very bad vibes.

  3. lol as with many people that like to keep the romantic emotion block on, if it’s not a rejection, it means a LOT
    Knew he was ML almost as soon as he appeared, but was a little thrown off by the age gap. Thing is, as author’s note said, no one else matches her, whether it be maturity or brains. Still slightly amused by how he probably shocked himself out of being friends w/ his right hand b/c she was underaged. Would’ve preferred if she was just a couple years older though- 7 years isn’t a very big age gape once you start going through the 20s and older… though mentally she is closer to low 20s …*shrug*

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