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THDP Ch.10 Part 2 – Elder Yan (II)

Although Qingfeng Valley was small, it had been established for more than one hundred years. Its history as a medical sect was also close to two hundred years. Every time a disciple return to the sect after traveling outside, they would record their experiences in the bamboo slips and handed them over to the sect in exchange for a certain number of contribution points. All of these records could be found in the library pavilion. The elder who managed the library was Elder Yan. He was also the teacher Meng Qi admired the most in Qingfeng Valley.

Meng Qi set up a trap with some medical substances to prevent people from entering her room. Then she turned back to the lazy little tiger. In fact, even without the little guy’s possible relationship with the white-robed man that resembled her master, Meng Qi still wanted to heal him.

—He is so comfortable to touch! Cute, soft, fluffy~

Meng Qi closed the door and walked briskly towards the library pavilion in the sect’s back area. At this time, the sun was already setting down. Warm sunset shone on the mountain where Qingfeng Valley was located. Around this time, usually was the most lively in one day, when all the training and classes had just ended. But on her way to the library, Meng Qi didn’t see other disciples.

Until she entered the library pavilion’s ground floor, she finally saw Elder Yan, who supervised the building. Sitting cross-legged on the chair, a row of bamboo slips floated in front of the elder. Meng Qi couldn’t see what kind of movement he made, but the bamboo slips quickly flew upwards. She had seen this scene many times, but still couldn’t help but look up at the flying bamboo slips.

The library pavilion in Qingfeng Valley wasn’t large. It was a four-story building with an empty middle section. On each side, bookshelves were hanging from the ceiling to the floor. The upper sides were full of overlapping bamboo slips. There was a spiral staircase going up from the first to the third floor. But further up, there were no stairs.

Most of the bamboo slips stayed on the first floor and flew into one of the bookshelves on this floor. Except for one, that slowly flying to the third floor, and landed on one of the empty shelves.

“Meng Qi.” Elder Yan opened his eyes. He looked like to be in his early thirties. He wore Qingfeng Valley’s blue robe, his long hair bundled up on the top of his head, slantedly bounded by a strange-shaped bamboo headdress.

“Elder Yan.” Meng Qi respectfully saluted him. “This disciple would want to ask for Elder’s help.”

Elder Yan did not ask her the details. Instead, he stared at Meng Qi: “Today, some honored guests came to our sect. The sect leader called all the disciples to go to greet them at the great hall. Why are you here?”

“Honored guests?” For a moment, Meng Qi was confused before she finally remembered. Just now, Lu Qingran was waiting for Chu Tianfeng at the main gate, so the guests must be people from Fentian Palace.

Aren’t they so fast?! She literally had just healed Chu Tianfeng!
But this had nothing to do with Meng Qi. In her previous life, she was locked up in the dungeon and managed to survive the dangerous period without even a single scratch. This time… If she was careful, she should be fine.

“This disciple doesn’t know.” She answered honestly.

There was a faint smile in Elder Yan’s eyes: “I heard it were the Fentian Palace’s young master and his sect’s elders. You don’t want to meet them?”

Fentian Palace’s young master was very famous in the Eastern Realm. The young man was handsome and also a genius cultivator. There were indeed many women who wished to be his cultivation’s partner.

“The sect leader was there with other senior brothers and sisters. It doesn’t matter if this disciple doesn’t go.” Meng Qi replied respectfully. Anyway, no one had told her to go.

“What problem do you need my help with?” The smile in Elder Yan’s eyes deepened.

“It is a poison. After being poisoned, there are silver marks on the wound, which make it bleeding continuously.” Meng Qi asked politely: “Does Elder know this poison?”

“Oh?” Elder Yan closed his eyes.

Meng Qi waited patiently. Elder Yan’s cultivation was higher than the sect leader. Especially his medical cultivation level, which already entered the fourth rank. Meng Qi had heard the gossip about Elder Yan from other disciples. He once vowed to travel all over the world to treat all the patients he met. So every other year, he would leave the sect and go out on a journey. Because of this, he didn’t hold a significant post in Qingfeng Valley. In addition to an empty elder’s title, Elder Yan would take care of the library pavilion whenever he stayed at the sect.

Elder Yan never had any personal disciple before. The majority of the disciples in Qingfeng Valley didn’t have any desire to be under his tutelage either. In contrast, becoming the sect leader’s personal disciple or other elders with real authority was obviously much better in their eyes.

“There is one…” Elder Yan opened his eyes slowly, “This bamboo slip is for you. You can read and study by yourself.” The elder waved his hand. A small bamboo slip flew from the fourth floor and stopped in front of Meng Qi.

“Thank you, Elder.” Meng Qi saluted once again. She was going to ask Elder Yan for a few more questions when they heard a rush of footsteps outside the pavilion.

Two Qingfeng Valley’s disciples hurriedly entered. After they greeted Elder Yan, they turned to look at Meng Qi. Both disciples had a strange expression. Their eyes flickered for a bit before saying: “Junior Sister Meng Qi. Sect leader and the elders from Fentian Palace are calling you. Come with us to the great hall.”


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