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MWFV Extra 1 Part 1 – Xiaobei and Xiaobao’s Previous Life (I)

N city in Hongxing county was just a small and unremarkable county seat in a remote area. Three months ago, the movie crew of ‘Black and White Dream’ came here to filming, and now getting near to finish.

The sun was almost set, and today’s filming was over. All the actors had left or returned to their lounges, leaving the local crew to put all the props away and do the cleaning.

This local crew was recruited from the local gangsters. Although they were a group of crooked guys, their wages were cheaper, and there was also a reliable leader in this group who could control his men well, so the director team was also assured.

“Changzi, Dagou, be careful. Those things are not cheap!”

“Hehe, okay.”

A group of people quickly gathered all the props and walked towards a young man: “Brother Bao, we are finished. Take a look.”

The young man walked over to check. He was a very handsome youth with an outstanding profile. But when looked up close, he walked lamely, which was truly regrettable.

“Alright, today’s work is finished.”


“Right, Brother Bao, didn’t we help a bar at Huangchao a few days ago? Just now, Brother Gui sent people to ask us for another help tonight.”

The young man called Brother Bao lowered his eyes: “You guys can go. But I still need to stay here for a bit. When you are at other people’s place, behave. Don’t let a little alcohol takes your head and make you think that the entire Hongxing County belongs to you.”

“Brother Bao, don’t worry. We brothers know how to behave.” The guys said with a smile. “But Brother Bao, are you really not going with us?”

“No, I have some business to do.”

“Oh, business, huh? Are you going to have fun with a girl?” Their Brother Bao was handsome, smart, and could fight hard. The number of girls who liked him could fill the entire county seat. But Brother Bao never gave those girls a glance, and even said that dating was just a waste of money.


“Haha, we are going now. Brother Bao, see you tomorrow.”

After his men were left, Su Xiaobao checked the venue once again before turning and walked towards the actor’s lounge.

Today was February 24. In three days, it would be the 27th, his and Xiaobei’s birthday. Su Xiaobao wanted to give his younger sister a birthday present.

Su Xiaobao has always wanted to buy the piano for Xiaobei. Xiaobei went to college and usually did a part-time job teaching music and dancing to elementary and junior high school students. Although piano was not her major, Xiaobao knew that Xiaobei liked it very much. Even her teacher also said that she was very talented in piano.

Last week, Su Xiaobao took the money he saved by doing various odd jobs and went to a piano shop in the city. Unfortunately, apart from the cheapest models for beginners, Su Xiaobao couldn’t afford even a slightly better piano.

Su Xiaobao heard from the director group that the filming here was about to end. The female lead of this movie was a pianist. Because the actress who played the female lead was dissatisfied with the piano prepared by the prop team, when she came to N City, she let her assistant buy another piano, which was of high quality.

Su Xiaobao arrived in front of the lead actress’s private lounge and knocked on the door.

A voice answered lazily: “Come in.”

“Hello, Miss Song.”

Song Xinyi initially thought it was her assistant who came, but she didn’t expect to hear an unfamiliar voice. When she turned her head and saw Su Xiaobao’s face, Song Xinyi was stunned for a moment—this crew was really handsome. Even more handsome than the male artists she had worked with before.

However, remembering that this person was just a gangster, Song Xinyi immediately became unhappy. Especially because of his face, which was very similar to a person she hated so much.

“What are you doing here?”

“Miss Song, I heard from the crew that the filming here is almost over. I would like to ask if the piano used on the scene is going to be taken away. If you don’t take it away, I hope you can resell it cheaper to me.”

Su Xiaobao’s words made Song Xinyi frowned. She was not short of money and had thrown the piano away after shooting the necessary scenes. However, thinking about another person touching the piano she once used, Song Xinyi felt disgusted.

Seeing Song Xinyi’s unpleasant face, Su Xiaobao’s heart sank, but he refused to give up: “It’s for my younger sister. She likes playing piano, and she is also Miss Song’s fans.”

As a national idol, Song Xinyi had appeared in many media over the years. Her persona was of an inspirational girl next door. Su Bei always said that watching Song Xinyi’s drama made her full of hope for the future and fueled her desire to work hard.

“I think if my sister knows that the piano was once used by her idol, she will be very happy and will cherish it very much.”

“There is 30,000 yuan in this card. I don’t know whether it is enough. If not enough, I will ask for advance wages to the director team tomorrow and transfer the rest to Miss Song.”

For an unknown reason, seeing the young gangster’s proud and loving eyes when talking about his ‘younger sister,’ Song Xinyi suddenly felt a strong discomfort. She was even more unhappy when thinking that a mere little fan dared to want to use the idol’s piano.

Seeing the young gangster wanted to come forward, Song Xinyi stepped back and said with disgust: “Stop! Did I allow you to come in?”

Su Xiaobao stopped in place, confused.

At this moment, Song Xinyi’s assistant just came in. Seeing this scene, she asked bewilderedly: “Xinyi, what’s happen?”

Song Xinyi didn’t want to admit that she was temporarily stunned by a small gangster’s handsome face and even listen to his talk for a long time. She pointed to Su Xiaobao and said to the assistant: “This person is trying to harass me. Quickly throw him out.”

Afterward, Su Xiaobao and the gang he brought were fired by the director team.

“I didn’t do any harassment and didn’t try to do anything to Miss Song. There are monitoring cameras there. You can watch it. Why do you fire us? And why do you even refuse to pay our previous wages?!” Su Xiaobao asked the director.

“There is no need to watch the monitoring, and you should forget your wages. Let me advise you, don’t make trouble and quickly take your people out of here.”


Su Xiaobao grabbed the director’s fat body, who was frightened by his scary glare.

“Eh, eh, eh! I told you to not mess around! And it’s not my doing anyway. Someone wants to teach you a lesson, and it’s useless even if you threaten me.”

The person who wanted to teach Su Xiaobao a lesson was their movie’s golden sponsor, a person that definitely shouldn’t be offended.

Not long after leaving the crew, Su Xiaobao was arrested by the police. The reason for this arrest turned out to be r*pe attempt!


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Happy end, I promise!! 😭 😭 😭

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  1. Nooo this is so sad to read about! Anyways, thank you so much for translating this awesome novel

  2. What the heck… Is it cause she was like ‘omg he’s hot. Wait he can’t be hot is he’s low class. He should get out of my sight before I fall for him. It’s all his fault.’
    Many thanks

  3. In the end she deserved what happened to her family in the rebirth timeline. If you didn’t want your fans, say it out loud! I guess there is no laws because they have wealth and power. ಠ_ಠ

  4. The Song’s really are the absolute worst. I just wish our poor Xiaobao had talked to the director or set people and not that nasty girl.

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