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THDP Ch 101 Part 2 – Identity Revealed (II)

Because of this reason, when Meng Qi didn’t find a spiritual sea inside Xiao Qi’s body, she automatically assumed that the little guy was a young cub. But what about now? Had Yun Qingyan’s spiritual sea been repaired? He said there is no problem for the time being; was he the same as Ji Wujiong, in that he had periods of weakness because of the damage in his spiritual sea?

Meng Qi pursed her lips. No matter how high someone’s cultivation base was, the damage in the spiritual sea was extremely serious. Even with Starlight — even if there was enough Starlight — it was not easy to repair the spiritual sea.

Should she ask? Meng Qi hesitated. Asking Yun Qingyan about it meant that she had to mention Xiao Qi. Remembering the thing she had done, Meng Qi’s face burned again. Or else… she should postpone it today! Tomorrow… after tomorrow, the atmosphere should be less awkward and embarrassing, and both of them might have forgotten tonight’s incident!

Right, she should keep the question for tomorrow!

Yun Qingyan stood in place. After looking around, he said to Meng Qi, “You can start refining Five Spirits Cauldron.”

He pondered for a moment, then spoke again, “There are two materials that would have been extremely rare in Three Thousand Worlds but can be found here. You are lucky to fall into the Starfallen Sea.”

Meng Qi wanted to cry. Yun Qingyan even knew about the Five Spirits Cauldron and the materials she was short of. Wasn’t it the same as directly admitting that he is Xiao Qi?! She now regretted, regretted so much. What has she done to Xiao Qi?! Why did she play smart at that time and ask Yun Qingyan that kind of question!

Meng Qi didn’t dare to think. Anyway…oh! What a great sinner she was!

“This Starfallen Sea is full of five primal spiritual aura.” Yun Qingyan continued: “Making it the best place to refine Five Spirits Cauldron.” He finally turned around and continued walking.

Meng Qi didn’t dare to lift her head. She obediently followed behind Yun Qingyan with her head down, but her steps were heavy and slow.

“In the ancient times tens of thousands of years ago, five primal spiritual aura are not uncommon and can be found in many places. Lin Yan, that senior of you medical cultivators…” A bit of anger flashed through Yun Qingyan’s gaze. When mentioning Lin Yan, he inevitably also remembered Ji Wujiong. That black-robed young man who acted brashly and arrogantly once fought side by side with Meng Qi. In the end, she was willing to stay behind and risk her life for him. The camaraderie cultivated in this way was obviously different from others.

“Yes…” Meng Qi replied in a small, weak voice.

“The era she once lived was a bit different from now. The Five Spirits Cauldron was her natal magic weapon, which she had never shared with the world before. Regardless, she passed it down to you, but you refused to be her disciple. Do you regret it?” Yun Qingyan asked.

“I don’t!” Meng Qi’s answer was very firm. “I will inherit Senior Lin Yan’s will. In the future, I will find her the most suitable successor to pass down the Five Spirits Cauldron and all the medical notes she gave me.” She repeated, “So I don’t regret it.”

Meng Qi spoke very resolutely, but whenever she recalled the things she had done to the little white tiger, she wanted to cry over her dim future.

In her previous life, she was very respectful and never did anything that made Yun Qingyan unhappy, but in this life…

Meng Qi sighed inside. Now that the milk had spilled, she could only walk forward, one step at a time. In any case, her qualification now was better than in her previous life. At least, she was no longer a powerless Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Thinking of this, Meng Qi couldn’t help but quietly raised her eyes and glance at Yun Qingyan secretly. The man’s expression was indifferent, and she could not see any trace of anger on him.

As if feeling Meng Qi’s gaze, Yun Qingyan glanced at her.

Meng Qi: “!!!”

She quickly retracted her gaze and resumed the posture of lowering her head. Out of the corner of her eyes, Yun Qingyan’s white robe swayed lightly.

“Do you know the origin of the name of the Five Spirits Cauldron?” Yun Qingyan tested her again.

