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THDP Ch 101 Part 1 – Identity Revealed (I)

“Meng Qi.” Yun Qingyan put her down, “Let’s go back.”

“But Xiao Qi…”

“Xiao Qi will be fine.” Yun Qingyan’s tone was flat, and he began walking towards the direction of the manor.

“But…” Meng Qi frowned. She never doubted what Yun Qingyan said. Never in the past, and never will in the future.

Stood in place, Meng Qi stared at Yun Qingyan’s gradually drifting figure. Clad in a white robe, the man looked both lonely and majestic under the starlight.

“What?” Yun Qingyan paused his steps. He turned sideways and faced Meng Qi, “You don’t believe me?”

Meng Qi quickly shook her head. The worry on her face was still there, but her gaze towards Yun Qingyan was as clear and clean as ever, without a shred of doubt.

“Then come with me.” Yun Qingyan repeated.

Meng Qi still didn’t move. She kept looking towards Yun Qingyan, staring straight into the latter’s eyes. Her lips quivered and pursed, as if wanting to say something but were too afraid to. Meanwhile, her heart was pounding hard. A terrifying guess was hitting Meng Qi’s mind. She desperately tried hard to suppress it, but the guess was taking root and sprouted tall with each second’s passing.

“So, Sovereign Qingyan…” Meng Qi stammered.

“Hmm?” Yun Qingyan raised his eyebrows as he lightly turned his body. His deep eyes met the blue-robed girl’s gaze.

Meng Qi stared at him in a daze. The guess that was completely preoccupying her mind made her heart pound even faster, as if it was about to jump out of her chest. “W-well…” Meng Qi tried her best to speak coherently, “Xiao Qi, he… he is also a member of your celestial demon White Tiger Clan.”

“Oh.” Yun Qingyan nodded expressionlessly.

“Although he looks still a cub, but he… he looks just like you!” Meng Qi said again.

“I know.” Yun Qingyan remained expressionless as he nodded again.

“Sovereign Qingyan…” Meng Qi took a deep breath. She looked at Yun Qingyan’s perfect facial features. The starlight gave him a layer of ethereal color, but also made him look even more handsome under the night curtain.

Meng Qi suddenly asked, “Are you Xiao Qi?”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Meng Qi’s cheeks became hot, and before Yun Qingyan could answer, her face had turned completely red. She did entertain such thoughts just a while back, but the Yun Qingyan she knew was too strong, and she couldn’t connect the sickly Xiao Qi with a powerful man who could kill a nirvana fiery eagle in just one hit. After all, Meng Qi had personally examined Xiao Qi’s injuries and knew how severe his condition was. So Meng Qi had never thought in this direction before, and when she finally had this guess, she was quick to deny it for being ridiculous.

When Yun Qingyan agreed to help her find the little white tiger, she was even more sure that he could not possibly be Xiao Qi.

But now……

He said to return, and that Xiao Qi is fine. Sovereign Qingyan was not such a ruthless person who ignored the life and death of others. He never was!

The idea that Meng Qi had overthrown suddenly appeared again with a vengeance, rooting even deeper than before. Meng Qi’s cheeks flamed red hot, as if ready to emit smoke. Still, she raised her head slightly and stared with great intent at Yun Qingyan.

Under the starlight, the white-robed man’s eyes shone even brighter in comparison.

“Do you wish that I am?” After a moment of silence, Yun Qingyan asked calmly.

“Huh?” Meng Qi didn’t quite understand. What did this have anything to do with her wish?

“Meng Qi.” The corners of Yun Qingyan’s lips lifted into an inscrutable smile. Seeing her dazed and clueless face, he felt the need to remind her of her past deeds.

“Think about it. What have you done to Xiao Qi in the past?” Yun Qingyan said.

“Ah?” Meng Qi was startled, and past memories flew across her mind. When they first met…

W-wait a second! Their first meeting! As if struck by lightning, Meng Qi stood in a daze. When they first met, she…she seemed to have…

Meng Qi rapidly looked away, not daring to continue meeting Yun Qingyan’s eyes. Her cheeks, which were already deep red previously, flamed even hotter as if about to explode, and even her temples throbbed furiously.

