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The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch.1 Part 2 – I Demand Monetary Payment (II)

Meng Qi slightly turned her head. Her eyes fell on Lu Qingran’s pale face, who was still unconscious.

She understood completely that she had been reborn. Senior sister Lu Qingran was really the darling of heaven, the harbinger of luck, the daughter of fate. No matter what happens, there will always be many kinds of powerful men who will appear just in time to save her.

For example, this time, Lu Qingran was protected by Chu Tianfeng all the time, and her injuries were not serious at all. Rather than being unconscious because of injuries, it was better to say that she fainted because of a huge shock.

On the contrary

Chu Tianfeng … Meng Qi looked at the black-clothed man whose face became paler and paler. He was a Golden Core cultivator, and ordinary poisons won’t be able to harm him. But the poison currently invading his body comes from a Devil Realm’s fifth-grade devil beast.

The cultivation levels started from Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, and finally Spirit Severing. These cultivation levels corresponded to devil beasts’ five grades. A fifth-grade beast equivalent to a Spirit Severing cultivator which was two realms higher than Chu Tianfeng, thus giving him a hard time.

Therefore, since he got poisoned, Chu Tianfeng must endure the pain of ten thousand needles day and night. It happened once every hour, a pain worse than death.

“This is …” Qingfeng Valley sect leader handed Lu Qingran over to another female disciple.

She lightly tapped her fingers and quickly diagnosing Chu Tianfeng’s poison. The sect leader’s face turned ugly. She was just a Golden Core seventh realm cultivator, and her medical skills were in third grade. This poison was out of her ability.

“Fellow Daoist Chu should return to Fentian Palace to seek for treatment.” The sect leader sighed. If she could, she was willing to cure Chu Tianfeng. If a small sect like Qingfeng Valley could have a good relationship with Fentian Palace, in the future they would definitely obtain great benefits.

Chu Tianfeng didn’t respond. His thin lips tightened, and he was obviously trying his best to fight the poison in his body. Heavy drops of sweat slipped down his handsome figure. His black robe instantly soaked in sweat.

Meng Qi stood behind the crowd and looked at Chu Tianfeng from afar. A proud young man like him would never allow themselves to show any weakness in front of others. But now, he couldn’t even go back to ask for help from Fentian Palace.

The Three Thousand Worlds was mainly occupied by human cultivators and was very large. Qingfeng Valley and Fentian Palace were separated by many mountains and sea. Even when Chu Tianfeng in perfect health, and with the help of a teleportation array between each small realm, it would still take more than ten days to reach Fentian Palace.

Moreover, the road was not safe. The Three Thousand Worlds was too big, and there were devil and mutant beasts in wild mountains. Chu Tianfeng was now heavily injured and even poisoned, unable to fly in the sky. His cultivation also temporarily suppressed into the Qi Condensation stage.

And …

Meng Qi carefully recalled her memory. She remembered that Chu Tianfeng, in order to take Lu Qingran escaped from the palm of fifth-grade devil beast, used almost all of his live-saving magic treasures. Finally, even his storage space item was destroyed by the beast. In his current situation, he has no way to contact Fentian Palace.

Meng Qi lowered her gaze and stood quietly among the crowd. The reason why she remembered so clearly was that she once experienced the same scene in her previous life. At that time, she had just entered Qingfeng Valley for half a year. As an ordinary disciple, she worked hard every day. Then Chu Tianfeng came back holding Lu Qingran but was injured and poisoned, unable to contact Fentian Palace. But no one in Qingfeng Valley was able to treat his poison.

At that time, Meng Qi was still naive. She decided to become a medical cultivator because she liked medical skills. In addition to cultivating daily like other cultivators, she also studied various medical spells and techniques in the sect’s library pavilion.

All cultivational spells and techniques in Three Thousand Worlds were divided from first to ninth grades. Above ninth grade, there were three realms of heaven, earth, and profound. And medical skill was no exception.

Meng Qi was indeed very talented in medicine. Although she had been cultivating for half a year, her cultivation progress was slow. However, in regards to medical skill, she already reached the peak of the second grade, and only needed one opportunity to break through into third-grade threshold——almost on the par with the sect leader and other elders.

Cultivating medical skills was not easy, and very different from normal cultivation. In addition to learning all kinds of medical skills, one also needed to improve their proficiency by truly refining medicine and treat patients. Only when they completed their proficiency they could break through to the next level.

Meng Qi thoroughly loved medical skills. That time, she saw how the entire sect was turned upside down, and how the young man has to endure the pain of ten thousand needles day and night.

So she came forward.

After ten days and ten nights without sleeping and resting, she finally found a way to cure Chu Tianfeng’s poison.

