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Translating Web Novel

My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch.12 Part 2 – Entrance Test Result (II)

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The form supervisor specially called the teachers of various subjects to grade the exam. The result was shocking. If the skipped sections were counted as full marks, then Xie Minxuan’s math exam was scored 100, while the other subjects were all above 95 points.

All the teachers already immune to Xie Minxuan’s high scores, so this was nothing. What really surprised her was the result of the other two children. Although Su Xiaobao only got a full score in maths, the scores of his other subjects were not low either, and the total score added up was one point higher than Xie Minxuan’s.

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch.3 Part 3 – Ninth Uncle (III)

Huo Changyuan has never suffered this kind of cold treatment before. His expression darkened, once again convinced that canceling the engagement with this woman was a wise decision, as to reduce the damage she may create. With a solemn face, Huo Changyuan asked, “What does eldest young miss mean? Do you have any opinion on me?”

“I’m just a weak woman, how dare I have an opinion on Marquis Jingyong?” Cheng Yujin looked at him with a smile. She stood straightly, with clear and bright eyes like the moonlight on the mountain, so noble and beautiful, a peerless beauty.

My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch.12 Part 1 – Entrance Test Result (I)

The test was conducted in the school laboratory located next to the form supervisor’s office.

Before it started, Su Bei saw a teenager appear at the door. He was very tall, about half a head shorter than the already very tall Su Xiaobao. He only wore half part of the school uniform. His upper body was wearing a T-shirt and both of his hands were inside the pockets of his school trousers. Walking in lazily, his posture was somewhat sloppy.

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch.3 Part 2 – Ninth Uncle (II)

Huo Xue-shi’s eyes turned disdainful. Their family’s second daughter dared to do such a shameful thing in secret, while the eldest daughter saw her younger sister merit and stole it. The children they brought up one after another was even more disgraceful. Where did old Madam Cheng still have the confidence to act like a respectful elder?

However, they were all women from a noble family, so she still needed to give them some face. Huo Xue-shi didn’t show the contempt on her face, but instead smiled and said to old Madam Cheng: “It’s been a while since we last meet. Old madam, how is your health these days?”

My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch.11 Part 2 – School Entrance Test (II)

Chen De’s efficiency was very high. The next day he already brought Su Bei and Su Xiaobao to Weiming Middle School.

They were personally greeted by the principal.

“Mr. Chen, please sit down. Are they the two children you want to enroll?”

After the principal welcomed them into the office, he looked at the two children next to Chen De. They were very good looking children. But, weren’t they a bit too thin?

My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch.11 Part 1 – School Entrance Test (I)

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“It’s about those children’s school…” Chen De said.

[Su Xiaobao and I are now in eight grade. When we went to find our dad, we still didn’t finish the first semester’s courses. After coming here, we still have to continue our education. So Uncle, can you please tell Dad to find us a school here?]

These were the exact words Su Bei told him that day in Jingyuan villa. Su Bei’s face when she made this request was polite and cautious, but tinged with great insistence.