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THDP Ch.1 Part 3 – I Demand Monetary Payment (III)

When Meng Qi died in her previous life, she had already successfully formed her golden core, and her medical skill was in the peak of the fifth grade. With the previous life experience, it was even easier for her to save Chu Tianfeng now.

But she was hesitant.

Three Thousand Worlds had never been a safe place. Surrounded by demons and devils, lusted after by many kinds of beasts. There was also never have any shortage of struggles between human cultivators.

After her rebirth, Meng Qi could leave Qingfeng Valley. But she, with only Qi Condensation cultivation, could not protect herself in this Three Thousand World. So she chose to stay and cultivate diligently. Because only that way she could become strong enough to survive in this world.

Meng Qi carefully thought about the impending great change. It could be said that if not for Chu Tianfeng already cured of his poison and recovered his cultivation, then he wouldn’t be able to move in time to call for strong saviors from Fentian Palace. Then, it was almost certain that the entire Qingfeng Valley would have been destroyed. And the ending for the sect’s disciples was either captured as the demons’ slave or died without an intact corpse. At the time, when Meng Qi saved Chu Tianfeng, it was actually equivalent to saving herself.

But …

Meng Qi remembered the words she heard in her last consciousness when she died in her previous life: “Your senior sister Lu Qingran has good luck and is the heaven’s darling. Anyone who might take over her luck will be punished. How pitiful, how pitiful.”

Meng Qi didn’t know who was speaking to her. After rebirth, she repeatedly pondered over these words. When she carefully traced past events, every time she got bad luck, and even when she died at the end, were indeed seemed to be related to Lu Qingran. To be precise, every time she couldn’t help but reach out to her hands to save the men destined to love Lu Qingran in the future, then she would meet bad luck.

Was this also because of Lu Qingran’s luck? Because Meng Qi saved those people, that would probably make them feeling grateful to her instead of Lu Qingran?

“Hey …” Meng Qi was deep in her thought when she suddenly heard Lan Zhuxuan whispering to her: “How come? She is just standing in front of Fentian Palace’s young master, then got scared and fainted. In the end, she did nothing but still could get gratitude from the young master. This karmic relationship…. is really a bargain.”

Meng Qi was stupefied. She looked up at Chu Tianfeng, who was enduring this hour’s poison pain. He was in the middle of giving the sect head explanation. Chu Tianfeng’s explanation was pretty much emphasized by how Lu Qingran bravely stood in front of him. He was injured and poisoned and finally managed to take Lu Qingran to escape from the claws of a devil beast two ranks higher than his cultivation. After he finished explaining, Chu Tianfeng’s gaze fell on the pale face of the still unconscious girl. The eyes that originally cold seemed to be softened.

——She got it!

Meng Qi suddenly realized. Cultivators greatly care about the karmic relationship of cause and effect. A heart demon planted during the Qi Condensation stage might bring a future doom during the Great Ascension stage.

And so……

When Meng Qi saved the men who had a karmic relationship with Lu Qingran without asking for a reward, she took Lu Qingran’s luck. Thus she met bad luck. So she…

Meng Qi suddenly made up her mind. Chu Tianfeng must be saved. The small realm where Qingfeng Valley was located was on the Three Thousand Worlds’ eastern edge, bordering on the Demon Realm and The Devil Ream. The fifth-rank devil beast that hurts Chu Tianfeng did not appear accidentally. Without Chu Tianfeng, the entire Qingfeng Valley will be finished. Meng Qi couldn’t escape by herself. However, she can cut off the karmic ties between herself and Chu Tianfeng!

The young man’s face was still pale, painfully tasting the torments of ten thousand needles on his bones. His clothes heavy with sweat, he has never been in a more difficult situation. After being poisoned, his cultivation was suppressed, and now equivalent to Qi Condensation. In his current condition, half cultivators in Qingfeng Valley would probably be able to beat him.

As the young master of Fentian Palace, his cultivation talent was very high. His vision was also extraordinary. He knew that a fierce battle will soon arrive, so he should recover as soon as possible. But…

Looking at the entire Qingfeng Valley, the most powerful sect leader was no higher than a Golden Core cultivator. Afraid that here, no one has the ability to detoxify him. Fentian Palace was far away from here, and even his storage space item was damaged by the devil beast, so he couldn’t ask his sect for help. This time, every single thing pointed to disaster.

Of course, Chu Tianfeng would not mention his worries to the people from Qingfeng Valley. He didn’t even put the sect leader in his eyes. His gaze fell on Lu Qingran’s face. He remembered how this girl dared to stand fearlessly between him and a fifth-rank devil beast, and that even though she was so scared that her face was pale white, still she gritted her teeth and persisted.

Chu Tianfeng’s eyes became soft. He would protect Lu Qingran even if he has to risk his life. This brave girl was the most beautiful, the most kindhearted, and the purest girl he ever met…

“I can cure your poison.”

At this moment, a girl’s cold and clear voice rang from his side. The voice was a bit soft and sweet. Chu Tianfeng turned his head and saw the blue-robed Meng Qi walking out of the crowd.


He frowned at Meng Qi, who was obviously just a Qi Condensation cultivator.

Who is this woman?

Does she know how bad his poison is and how many injuries he suffered?

Is she … intentionally attracting his attention?

Chu Tianfeng frowned slightly. As the young master of Fentian Palace, such a thing was naturally not uncommon. Whether it was the disciples from Fentian Palace or the smaller affiliated sects, there would always be young and beautiful women who tried to attract his attention using various ways.

But before he could speak, he heard the girl continue: “I can cure you, but …” Meng Qi paused, her pair of big, clear eyes were looking directly at Chu Tianfeng.

She continued calmly: “I demand monetary payment.”


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  3. Isn’t it stupid? Just stand there – and even fainted without helping was a prelude to true love whatsoever? I always prefer mc with a smart ml – not asking much, just someone with a brain intact – hopefully he’s not the ml. Mc should just kill the supposed to be female protagonist in her previous life.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. I don’t think the ml is as bad as people are saying he is. I’m also happy that she isn’t obsessed with money but uses it to sever the karmic relationship, it feels better. I can see she is going to end up with a good-looking villain. I can guess that is where her karmic relationship will have her end up, that or the ml, I am excited to find out who and if she gets a romantic other. But for now, payment lol.

  5. Lmaoooo the whole time when i was reading that guys POV i was like “O mai gawwwddd stfu” *rolls eyes in most dramatic way possible” 😂

  6. I think he does have a brain but ever since meeting Lu Qingran he’s being subconsciously influenced by her identity as heavens darling. You can only ever love and be infatuated with heavens darling and nothing more

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