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MWFV Extra 2 Part 1 – Daddy Qin in Another World (I)

Qin Hospital, VVIP private room.

Mr. Qin suddenly opened his eyes.

“Sir, you wake up.” Chen De’s voice came from the side.

Qin Shao nodded and asked subconsciously: “Where are Xiaobei and Xiaobao?”

Chen De was taken aback: “Sir, what are you saying? Xiaobei, Xiaobao?”

At this time, Mr. Qin finally recovered from the dream: Here is not that world. In this world, Xiaobei and Xiaobao didn’t come to find him.

Qin Shao didn’t know how long he was in a coma. During this period, he experienced a long, long dream. It was started a few years ago, with the sudden appearance of two dirty children calling him ‘Dad,’ followed by their daily life and eventually getting closer as a family. He saw his children entering high school and going to college, he reluctantly sent his daughter to get married, had dinner with his son’s future parents-in-law…

His life there was full of happiness and fulfillment. Recalling the memory, a smile flashed on Mr. Qin’s eyes.

But the next second, he frowned deeply.

“Chen De.”

“Yes, Sir?”

“Find two children as soon as possible. They are nineteen years old. The girl’s name is Su Bei, the boy is Su Xiaobao. Spare no effort.”

“I understand.”

Chen De was about to ask for more details, but before he could open his mouth, he saw Mr. Qin pulled out the infusion needle from his hand and got up from the bed.

Chen De was surprised: “Sir, you…”

Qin Shao: “I’m going to N City in Hongxing County. Make arrangements right now.”

Chen De: “Sir, you want to go in person? But your treatment is still…”

Hearing the word ‘treatment,’ Mr. Qin suddenly smiled coldly: “If I continue receiving treatment here, my life will soon be gone.”

“Check the origin of the medicine and the people in this hospital. Song Yancheng is behind them.”

With the memory of that life, Qin Shao knew that Song Yancheng had planted his people here. Although Qin Shao was heavily injured in that attack, the reason why his condition hadn’t gotten better over the years was that Song Yancheng secretly tampered with his treatment.

Even the attack itself was orchestrated by Song Yancheng.

Chen De’s complexion suddenly changed. Although he never thought that Song Yancheng dared to do this far, he didn’t dare to doubt Mr. Qin’s judgment.

“I’ll investigate it right away.” Chen De replied seriously. Afterward, he immediately arranged the trip to Hongxing County for Mr. Qin. Although he didn’t know why his boss suddenly made this decision, he didn’t dare to dissuade.

Prior to his departure, Mr. Qin delegated the task of investigating Song Group to Chen De: “Investigate carefully. When I come back, I want to know all the details of Song Group’s capital flow, including the hidden ones. I also want to know all the things Song Yancheng did over the years, as well as the people he made contacts with.”

“Don’t worry, Sir. I will do it well.”

Mr. Qin provided Chen De with some information. This information was truly shocking. Who ever imagined that the glamorous Song Group actually did so many illegal things in secret?

Is Mr. Qin finally ready to attack Song Group?

Chen De guessed so. In the past two years, because of Mr. Qin’s recuperation, Qin Group was indeed much lower-key than before. But it didn’t mean that they were already defeated.

After arriving in Hongxing County, Qin Shao used the memory of that world to find Su Bei and Su Xiaobao’s old house. Compared to his dream, this house looked even older. However, it was very clean, with signs of the twins living here everywhere.

Unfortunately, Mr. Qin did not find his children.

A message came from Chen De. “Sir, I found the children you are looking for…” However, their situation was not good.

The boy named Su Xiaobao was sued by Song Yancheng and sent to prison, while they found out that the girl named Su Bei was attending a banquet hosted by Song Entertainment.

When Su Bei woke up, she was already in a remote villa. She opened her eyes to see Ou Chi’s disgusting and lecherous face.

Su Bei wanted to escape, but her drugged body was not Ou Chi’s opponent.

Ou Chi obviously enjoyed the process of driving the girl crazy. Watching Su Bei’s struggle in panic, his face was full of disgusting excitement.

The gradual loss of strength in her body caused Su Bei to fall into despair. Her consciousness began to fade, and her vision blurred.

Right before Ou Chi reached Su Bei, a loud “bang!” suddenly sounded, and his fat body was kicked to the side.


Before Ou Chi could react, several professional bodyguards had pressed him on the floor.

“Take him away.” An icy voice commanded. These three words sentenced Ou Chi to a life worse than death.

Qin Shao looked at the girl in front of him. He also saw a very similar scene in his dream: Su Bei curled up in the corner, hugging herself so tightly. Even though she was so scared that her whole body was shaking, she refused to make a sound.

It was the so similar to the campus violence Su Bei once suffered.

During her struggle, Su Bei’s clothes were torn in many places. All kinds of bruises and scratches on her arms showed what kind of torture she experienced just a moment before.

At this moment, Qin Shao’s heart was broken into pieces: This is his most beloved daughter, the child he regarded as his most precious treasure. She should be the little princess growing up in the palm of his hand. But now, what kind of darkness and despair did she experience in the place he couldn’t see?

Qin Shao’s eyes reddened. He was so angry that he wanted to kill people.

Su Bei didn’t know what was happening. Her senses were dulled, and her consciousness was extremely hazy. She seemed to feel someone approaching. The next moment, a piece of warm jacket seemed to wrap her body.

Even though Qin Shao’s movements were very careful, when Su Bei felt someone hugged her, she immediately struggled hard. The girl let out a heartbreaking scream. She was totally in a state of chaos.

Qin Shao knew his daughter well. If not for feeling total despair, Su Bei would never waste her energy screaming uselessly.

With utmost heartache, Qin Shao hugged his distraught and collapsing daughter in his arms.

“Don’t be afraid, Xiaobei. It’s Dad.” Qin Shao kept talking in Su Bei’s ear, trying to comfort the girl who was still struggling in despair.


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13 thoughts on “MWFV Extra 2 Part 1 – Daddy Qin in Another World (I)”

  1. Still sad tbh. Don’t really like ending with these what if scenarios. Hopefully it ends with Xiaobao’s marriagein the actual timeline

  2. I’m so sad, like if Papa Qin did not have his older memories, I’m too scared to think of the consequences

  3. This is actually a pretty interesting turn haha, so dad Qin actually cane to this world at this time eh? Indeed quite interesting.

    Oh seeing this does remind me we never learned Song girls fate, again she just threw a pen at Su Bei so I hope she didn’t go through something like this.

    Again I do think it’s a little bullshit they’re now good people though but whatever I guess.

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