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MWFV Extra 1 Part 2 – Xiaobei and Xiaobao’s Previous Life (II)

A few days later, it was February 27. Early in the morning, Su Bei already started preparing. It took several bus rides from the campus to her hometown, so it was almost evening when Su Bei finally arrived at the county seat.

Su Bei went to the bar where Su Xiaobao worked. As soon as she arrived at the door, she saw two acquaintances.

“Brother Dagou, Brother Houzi. Where is my big brother? Is he inside?” Su Bei asked them.

The two men looked dispirited. Upon seeing Su Bei, their complexion became worse.

“What’s the matter?” Su Bei asked. She felt the atmosphere was very wrong.

“Xiaobei, Brother Bao was arrested by the police.”

Su Bei’s face instantly paled: “What?! How can it be true!”

“It’s true. Brother Bao seems to offend some big man. He was arrested on r*pe attempt. Brother Bao forbade us from informing you.”

Su Bei’s legs softened. The thing she held in her hands fell to the ground with a loud bang.

This was the cake Su Bei made for their birthday and a pair of shoes she bought for Su Xiaobao with the money she earned doing part-time jobs. From the campus to here, dozens of kilometers away, Su Bei carefully held the cake as to not be damaged by the bumps on the road.

But at this moment, the cake fell to the ground. From the remaining mess, one could see two human-shaped decorations on the cake. One in a skirt, one in a suit. One was her, and one was Su Xiaobao.

Su Bei took a leave of absence from the college. She went to the police station where Su Xiaobao was taken away, but she wasn’t even allowed to see her brother.

She took out all their savings, sold everything that could be sold from their old home, and tried to find a lawyer with the money, but no one was willing to take Su Xiaobao’s case.

After a few weeks, Su Bei finally got a piece of information: It was Song Xinyi’s father, the chairman of the Song Group, who sued Su Xiaobao. The directors and the crew on the scene also testified against Su Xiaobao.

Su Xiaobao never left N City. Even if he became a gangster, he always avoided conflict with others as much as possible. How could he offend such a big man?

Some students in Su Bei’s college had some connection to the entertainment circle, and one person even already began to work. Through the introduction of those students, Su Bei finally got a chance to go as an escort to a banquet hosted by Song Entertainment.

When the day arrived, Su Bei carefully put on an appropriate dress and makeup. She wanted to leave a good impression and persuaded Chairman Song that Su Xiaobao couldn’t possibly commit a crime, and there must be a misunderstanding here.

Su Bei had done meticulous research on the internet before. At the banquet, she recognized Chairman Song’s assistant. She approached the man and told him the outline of the matter.

The assistant looked at Su Bei with a weird expression, but told her to wait for a while.

Soon, Su Bei was taken to an empty reception room. Sitting alone in the room, Su Bei was nervous, but there was a firm determination in her eyes.

Su Bei repeatedly rehearsed what she was going to say to Chairman Song:

Hello, Chairman Song, I am Su Xiaobao’s sister, and my name is Su Bei.

I’m finding you today because I want to tell you that Su Xiaobao isn’t a person who can commit a crime. Although in the eyes of outsiders he might not be a good person, he always has good conduct. It’s absolutely impossible for him to do that kind of thing. Please believe us.

There must be a misunderstanding. Can you please give us another opportunity to explain?

If Su Xiaobao unintentionally offended you or your daughter, we apologize to you.

At this moment, the door finally opened.

Su Bei tidied her appearance, got up from the sofa, and turned at the door. However, instead of Song Group’s Chairman Song Yancheng, she saw a fat middle-aged man entering the room.

Su Bei recognized this person: “Hello, are you the director of ‘Black and White Dream’? I would like to ask about Chairman Song…”

“Chairman Song is busy with today’s banquet and has no time to see you. But it’s okay. If you need help, I can do it for you.” Director Ou looked at the beautiful yet nervous-looking young girl, and a vulgar smile flashed through his eyes.

At this moment, Su Bei was overwhelmed with worry and didn’t notice it.

“Director Ou, I am Su Xiaobao’s younger sister. My name is Su Bei.”

“So your name is Su Bei? What a good name.”

“I heard that you are also there when Su Xiaobao was accused on the set. It must be a misunderstanding. Su Xiaobao isn’t…”

“Little girl, wait a moment.” Director Ou interrupted Su Bei’s words: “It’s not convenient to discuss this matter here. Let’s go to my villa. No one will bother us there, and you will definitely like the place.”

Seeing the man approaching, Su Bei’s face paled. She immediately jumped out of the sofa and stepped backward.

“Director Ou, I think I’d better talk to Chairman Song directly.” Su Bei’s voice was trembling, but she tried to stay calm.

Su Bei wanted to escape, but before she could run to the door, she suddenly felt dizzy and fell on the floor. The moment she fell, Su Bei’s eyes caught the half-drink glass of lemonade brought by a waiter earlier.

Seeing the ‘drink’ finally showed its effect, Ou Chi completely removed his pretense, and sneered lewdly at Su Bei. His face was disgusting: “Hah, Chairman Song wants to deal with your brother, why do you think he will listen to you? Moreover, Chairman Song is so busy. He doesn’t have time to take care of a small escort like you. Obediently go back with me and let me enjoy. If I am happy enough, maybe I will let you go to the prison to see your little gangster brother.”

Listening to Ou Chi’s words, Su Bei’s pupils dilated. So everything was deliberately planned!

Why! What did they do wrong? Why do they have to be treated like this?

Who can save them, save Xiaobao…

Just before her consciousness disappeared, Su Bei saw Ou Chi walking towards her with a lewd smile…


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Author’s note:

I almost cried several times when writing this chapter. In fact, Xiaobao is the older brother, and Xiaobei is the younger sister. The reason why Su Bei insists on being the older sister in this life is because she doesn’t want Xiaobao to sacrifice too much for her as an older brother again.

—As an older brother, you protect me before. In this life, I will be your older sister, and I will protect you.

PS: Be sure to read the next chapter. It’s a happy end!

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  1. Truly don’t know why the good for nothing father Song is the ML, he helps frame an innocent man and can’t even raise his daughter properly. I mean look at how she turned out. A b*tch that randomly hates a guy because even though he is poor, he is hot. Truly disgusting

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