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Translating Web Novel

My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch 97 Part 1 – Lin Shaochi (I)

“Xiao Bei?” Lin Shaochi felt his heart beating like a drum.


“I’ve thought about it——we can try.” Su Bei’s voice was very small.

But Lin Shaochi still heard it.

Without waiting for the other party to speak, Su Bei continued: “I don’t know if my feeling for you is considered to be romantic, um, I mean, the same kind of liking you have for me.”

After all, Lin Shaochi was the person she always regarded as an elder brother. Su Bei herself didn’t know for sure whether her liking for him was that of a brother figure or something else.

“But I don’t hate you.” At least, after Su Bei knew Lin Shaochi’s feelings, she only felt surprised, not disgusted.

“So, let’s have a try.”

Su Bei could probably understand why Lin Shaochi developed romantic feelings towards her. After all, her soul had lived in another world for four years. Although Su Bei at that time spent most of her time lying in a hospital bed, her mentality still grew with her age. Four years ago, when Lin Shaochi was 20 years old, it wasn’t impossible for him to have a good impression of ’18-year-old’ her.

After Su Bei spoke, she didn’t hear a reply from the other side, and began to feel a bit nervous.

“Brother Lin?”

“Good.” Lin Shaochi’s voice was a little hoarse. If Su Bei listened carefully, she probably would know that the young man was suppressing his excitement.

Su Bei: “Um, but let me say this clearly. We are only trying it first. I don’t know what it is to fall in love with somebody, so let’s take it easy, okay? Give me a little time to adapt.”

Lin Shaochi: “Okay.”

Su Bei: “I still have to study, so I may not be able to accompany you every day like other girlfriends.”

Lin Shaochi: “It’s okay.” He could go to her place.

Su Bei: “Also, don’t let my Dad know.”

Lin Shaochi: “Okay.”

At this moment, Lin Shaochi’s excitement was beyond words. No matter what Su Bei said, he would agree without thinking.

“Is there any more?” Lin Shaochi’s gentle voice rang again, but it was filled with excitement that was hard to ignore.

“Yes.” After a pause, Su Bei said again: “If, I mean, if I still can’t change my previous impression towards you, or if in the end, I can only treat you as a brother, please don’t…”

“Don’t worry.” Lin Shaochi hurriedly said. “If you want our relationship to return to the way it was before, I will. You can ask me anytime.” To make his beloved feel at ease, Lin Shaochi made this promise promptly. However, he definitely wouldn’t let the ‘if’ scenario happened.

Fortunately, Su Bei couldn’t see the light in Lin Shaochi’s eyes at this moment. Otherwise, she probably would regret her decision on the spot.

“Xiaobei.” Lin Shaochi’s voice was low and magnetic.

Su Bei’s ears suddenly felt hot: “I’m going to class. You can call me later.” She quickly hung up.

At the other end, Lin Shaochi smiled while holding the phone. If any of his subordinates were present, they would find their Chairman looked so happy while smiling stupidly at his phone.

In the end, Su Bei didn’t receive any phone call from Lin Shaochi. Instead, the young man directly came to her campus and brought her a pile of gifts.

“What are these?”

“Gifts, for you.” Lin Shaochi chuckled lightly.

Su Bei: “…”

She knew these were gifts. She could see that each one was packed very exquisitely. What she wanted to ask was why there were so many of them! She wondered whether Lin Shaochi was going to open a wholesale gift store or whether sending ‘a pile of gifts’ was currently popular on the internet.

However, this ‘surprise’ actually alleviated Su Bei’s tension and nervousness when meeting Lin Shaochi again.

Without waiting for Su Bei to ask again, Lin Shaochi already spoke: “These are four years’ worth of gifts.”

In these four years, every birthday or other festival, Lin Shaochi would choose gifts suitable of his ‘elder brother’ identity for Su Bei and Su Xiaobao. However, he secretly couldn’t help but prepare another gift, a gift for the girl he liked, a gift he thought would be buried in his heart forever and could never be given out. Not only birthdays but also Chinese Valentine Days, Western Valentine Days—Lin Shaochi never forgot. This was his secret. Even Wang Chen, his former psychologist, didn’t know about it.

Of course Lin Shaochi knew that it was quite silly to give Su Bei all of these at once. But he couldn’t help but want her to know his feelings.

Su Bei stared at Lin Shaochi in surprise.

“Do you want to have a look?” Lin Shaochi asked a little nervously.

“Okay.” Su Bei casually opened a box and saw a beautiful bracelet with a blue-purple lisianthus flower pendant.

“So beautiful!” Her eyes lit up.

“Why didn’t you give it to me before?”

Lin Shaochi smiled: “Are you sure you dare to receive it if I send it before?”

Su Bei: “…” This was indeed the case——the meaning of this kind of gift was too obvious to see.

“Do you like it?” Lin Shaochi asked. But from the smile on Su Bei’s face, he already knew the answer.


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My Whole Family are Villains
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