It’s a pity …

A strange light flashed through Meng Qi’s eyes. Her clear and cold eyes fell on Lu Qingran’s beautiful face. Only after reborn did she understand that senior sister Lu Qingran was the darling of heaven. She was destined to be loved by thousands of people, making countless men fell crazy over her. Anyone who may threaten her was destined to be miserable.

Meng Qi slightly tilted her head. At that time she spent ten days and ten nights, and finally relieved Chu Tianfeng’s poison and cured his wounds. But before she had time to be happy for her medical skill’s breakthrough, she fainted for overusing her strength.

When Meng Qi woke up, it was already the next day. She did not awaken in her small bedroom but was locked in the Qingfeng Valley’s dungeon. The dungeon has a prohibition spell set up by the sect leader and the elders. As a weak cultivator still in her Qi Condensation stage, Meng Qi has no way to free herself.

She later learned that Lu Qingran has also woken up. The first thing she did when she woke up was to tell the sect leader and Chu Tianfeng that she had seen someone wearing a uniform of Qingfeng Valley’s disciple being together with the devil beast who hurt Chu Tianfeng.

The sect leader discussed this matter with other elders. They thought that Meng Qi was just a weak cultivator in the Qi Condensation stage, and her medical cultivation skill level was only in second grade. Yet she could cure Chu Tianfeng, which is impossible. The only explanation was that she collaborated with the devil beast in advance. Pretending to detoxify, but just want to take the opportunity to climb up to Fentian Palace’s young master. So they confined her in the dungeon.

Even though she worked hard to save him…Well, although at that time she saved Chu Tianfeng was also to cultivate her medical skill. But just because of Lu Qingran’s simple words. There was no evidence, they didn’t even bother to interrogate her, but simply let Meng Qi spent three months in the dungeon.

Three months later, Meng Qi finally left the dungeon. At that time, she was still angry.
The dungeon has nothing, and it was also a place with the thinnest aura in Qingfeng Valley. No herbs, she couldn’t refine medicine. No new medical spell for her to learn. No people to train her medical skill. Both Meng Qi’s cultivation and medical skill progress was stopped for three months. Moreover, she was indeed innocent.

But only after she left the dungeon Meng Qi knew. On the night she was locked in the dungeon, the demons broke through Three Thousand Worlds’ barrier and attacked. Everywhere was in a miserable situation, and Qingfeng Valley was almost destroyed. Later, Chu Tianfeng, who had been rescued by her, came forward to turn the tide. He also brought very strong reinforcement from Fentian Palace to save the people in Qingfeng Valley. It didn’t that the sect never investigates, but they didn’t have the time.

During that period, all members of Qingfeng Valley practically received some damage, the only one left unscathed was Meng Qi who stayed inside the dungeon on the deepest part of the valley. After that, the entire Qingfeng Valley sect was merged into Fentian Palace, becoming one of the palace’s subordinates sect. This merger was not a trivial matter, the sect leader and all elders had too many things to take care of.

After all the dust had settled, the sect leader immediately asked people to investigate Meng Qi’s case. After knew that she was accused unjustly, she was immediately released. And the sect leader personally explained the reason to her. Although the sect leader trusted her own disciple. But Meng Qi, whose gift in medical skill was very good, was still very important for the sect.

Qingfeng Valley located not far from the border that separated Three Thousand Worlds with demon and devil realm. Moreover, it was a small sect. They always need to act cautiously. Meng Qi did think, as a Qi Condensation cultivator, she could detoxify the poison from fifth-grade devil beast that plagued a Golden Core cultivator. This was indeed an unimaginable feat. So, it was not entirely groundless for the sect leader to doubt her.

Not to mention that she finally knew that her sect did not intentionally let her be imprisoned for three months. Meng Qi was open-minded, and she did indeed break through the third grade of medicine skill by curing Chu Tianfeng. With this mindset, she smiled and decided to leave behind this matter.

At that time, Lu Qingran had become an honorable guest of Fentian Palace. Everyone knows that Fentian Palace’s young master liked her. But it was no wonder, after all, a Foundation Establishment cultivator dared to stand bravely in front of Chu Tianfeng to face a fifth-grade devil beast…such a girl, everyone can’t help but like her.

As for Meng Qi…probably even Chu Tianfeng had forgotten, that the one who actually spend days and nights without any sleep to cure him, and even almost attacked by the devil beast poison from his body, was the young cultivator Meng Qi from Qingfeng Valley.

Meng Qi recovered her sense from her reminiscent, and quietly observing Chu Tianfeng, who was still suffering from the poison attack.

What to do this time?

Save him?

Or not?

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The Healer Demands Payment
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