“Yes. There is a note in the booklet recording the method for refining the Five Spirits Cauldron. It was called so because a refiner can change the elemental attributes of the medicinal pills according to their needs.” Meng Qi said, “In this way, even the same medicinal pills can be refined with different attributes among the five elements.”

“That’s right.” Yun Qingyan said, “After you reach high enough cultivation, you can even refine normal spiritual aura into five primal aura.”

“I see.”

“Why can Starlight repair a spiritual sea?” Yun Qingyan continued, “Using an array and specific materials, it is possible to refine spiritual aura into five primal aura and then condense them into the Stardust.”

Meng Qi was stunned, and a faint idea came to her mind. She turned her head subconsciously and stared into the vast Starfallen Sea.

Could it be…

“Whether it was a demon cultivator, a devil cultivator, or a human cultivator like you, once the spiritual sea is damaged, it can only be repaired by five primal aura.” Yun Qingyan explained. “That is, Starlight.”

Meng Qi was startled again. Her eyes were still fixed on the Starfallen Sea. According to Yun Qingyan, this vast body of ‘sea’ contained five primal spiritual aura, which meant…

Meng Qi turned her head suddenly and looked at Yun Qingyan with excitement: “Sovereign Qingyan, you said before that this Starfallen Sea is full of five primal aura… does it mean that a person’s damaged spiritual sea can be repaired here?”

Meng Qi’s eyes were bright and full of excitement, and she even temporarily forgot the embarrassment just now. Yun Qingyan was looking intently at her, but the faint smile in his eyes slowly froze inch by inch.

Meng Qi soon couldn’t bear his gaze and quickly turned her head away. She then murmured, as if talking to herself: “…is it more effective than Starlight?”

Did Meng Qi want to save Ji Wujiong? Yun Qingyan looked at her quietly, and his voice gradually became colder: “Starfallen Sea is indeed more effective than Starlight. However, you have to reach this place alive, and you also have to be able to resist… the violent power of Starfallen Sea, which is strong enough to bring destruction.”

“Ah?” Meng Qi frowned, “Sovereign Qingyan, can’t you do something about it?”

“What do you think the dream leaf boat is used for?” Yun Qingyan said indifferently.

Meng Qi didn’t notice the change in his tone. She turned her head to look at the Starfallen Sea. The stars, the calm sea, the reflection on the surface… Looking this way, the Starfallen Sea was truly beautiful, and she couldn’t imagine the frightening power hidden beneath it.

There’s a way!

Meng Qi nodded vigorously, and she quickly took out the bamboo slip that recorded the refining method of the Five Spirits Cauldron directly from her storage space item: “Sovereign Qingyan, I have formed my Golden Core, so I will start refining the Five Spirits Cauldron.”

In fact, Meng Qi was still a little hesitant. Should she really choose the Five Spirit Cauldron as her natal magic weapon? A silver needle like the one Xue Chengxuan used was also very useful. There stood to reason why many medical cultivators of Three Thousand Worlds chose silver needles as their natal weapon. Treatment only came after diagnosis. If a healer couldn’t figure out what caused the patient’s condition, even the most miraculous of medicines sometimes wouldn’t be able to save lives.

Meng Qi was indeed ecstatic after getting the Five Spirit Cauldron. Ji Wujiong also said that this cauldron would become a very useful natal magic weapon. Yet, Meng Qi was a bit hesitant. For her, the cauldron she could buy on the market was enough, and once her cultivation base surpassed the cauldron’s limit, she could always buy a better one.

But now, her last doubts had been completely dispelled.

Meng Qi said again: “Sovereign Qingyan, please give me guidance. Where in Starfallen Sea can I find the materials for refining Five Spirits Cauldron?” She cupped her hands and bowed respectfully, “Many thanks for your help.”

Yun Qingyan’s eyes glinted slightly, a bit colder than before. “You want to refine the Five Spirits Cauldron?” This was originally proposed by him, otherwise, the girl might not have thought of it. But as far as he knew, Meng Qi didn’t seem to be in a hurry to refine the cauldron. However, right after she knew the usage of the Five Spirits Cauldron and the effect of five primal aura, she couldn’t wait to refine one.

——In order to save Ji Wujiong?


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