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MWFV Ch 95 Part 2 – Awkward (II)

A few minutes later, Su Xiaobao sent a message.

[Xiaobao: If that person makes you unhappy, I will teach him a lesson. If you don’t like him, I will drive him away for you.]

Seeing the message, Su Bei couldn’t help but smile.

[What if I like him?]

Su Bei originally responded jokingly. But after the message was sent, she felt weird. Unfortunately, before Su Bei could delete the message, Su Xiaobao had read it.

[Xiaobao: If you like that guy, I’ll investigate him. If he isn’t good, don’t even think about it.]

Su Bei reflexively typed: What if that person is very good?

Fortunately, this time, she managed to not send it.

After a while, Su Xiaobao sent another message: [Do you really like him?]

[Su Bei: No, no, I’m just talking casually. Alright, good night.]

Throwing her phone on the side, Su Bei nested inside the blanket. The night’s quietness unconsciously made her recall her conversation with Lin Shaochi during the day.

Lin Shaochi likes her? Even now, Su Bei still felt unbelievable.

However, recalling the past four years in her mind, Su Bei found out small clues scattered here and there. For example, Lin Shaochi always remembered her and Su Xiaobao’s birthday. For four consecutive years, he had never absent from their birthday party. One year, Su Bei heard from Lin Shochi’s subordinate that there was a problem with a project at M Country, and Lin Shaochi had to go to deal with it personally. Su Bei originally thought that Lin Shaochi wouldn’t be able to attend their birthday party that year. But unexpectedly, he came back in time to give them the present right before the day passed.

For example, every time Su Bei wanted something, Lin Shaochi seemed to be able to send it to her very quickly, no matter what it was. Su Bei often joked: “Brother Lin has a Doraemon’s pocket.”

Every time Lin Shaochi ‘passed by accidentally,’ he would always give Su Bei a ride home. When Su Bei went to Qin Group’s office, she seemed to ‘coincidentally’ meet Lin Shochi very often. Also, every time Su Bei had important school activities or competitions, it seemed that Lin Shaochi had always appeared using various ‘coincidental’ reasons…

On their birthday, The Dream Park all over the world would have a special light show…

And that work phone!

Since Su Bei revealed her identity at the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ final, Lin Shaochi never used the work phone to contact her again. He would directly call Su Bei’s personal number or sometimes found her via Mr. Qin.

But there were exceptions: on Su Bei’s birthday and every important holiday, Lin Shaochi would send her celebratory message to the work phone. Such as ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ or even ‘Happy Valentine.’ At first, Su Bei thought it was a batch message sent to all Lin Shaochi’s contacts. Later, she knew by accident that the phone Lin Shaochi used to communicate with [Q] only had her work number saved in the contact.

It turned out that there were so many obvious clues, but Su Bei instinctively ignored them. In other words, Lin Shaochi concealed himself so well that Su Bei always saw him as a gentle and kind elder brother.

Su Bei rubbed her head furiously and buried her face into the bed. Her mind was in total chaos now.

Suddenly, there was a light knock on the door. It must be Mr. Qin, who had just back.


“Are you asleep?”

“Not yet. Dad, come in.”

Mr. Qin entered Su Bei’s room and saw his daughter cuddled up on the bed.

Qin Shao: “What’s the matter? Are you in a bad mood?”

“No.” Su Bei walked over and hugged Mr. Qin.

Qin Shao was slightly stunned. Since Su Bei entered university, she rarely was this sticky.

“Did something make you upset?”


Su Bei didn’t dare to tell Mr. Qin about Lin Shaochi’s confession today. She was sure that if she had said it, Mr. Qin would immediately go to beat Lin Shaochi to death.

“It’s just that there is a problem that I cannot figure out temporarily.” Su Bei whispered: “Well, it’s not that serious.”

Seeing his daughter didn’t want to say, Qin Shao felt helpless. Having raised Su Bei and Su Xiaobao for four years, he knew very well the character of his two children. Judging from Su Bei’s expression, Mr. Qin knew that the matter that troubled her was really not serious, so he felt relieved.

It’s just…

Mr. Qin sighed inwardly: His daughter really has grown up, and sometimes, it was really hard to guess her thoughts.

“No matter what it is, you can always tell Dad anytime.”

“Yeah.” Su Bei nodded.

“Dad, you should go back and sleep. You are not allowed to work in the study until late.”

Before, Mr. Qin strictly supervised the twins’ bedtime. But now, it was Su Bei’s turn to supervise Mr. Qin.

Mr. Qin chuckled: “Alright. Good night”

“Good night, Dad.”

After Mr. Qin left, Su Bei waited for a while before taking out her mobile phone. When she was talking with Lin Shaochi today, she noticed the tension and loss from the man’s expression, and was also shocked by his bloodshot eyes.

Su Bei didn’t know that Lin Shaochi eyes were so red not only because he was so worried about her safety, but also because he didn’t sleep last night.

Just thinking of Lin Shaochi’s state at the time, Su Bei felt an odd discomfort. Of course she didn’t dislike Lin Shaochi. Even after he confessed to her, she ran away just because she was so shocked and didn’t know how to react.

After thinking for a long time, Su Bei took out her phone and sent a message to Lin Shaochi: [Brother Lin, give me time to think about today’s matter.]


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  1. I had really conflicting thoughts about the ML but it was a bit obvious that it would be LS

  2. So he never actually tried to distance himself from the 14 year old…. Bruhhhh this kinda feels like grooming.

  3. Yea the shock factor… you can’t just jump out and do that. He’s lucky she probably does like him a little, is very very mature, and doesn’t really have anyone else that matches (that has been introduced).

  4. So, now that Xiaobei his feelimgs and looked back on their previous moments, he didn’t try to distance himself to her. Just pretended to be like a kind older brother but has fantacies of young MC. Thank God MC is not an easy target and didn’t fall for his actions before because otherwise he might not control himself. Gonna drop this :<<<

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