“Meng Qi.” Yun Qingyan slowly walked to Meng Qi. Even with her head down, the girl could see the black boots stopping in front of her. Following Yun Qingyan’s movements, the hem of the white robe swayed gently.

“Xiao Qi is definitely doing fine. He is very safe now.” Yun Qingyan lowered his gaze, taking in the view of the silky smooth hair and the fair, tender neck. There was a trace of laughter in his eyes, and even his lips hooked up into a deeper smile.

“Do you understand now?” Yun Qingyan asked.

“Y-Yes!!” Meng Qi’s voice trembled as she hurriedly answered.

“Now, will you return with me?”

“Yes, yes, yes…” Meng Qi repeated mechanically.

“Let’s go.” Yun Qingyan turned around.

Meng Qi was still unmoved, but her eyes quickly swept across Yun Qingyan. She hesitated. If she mentioned this issue, she would inevitably bring up the embarrassment of their first meeting again. However…

“Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi finally called out.


Meng Qi paused for a moment, but finally blurted out: “Y-your injuries…is it better now?”

Now Meng Qi had gotten his confirmation, she finally understood why Yun Qingyan always sounded very tired and seemed a little out of breath every time.

“It’s okay for now.” The smile in Yun Qingyan’s eyes deepened, “Thank you for your concern.”

“I’m glad…” Meng Qi said again. From the corner of her eyes, Meng Qi could see Yun Qingyan’s hand, with slender fingers and neatly trimmed nails, hanging by her side. What did he say ‘for now? Meng Qi was confused. Did he mean that there would be no problem when they were staying at Starfallen Sea for now, but that he hasn’t been cured? Would he allow her to examine his internal injuries?

Meng Qi’s fingers twitched slightly. When she found Xiao Qi that day, he was already injured so badly. His spiritual sea seemed to be torn into pieces, and she could find any formed spiritual sea in his body at all. That’s why she thought that the little white tiger was barely a cub.

From Su Junmo’s endless chatter, Meng Qi learned that the spiritual seas of the celestial demon were somewhat different from that of the human cultivators of the Three Thousand Worlds. Once celestial demons reached adulthood, their spiritual sea would become as tough as diamonds. No matter how badly they were injured, it was almost impossible for their spiritual sea to fall apart completely.

Once the spiritual sea of a human cultivator was damaged so much that it broke apart, their cultivation base would instantly dissipate into nothingness, leaving no possibility of recovery unless on the hand of a medical cultivator in the Heaven realm. But demon cultivators were different. The spiritual sea of an adult demon cultivator was extremely difficult to destroy. Look at Su Junmo, for example. In Meng Qi’s previous life, the white fox was injured so badly that almost the entire space of his spiritual sea was parasitized by the immortal devouring vine, but the spiritual sea itself was still very intact. After Meng Qi healed him, Su Junmo recovered very fast.

Because of this reason, when Meng Qi didn’t find a spiritual sea inside Xiao Qi’s body, she automatically assumed that the little guy was a young cub. But what about now? Had Yun Qingyan’s spiritual sea been repaired? He said there is no problem for the time being; was he the same as Ji Wujiong, in that he had periods of weakness because of the damage in his spiritual sea?


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  1. Many thanks

    Ooohh?? Glad the misunderstanding didn’t get stretched even further but.. man.. the smell of vinegar sure is strong pft

  2. …and he still managed to pull the wool over her eyes.
    And here I was happy for 1sec that she had managed to connect the dots and thinking wow this might not go the standard shoujo route to milk this misunderstanding beyond the grave.

    Still, all that said against standard shoujos and whatnot, I still had a comedy skit pass before my eyes, where instead of she going “so he looks just like you… Are you Xiao Qi?”

    She went “so he looks just like you…. Are you Xiao Qi’s dad???” and then “I promise I’ll be a good momma QAQ” where she realizes how she actually feels 😂

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