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Translating Web Novel

My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch 96 Part 2 – Are You Stupid? (II)

Thanks to the enlightenment from her single dog roommate, Su Bei finally calmed down. But the situation was the complete opposite at Lin Shaochi’s side.

In the bar.

Wang Chen glanced at his friend with a headache—this was the third time this week Lin Shaochi called him out to ‘have a drink.’

The previous few times might be because of depression, but what was this time?

Wang Chen pondered. Judging from their years of acquaintance, when Lin Shaochi looked okay on the surface but fell into a heavy bout of drinking as soon as he got the alcohol, it meant that his condition was quite severe.

“What? You failed to confess to that girl?” Wang Chen purposefully used a casual and joking tone to question Lin Shaochi.

Lin Shaochi’s hand on the wine glass shook, and a bitterness flashed through his eyes. “More or less.”

Wang Chen: “What do you mean?” Was there any degree of failure in confessing?

Wang Chen: “Did you confess to her directly?”

Lin Shaochi nodded.

“Uh, then what was her reply? Still wants to play freely and don’t want to have a relationship for the time being? Or she just treated you as an elder brother and has no other feelings?”

“No, she asked me to give her time to think about it.”

“Huh?” Wang Chen’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“Lin Shaochi, are you stupid?”

“When did she say that she rejected you?!” Seeing Lin Shaochi’s utterly dejected and despaired look, he thought that his friend was rejected harshly.

“What do you mean?” Lin Shaochi stared at Wang Chen.

There was some sympathy in Wang Chen’s eyes: “You are so silly. Since the girl said that she wants to think about it, of course she meant to think about whether to accept your confession or not, ah.”

“And, didn’t I tell you before? You cannot confess so suddenly. You have to test the girl’s attitude and give her some buffer time. Why don’t you understand?” Wang Chen initially thought that with Lin Shaochi’s high IQ and his endurance over so many years, he must at least come out with a definitive plan to chase Su Bei step by step. Unexpectedly, this guy was so anxious and impatient.

In recent years, because of Lin Shaochi, although Wang Chen had never meet Su Bei, he had a very good impression of this little girl. Through Lin Shaochi’s numerous descriptions, Wang Chen believed that Su Bei should be a smart and decisive girl.

If such a girl really couldn’t accept Lin Shaochi’s confession, she would definitely reject him firmly. Since she was willing to think about it, it showed that Su Bei was seriously considering Lin Shaochi’s confession.

Hearing this, Lin Shaochi’s expression brightened: “Really?”

“What nonsense. Even if you don’t believe in your charm, you have to believe in your own eyes. Su Bei is a good girl.” Having said this, Wang Chen actually was a little envious of his friend.

It was not easy to find someone who could make your heartbeat but was also worthy of your love.

Moreover, Wang Chen also had another thought that he didn’t dare to say: As an excellent psychologist, he had a strong hunch that Su Bei might agree to Lin Shaochi’s confession.

“What are you doing?” Seeing Lin Shaochi suddenly got up, Wang Chen hurriedly pulled him back.

“Go to B University .” Lin Shaochi couldn’t wait to verify with Su Bei.

“You…” Did this f***ing fool got alcohol clogged his brain, or did he actually followed the principle ‘those who are in love all have negative IQ’? Even Lin Shaochi, the usually calm and rational businessman, was not immune.

“Should I remind you that it’s 1 a.m. now?” Wang Chen said slowly. “Also, even if you want to verify, wait until you sobered up. If you go in this state, aren’t you afraid that she might directly reject you and put your name on a blacklist?”

Lin Shaochi did drink too much last night, and when he woke up the next day, he secretly reflected on his impulse yesterday.

Lin Shaochi hesitated for a long time, holding a phone in his hand.

At her room in the campus dorm, Su Bei had just woken up when she received a call from Lin Shaochi.

“Brother Lin?”

“Are you sleeping?” A gentle and magnetic voice came from the receiver, making Su Bei stunned for a moment and throbbed her heart slightly.

As Li Fei said, Su Bei was too preconceived with their original relationship, so she never noticed anything odd with Lin Shaochi’s performance. After removing the barrier, she saw that Lin Shaochi’s attitude towards her clearly exceeded the scope of a brotherly figure.

“Yeah, I just woke up.” Su Bei subconsciously lowered her voice.

Lin Shaochi: “Are you going to sleep again?”

Su Bei: “No, I’m getting up.”

Su Bei noticed that Lin Shaochi seemed to pause for a while. He finally said: “That day, when Xiaobei said that you need time to think, were you considering to accept my confession or not?”

“Yes.” Otherwise, what did Lin Shaochi think she was talking about?

Su Bei suddenly laughed. She buried her head on the pillow and said to the phone: “Brother Lin, I’ve made up my mind.”


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My Whole Family are Villains
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