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MWFV Ch 99 Part 2 – Hello, Uncle (II)

Unknown to Lin Shaochi, his efforts over these past few years actually gained him a good impression from Su Xiaobao. Every time Lin Shaochi sent a gift for Su Bei, he prepared one for Su Xiaobao. And whenever he took Su Bei to eat, he also took Su Xiaobao along. These actions secretly reduced one formidable enemy.

“But in the future, you should come home early. Don’t go out with Brother Lin too late, and don’t stay too long with him either.” Su Xiaobao couldn’t help but reminded Su Bei.


Su Xiaobao: “No why. It’s for your own safety.”

Su Bei couldn’t help but smile: “I’m with Lin Shaochi. Why is it unsafe?”

Su Xiaobao frowned, “You don’t understand.”

Su Bei smacked Su Xiaobao’s head: “I don’t understand, but you understand?”

Su Xiaobao: “Anyway, I understand better than you.”

Lin Shaochi passed Su Xiaobao’s approval, but it wasn’t that easy with Mr. Qin.

Qin Shao couldn’t bear getting angry at his daughter, so he poured all his anger at Lin Shaochi and began to ‘torture’ the young man at work.

For example, one of Qin Group and Lin Group’s joint projects was an overseas new energy development. Mr. Qin said: “There is a problem with the project and the local partner is dissatisfied,” and directly sent Chairman Lin to Iceland for half a month.

In addition, Mr. Qin also criticized several existing joint projects and directly stated that he would not cooperate with Lin Group on some upcoming projects.

What happened with Qin and Lin? Many people were confused.

In recent years, the two companies had been cooperating very well. Why it seemed that Qin Group was suddenly suppressing Lin Group?

Could it be that they were going to break off?

Some people began to wait for the two companies to ‘fight’ and see how the prosperous NST Company fell into an awkward situation. However, they waited and waited, but the news they wanted never came.

Qin and Lin’s previous joint projects, including NST Company, were still operating normally. Moreover, Qin Group still invested in the projects proposed by the Lin Group. However, their terms and conditions had become more stringent than ever.

Regardless of the harsh terms Qin Group demanded, Lin Group always chose Qin Group as the main partner and didn’t consider others.

However, these were in the future.

After returning from the business trip to Iceland, Lin Shaochi returned to his company and was busy solving various problems. After being rejected three times at Qin Group’s door, he finally met Mr. Qin.

When Lin Shaochi saw Mr. Qin, the first thing that came out of his mouth was: “Hello, Uncle.”

Chen De was also nearby. As soon as Lin Shaochi called Mr. Qin’s ‘Uncle,’ Chen De clearly saw blue veins on his boss’ temples.

——This Lin Shaochi really has a gut. Knowing that Mr. Qin is still fuming, he dares to call this way.

However, Chen De could understand Lin Shaochi’s intention. This young man was clearly ready to fight a ‘prolonged war’ with Mr. Qin.

“Does Chairman Lin has the habit of recognizing relatives randomly?” Mr. Qin glared coldly.

If someone else was glared at by Mr. Qin like this, they would be so scared that their limbs became jelly. However, Lin Shaochi didn’t falter. He was determined to make his future father-in-law accept him.

“I’m serious about Xiaobei.” Lin Shaochi said sincerely towards Mr. Qin.

Whether Lin Shaochi was serious or not, Mr. Qin naturally could see. But whenever he thought how this damned guy dared to cheat his daughter under his nose, Mr. Qin was furious.

More importantly, when did he begin to have that kind of thought of Xiaobei?

Qin Shao did not ask. A particularly strong hunch made him think that if asked and Lin Shaochi answered truthfully, the answer would only anger himself to death.

“You hid your intention from me, approaching Xiaobei as an elder brother, letting her get used to your existence, and then using her trust and dependence to make her agree to be with you. Do you think this is a proper thing to do?”

Lin Shaochi didn’t expect Mr. Qin to see the whole thing so clearly. For a moment, he was stunned: Although in the beginning, he did intend to suppress his feelings towards Su Bei, what Mr. Qin said was not wrong.

“I’m sorry. It’s indeed my lack of consideration.” On the one hand, he didn’t give Su Bei enough time to adapt. On the other hand, he also did it wrong by hiding the fact from Su Bei’s father.

Lin Shaochi took all the responsibilities on himself and didn’t mention a word about Su Bei’s request to keep their relationship secret from Mr. Qin.

“I will give Xiaobei enough time and room to adapt and consider carefully about her feelings for me. If she doesn’t like me, I won’t put any pressure on her.”

“I promise that won’t hurt her, nor will I let her meet any mishaps……”

Lin Shaochi gave his most sincere promise. But unfortunately, Mr. Qin still refused to show him a good face.

“Do you think Xiaobei, as the daughter of my Qin family, needs your so-called promise?” Mr. Qin said sharply. His cold glare fell on Lin Shaochi, and he finally gave the young man an ultimatum: “As Xiaobei’s father, I hope you won’t disturb my daughter again.”

Lin Shaochi: “…”

Chen De sighed from the side: Chairman Lin surely doesn’t have it easy.


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  1. If Papa Qin stands between Su Bei and Lin Shaochi, he’s just going to make her choose between them and either loose his relationship with Su Bei or make Su Bei sad. Rather than forbidding the relationship, it’s better to just set conditions. That way the couple still has hope, and doesn’t hate Papa Qin.

  2. Yaaaas. Scold him for us Mr. Qin. He’s been worming his way to xiaobei’s heart when she was still a underaged. Yes to chaperoned dates. Lol.

  3. I mean, it’s cuuuuute, but only because I know she was already too old mentally to be groomed when they met and because the age gap is fine now.

    The behaviour leading up to this was still really creepy. I’m going to keep saying that.

  4. Dad Qin 4 years ago: That Xie brat is really immature so I’m gonna introduce my daughter to Lin Shaochi, a REAL successful young man.

    Dad Qin Now: …

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