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THDP Ch 101 Part 3 – Identity Revealed (III)

Yun Qingyan’s eyes glinted slightly, a bit colder than before. “You want to refine the Five Spirits Cauldron?” This was originally proposed by him, otherwise the girl might not have thought of it. But as far as he knew, Meng Qi didn’t seem to be in a hurry to refine the cauldron. However, right after she knew the usage of Five Spirits Cauldron and the effect of five primal aura, she couldn’t wait to refine one.

——In order to save Ji Wujiong?

Yun Qingyan’s eyelashes drooped, covering the cold light in his eyes. His face sank a bit, and his voice became slightly hoarse: “Since you have the bamboo slip, you should already know that refining a Five Spirits Cauldron needs five materials of different elements as the basis.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi said. She held the bamboo slip in both hands and respectfully gave it to Yun Qingyan, “Sovereign Qingyan, please read it.”

“No need.” Yun Qingyan flicked his sleeve. The total trust Meng Qi showed and the attitude of never hiding anything from him improved his mood a little. But as long as he remembered that she did it for Ji Wujiong, his eyes became gloomier.

“You have seen the Blazing Feather.” Yun Qingyan said, “The Azure Dragon crystal representing water element and the Primeval Chaos Vine representing wood element can only be found in Demon Realm and Devil Realm respectively, but you can buy them in Beyond The Heaven.”

“I see.” Meng Qi had never heard of these two materials, but it was easy to guess that their price must be sky-high. She didn’t know if she had enough spirit stones or not.

“The rests are Buddhist Sand and Nether Iron, both of which can only be found in the Starfallen Sea.” Yun Qingyan said.

“Five Spirit Cauldron needs these five kinds of five-element materials to complete, but you don’t need to gather all five materials to start refining.” Yun Qingyan explained.

“I know.” Meng Qi held the bamboo slip and nodded, “It’s also recorded that I can refine the cauldron with only one material. With each addition of the missing material, the cauldron will grow one level. Once the five-element materials are completed, it would become a sixth realm magic tool.”

Supposed it was a human cultivator, then one would start from Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Spirit Severing, Void Comprehending… equivalent to a sixth great realm. Once the Five Spirits Cauldron was completed, it was on par with a magic weapon made by a Void Comprehending cultivator.

Moreover, cultivators were not restricted by their own cultivation base when using a natal magic weapon. That was to say, if Meng Qi could find all the required five materials and completed the refining of the cauldron when she was still in the Golden Core stage, she would possess the sixth realm natal magic weapon on the par with cultivators of the Void Comprehending stage. Using the cauldron, she could even directly refine sixth-realm medicines that could be used by Void Comprehending cultivators. Combined with the Lihuo Great Fire array, she could refine seventh-realm medicines only cultivators in the Comprehending Perfection stage could use.

Of course Meng Qi also knew that it would be very difficult to gather all the five-element materials, each of which was a rare and legendary treasure on their own. Like this Buddhist Sand and Nether Iron — if not for Yun Qingyan’s explanation, Meng Qi didn’t even know where to look for them. In the worst-case scenario, she might have advanced into the Void Comprehending stage while barely finding two of the materials. That was how rare they were. This was also one of the reasons why Meng Qi previously hesitated to use the Five Spirits Cauldron as her natal weapon.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow.” Yun Qingyan turned around. His voice was a little cold, and he walked again after flicking his sleeve. “Now, go back and rest.”

Meng Qi’s mind was preoccupied, and she didn’t notice Yun Qingyan’s sour mood. Yun Qingyan said that his injuries were okay for now, implying that they were still not healed.

All the way back to the manor, Meng Qi couldn’t help but glance at the white-robed man from time to time. Until she lay back on the bed in her room, she still felt a bit unreal.

…Too many things happened today.

Meng Qi’s eyes were wide open as she stared at the light gauze bed tent in the darkness. She found out Yun Qingyan’s real form and also found out that he was actually…

Meng Qi turned over and buried her head in the quilt. Every time this memory flashed through her mind, she felt so embarrassed!!

It…it seemed that she had petted his head… touched his paws… played with his ears… and even rubbed his jaw…

Meng Qi frantically hit her own head several times.

Why couldn’t she control herself at that time?

Even if the little guy looked like a cute cub, he was still a respected celestial demon white tiger, the royal clan of the demon race!

Meng Qi tried to close her eyes, but the cute figure of the little white tiger appeared in her mind again. Blue eyes, fluffy semi-circular ears, small soft paws, beautiful white fur…

Meng Qi’s fingers clenched.


Although the consequence was too great…. playing with the little white tiger was so satisfying, ah!

Meng Qi hugged the quilt and rolled around on the bed several times. It was rare for her to have trouble sleeping. Every time she tried to close her eyes, either the little white tiger’s cute face or Yun Qingyan’s meaningful gaze would come to haunt her mind.

Meng Qi rolled back and forth again. What a sin! She had committed such absurd and disrespectful acts; how could she still harbor the hope that Master would one day accept her as his disciple! For him not to throw her directly into the Starfallen Sea was already the greatest kindness!

In the end, Meng Qi fell asleep unknowingly. When she woke up again, the room was still a bit dark, but a shimmer of light was already shining through the window lattice. Meng Qi opened her eyes and stared blankly at the canopy above. Slowly, memories of last night came back to her mind again…

Meng Qi sat up abruptly, jumped out of bed quickly, and walked out while putting on her shoes. She then conjured water using spell and quickly finished the minimum amount of washing. “Ah!” When Meng Qi opened the door, she couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise. The morning sun had already risen, and rays of soft light fell on the ground. But above the sky, she could see the stars twinkling. Although they were far less bright than the night, they were still very visible, and their brilliance was not obscured by the sunlight.

Meng Qi stared blankly for a moment, trying to comprehend the strange scenery she saw. The sky was not the blue sky common in Three Thousand Worlds. Instead, the sky above the Starfallen Sea was a bit like a large piece of clear light emerald jade, a bit similar to the color of the water in the Star Lake. The sky was beautiful but also looked mysterious.

The door to Yun Qingyan’s room also opened with a creak, and the white-robed man came out: “You’ve woken up?”

“Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi blushed when she saw him again. She quickly lowered her head, not daring to meet his eyes. “Good morning.”

“Come with me.” Yun Qingyan strode.

Meng Qi quickly followed. The two left the manor and walked to the other end of the island. All the way, Meng Qi didn’t ask where they were going. Compared to the night, the Starfallen Sea looked more charming during the day. The sun shone off the sea surface like sprinkles of golden dust, creating golden glitters on the tiny rippling waves. Except for the stars’ reflection on the sea, it looked no different from the lakes in Three Thousand Worlds.

The two walked for about one incense stick of time and reached the southernmost point of the Great Wilderness Island. Here, a peninsula protruded towards the sea in a crescent shape, making the waves bigger than other places. A rockery hill stood above the peninsula. It was bare and looked a bit creepy.

“This is…” Meng Qi glanced at Yun Qingyan.

“You can find Nether Iron here.” Yun Qingyan said, “And also… eh?”

Before Yun Qingyan finished speaking, his eyes moved slightly up the hill.

“Huh?” Meng Qi followed his gaze, “There…”

She was surprised, “There seems to be someone there!”


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Author’s Note:

This chapter is an important turning point in the romantic plot. Maybe some beloved readers can guess, but it will appear someday in the future:

Yun “I don’t want to be your Master” Qingyan: Qiqi saved me because she liked me? Or is it just an occupational disease?

Yun Qingyan (grim-faced): Seeing strange injuries and unknown diseases, she couldn’t control herself at all…

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