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THDP Ch 100 Part 1 – Yun Qingyan’s True Form (I)

The soft light of luminous pearl fell upon a carved bed covered by light gauze. Under the gauze, a white tiger was lying lazily on a bed covered with a soft quilt. Except for a few black stripes on his forehead and back, his fur was completely white. His eyes closed, and the soft and clean white fur exuded a soft light under the luminous pearl. His two front paws overlapped in front, with his lower jaw rested on them. His semicircular ears were slightly drooping, and the fluffy fur around his pads hid away his sharp claws, making him look quite harmless. His abdomen, also covered with a thick layer of soft fur, was slowly undulating with every breath.

Meng Qi: “???”

He-he’s sleeping?

“!!!” Meng Qi regained her senses and quickly let go of her hand. The slightly cold light gauze slipped down, gently rubbed her cheek, and closed the large bed again, also concealing the large sleeping figure.

Meng Qi was completely startled and suddenly staggered back several steps. She raised her hand and rubbed her eyes several times.

Did…did she see it wrong just now?

Right! She must have seen it wrong!

She suddenly fell into the Starfallen Sea, was frightened, and then panicked after finding Xiao Qi was missing. Having received shocks one after another, it was normal for her mind to not work well…right!

Meng Qi swallowed subconsciously. A faint, frightening thought flashed in her mind. The thought flashed quickly, so fast that she couldn’t catch it, nor did she dare to.

She saw it wrong… right?

Yes, it must be so.

Meng Qi breathed slowly and deeply, trying to calm herself down. The light from the luminous pearl shone upon the gauze, and she could see the dark shadow inside.

Is… is he okay?

After the initial shock passed, Meng Qi suddenly returned to her senses—

If he was simply asleep, it was impossible that she could knock on the door, enter the room, walk to the bed, and lift the gauze without waking him up.

Meng Qi stepped forward suddenly and raised her hand. She hesitated for a moment when her fingertips touched the gauze, but then decisively lifted it open again…

The white tiger, who was larger than her, was still lying quietly on the bed.

“Uh…” Meng Qi tried hard to speak properly, “Are… are you okay?” She asked softly.

The white tiger didn’t show any reaction; not even his ears moved in the slightest.

“You…” Meng Qi looked at the large figure that clearly looked like an adult tiger. She cautiously reached out her hand and gently pressed the white tiger’s forehead. Her fingertips shone slightly, and the light penetrated into the tiger’s head, illuminating his fur more clearly.

Meng Qi pressed her fingers into the soft, fluffy-looking thick white fur.

It feels… so good!

It turns out that even a big white tiger is also so nice to touch…

Meng Qi returned to her senses and promptly closed her eyes. “Ugh—” She had just dived in, but abruptly felt like she had fallen into an unfathomable abyss. Not only could she feel anything, but even the aura she sent in was also sucked away in an instant.

Meng Qi took a deep breath and repeated her attempt, sending another trace of aura. But the result was the same. When her aura had barely made contact, it was instantly sucked away again.

Startled, Meng Qi opened her eyes and stared at the large white tiger. Inside his body, there seemed to be a bottomless abyss that sucked anything, even spiritual aura. What was this? Meng Qi was confused. The large white tiger was still lying quietly on the bed, showing no signs of waking up despite the huge movements she had just made. Meng Qi stared at him for a while. When she first saw him, she felt that this white tiger was too big and too fierce-looking, far less cute than Xiao Qi. But after staring like this for a while, the large tiger kept sleeping soundly. His chin rested on his fluffy paws, and his two white semicircular ears were slightly drooping.

It seemed…he was a bit cute, too.

Meng Qi thought for a while, then took out a silver needle from her storage space item. This was the new set she bought from the Cloud Immortal Pavilion, a must-have item for a healer to do examinations and make a diagnosis. Although her silver needles were not as powerful as Xue Chengxuan’s natal magic weapon, it was not bad either.

Meng Qi slowly reached out her hand and gently grasped the white tiger’s paw. Holding the slightly cool pad on her palm, she pressed the silver needle with her other hand. The tip of the needle flashed coldly on the paw.

The white tiger, still sleeping soundly until now, suddenly opened his eyes. Inside the pair of azure blue eyes, stars seemed to flash past, but they quickly submerged into the eyes that were as deep as the cold night sky.

Before Meng Qi had time to react, the paw she was carefully holding in her palm suddenly flipped over. She felt a strong push on her shoulders, and the next moment, her back hit the soft quilt hard.

Meng Qi felt suffocated — the white tiger’s paws pressed her whole body on the bed.

“I…” Meng Qi couldn’t speak at all. The paws stepped on her and pressed hard, blocking all her unfinished words. She subconsciously opened her eyes and looked upward, but what she saw instantly made her cannot breathe.

The white tiger was looking down at her. His eyes were extremely cold and indifferent, without even a trace of feelings belonging to living creatures.

But soon, the indifference was dispelled those azure blue eyes, and they gradually came into focus.

Meng Qi felt that the force of the paws on her chest slowly weakened, and fresh air poured into her lungs again. “I—…cough cough…” She coughed again and again, struggling to speak: “I…I just…cough cough cough…”

Although the white tiger relaxed his strength, he was still pressing Meng Qi to the bed — as if warning that he could take her life anytime if she dared to struggle.

Meng Qi looked at the white tiger stepping on her body. Her eyes stared unblinkingly into the pair of increasingly focused eyes. The soft white fur was right in front of Meng Qi’s face. As she breathed, they swayed gently.

Meng Qi’s eyes fell at the large paw, which was simply an enlarged version of Xiao Qi’s cute paws. She then raised her eyes and looked at the large white tiger. After Xiao Qi grew up, he must look similar to this one…right?

In a flash, countless thoughts flooded into Meng Qi’s mind—

In the mirror record shown by Chu Tianfeng before, the one called ‘White Tiger Sovereign’ had exactly the same perfect face as her Master Yun Qingyan…

The demon cultivators of the red fox clan were shocked and frightened when they saw the Four Poles Great Array, and even Sikong Xing was also frightened, lost her fighting spirit, and bowed before her…

The legacy of arrays had already been broken in Three Thousand World, but it was said that there was still relatively complete knowledge left in both Demon Realm and Devil Realm…

And then…the valiant and powerful, beautiful and unparalleled white tiger in front of her, which definitely was not a white tiger spirit beast of Three Thousand Worlds. Those spirit beasts were not as powerful, and they didn’t have such beautiful and bright eyes rivaling even the world’s purest sapphire…

“So-sovereign Qingyan?” Meng Qi murmured softly.

The white tiger seemed to be taken aback. A complex emotion flashed in his azure blue eyes.

He slowly raised his paw.

Unexpectedly, when his paw moved, Meng Qi suddenly reached out her hand and hugged his fluffy front paw tightly. “Sovereign Qingyan!” She called again, but this time her voice no longer contained hesitations and doubts, and was very firm.

White tiger: “…”

“Are you…” Meng Qi’s head was buried in his chest thick white fur, and her hands were still holding his paws tightly. “Are you really Sovereign Qingyan?” Meng Qi’s voice choked, and she suddenly wanted to cry for some reason. Her nose felt sore, and her eyes were hot. Unable to control herself, tears fell from her eyes.


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