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THDP Ch 100 Part 3 – Yun Qingyan’s True Form (III)

“No!” Meng Qi’s voice suddenly increased. But she quickly reacted in shock and hurriedly lowered her voice to explain in a soft voice: “He was injured, and this is Starfallen Sea. With his current condition, he definitely could not survive outside.”

“Oh?” Yun Qingyan raised his eyes slightly and looked at the blue-robed girl sitting upright in front of him. “Do you care about him?”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded. She blushed suddenly. In the beginning, she actually only wanted to save Xiao Qi because of her instinct as a healer and her curiosity upon seeing the little guy’s abnormal injuries. Moreover, Chu Tianfeng also showed her the mirror record of ‘White Tiger Sovereign.’ Meng Qi at that time was still didn’t know that the former Master she missed so much as the White Tiger Sovereign, but seeing the person’s striking resemblance to Master, she couldn’t be so indifferent to Xiao Qi.

Later, after getting along day and night, Meng Qi, who had no resistance to fluffy cute animals, really fell to this little guy.

Now, it was impossible for her to really disregard Xiao Qi’s life and death.

“If you care so much, go and find him yourself.” Yun Qingyan said indifferently, “You don’t need to tell me.”

“Huh?” Meng Qi was startled.

Why didn’t Yun Qingyan look worried?

Wasn’t Xiao Qi also a member of his clan?

Or did she guess it wrong?

It seemed…not impossible. It was Chu Tianfeng’s one-sided remark, and she just listened like that. But Xiao Qi was too similar to Yun Qingyan’s real form, especially those azure blue eyes that were even more beautiful than sapphires.

“What?” Yun Qingyan looked at Meng Qi, who was staring at him blankly, and asked in a lazy tone: “Are you afraid of Starfallen Sea and don’t dare to find him by yourself?”

“Well…” The blue-robed girl blushed again and lowered her head, revealing a fair and slender nape. “Sovereign Qingyan, can I ask you to help find Xiao—…that celestial demon white tiger cub?” She rarely asked someone to do her favor, let alone to Yun Qingyan. When she wanted to leave Starfallen Sea so badly before, she didn’t ask him and chose to find a way on her own. But now, for Xiao Qi, Meng Qi could no longer care about such things.

As soon as Meng Qi spoke, her face became even hotter. Her cheeks flushed red, and her long eyelashes trembled slightly with embarrassment.

Yun Qingyan raised his eyebrows and looked at Meng Qi: “Are you begging me for him?”

“Yes…” Meng Qi’s voice was lower, and she answered softly. She was aware of how thick-skinned her request was. It was her who didn’t protect Xiao Qi well and lost him, but she still asked Yun Qingyan to take action.

“Alright.” Yun Qingyan said indifferently.

“Thank you, Sovereign Qingyan!” Hearing his answer, Meng Qi looked up at him excitedly. She turned over and hurriedly jumped out of bed, “Shall we go now?”

“Meng Qi.” Yun Qingyan also got out of bed and stood up. He stepped forward and walked in front of Meng Qi, “Why do you want to save him?” Yun Qingyan asked casually as he walked forward: “You also said that he is a cub of my clan, so he should have nothing to do with you.”

Meng Qi quickly hastened her pace to keep up with Yun Qingyan. “When I picked him up, he was injured.” She didn’t expect Yun Qingyan would ask this and subconsciously added: “He was hurt quite badly.” At that time, Meng Qi also hesitated. Although she half-jokingly said that she wouldn’t take care of a male tiger, she knew that she couldn’t just leave him there alone. Otherwise, she would never feel at ease.

“Because he was injured, you picked him, brought him back, and then tried to save him…huh?” Yun Qingyan kept moving fast. At this time, night had completely fallen on this area. After the two left the manor, there were no light sources save for the brilliant stars, which made the surroundings a bit creepy.

“Yes.” Meng Qi said. She couldn’t tell Yun Qingyan the other reason. After all, he didn’t remember things she had experienced in her previous life.

Meng Qi raised her eyes and looked at the man’s side figure. Yun Qingyan’s perfectly handsome face was coated with soft light from the stars. Under the starry night, Meng Qi couldn’t see his face clearly and didn’t know whether he was angry or not.

“Meng Qi.” Yun Qingyan took another step forward. They were very near to the Starfallen Sea. Over the huge body of ‘water,’ the stars were becoming brighter and brighter, reflecting the bottom of the sea. It was magnificent, mysterious, and beautiful.

“No living beings can cross Starfallen Sea. This dream leaf boat is the only method to go to and from the great wilderness island.” Yun Qingyan stretched out his hand, pointed at the calm surface of the Starfallen Sea, and slowly said: “So, when we crossed this sea, your little white tiger must have been swallowed by the Starfallen Sea and trapped inside.”

“!!!” Meng Qi’s eyes widened in shock as she looked at Yun Qingyan in disbelief.

“After twenty-four hours, all the creatures that fell into the sea will be transformed into five primal spiritual aura.” Yun Qingyan continued: “It is still less than twenty-four hours now, so you still have a chance to save him.”

With a flick of Yun Qingyan’s sleeve, the small boat that had taken them to the island swayed over and stopped on the shore.

“If you want to save him, you can only go by yourself. This dream leaf boat can’t carry a third person.” Yun Qingyan said indifferently. “But you have to think carefully. In another two hours, starburst will come upon the sea and continue for twenty-four hours. If you cannot find him within these two hours, you will also be swallowed by Starfallen Sea, and become part of the countless five primal spiritual aura here.” Yun Qingyan’s eyes, as bright as stars, were looking straight into Meng Qi’s eyes: “Are you still going? Meng Qi.”

Meng Qi took a deep breath and turned to look at the vast sea before her. With her ability, it was probably impossible for her to search even a small area of ​​the Starfallen Sea.

If she couldn’t go back in time, she would also be swallowed by the sea.

Only two hours…

Meng Qi gritted his teeth and jumped onto the dream leaf boat: “Sovereign Qingyan.” She asked, “Are there any oars?”

Meng Qi understood her own ability, and it was impossible for her to control this small boat as proficiently as Yun Qingyan, especially with the harsh wind at the Starfallen Sea. But Xiao Qi was waiting for her to rescue him, so she still had to give it a try. At least, she could start by tracing the way they came.

Yun Qingyan didn’t speak. He stood calmly on the shore, looking at Meng Qi with a deep, unfathomable gaze. “Are you really going?” He asked slowly.

“I have to to try.” Meng Qi raised her eyebrows: “Isn’t there another two hours?”

“Okay…” Yun Qingyan flicked his sleeve. The small boat didn’t move at all. Instead, a strong wind suddenly wrapped Meng Qi’s waist and brought her back to Yun Qingyan’s side.


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