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THDP Ch 102 Part 4 – War Maiden (IV)

“Haha.” Yun Qingyan chuckled softly, “Meng Qi, what about the friend you want to save by refining the Five Spirits Cauldron? Are you giving up on him?”

Meng Qi raised her eyes and looked at Yun Qingyan blankly. His words just reminded her. If he really needed her at that time, she would definitely do everything she could to save him! But she must never do this kind of thing; otherwise, she would not only be the one to be affected, but even Yun Qingyan.

“No, I want to save him!” Meng Qi’s tone was firm, “But never in this way!”

Click — suddenly there was a sound. Just after Meng Qi’s declaration, a sound suddenly came from her spiritual sea.

Eh? Meng Qi was a little surprised, but Yun Qingyan was still here, so she didn’t immediately try to find out what happened.

“Meng Qi, ah, Meng Qi…” Yun Qingyan’s expression didn’t change, but his gaze towards Meng Qi was much warmer than before.

“Yes.” Meng Qi replied respectfully.

“You can save her,” he repeated.


“I told you just now that the Devil Realm is split into many forces and has never been unified tens of thousands of years.” Yun Qingyan waved his hand, telling her to listen obediently. With his hands behind his back, he turned his head and gazed upon the Starfallen Sea: “Among the five major forces, some of the prestigious clans who made the Great Devil Seat are cruel, bloodthirsty, and warmonger. Ninety percent of the invasion to the Three Thousand Worlds were originated by them.”

“But there is also a power.” Yun Qingyan said: “That has been passed down for tens of thousands of years and occupies five out of the thirty-three celestial devils.”

Meng Qi made a quick calculation. Their strength must not be too bad.

“This Great Devil Seat is a bit special. It is said that the first clan head was a child born from a pair of demon and human lovers. Later, when the three realms were separated, the child went to the Devil Realm for some reason, fell in love with a devil cultivator, and had offspring.”

Meng Qi: “…”

Sounds very complicated!

“So this Great Devil Seat has always been very close to the Three Thousand Worlds and the Demon Realm.” Yun Qingyan said, “Not only have they never invaded the two realms, but they have also helped a lot, sending aid and preventing a lot of killings.”

Meng Qi nodded. She had always believed that there was no absolute evil in this world. For example, Sikong Xing, who was very different compared to her fellow red fox clan. Despite being fellow demon cultivators, there were bad eggs like Sikong Yan, and there were also…

Meng Qi raised her eyes to look at Yun Qingyan.

There was also a person like Sovereign Qingyan, the best person in the three realms!

Meng Qi’s face became hot, feeling ashamed of herself for doubting Yun Qingyan just now. Really, even if she thought about it with her toes, she should have known that this person definitely didn’t mean it at all; he was just testing her!

Meng Qi’s expression changed, and her attitude became more serious in an instant.

Yun Qingyan gave her a light glance and continued: “This Great Devil Seat uses a black flame as their insignia.” The corners of Yun Qingyan’s lips raised up into a sarcastic smile: “Devil race respects red, which is the color of blood. They regard red as the purest color. The other prestigious clans which form four Great Devil Seats are using red as their insignia, but they all despise the head of this clan, who are of mixed, impure blood, as beneath them, and forbid the clan of using red.”

“So they were forced to use black?” Meng Qi asked.

“Not forced.” Yun Qingyan said lightly: “The clan head who chose black as their insignia once said, what do black, red, or other colors matter? As long as one’s Dao heart is firm, one will naturally advance on the Dao path.”

Meng Qi was startled, and her chest suddenly felt hot. The blood in her body was boiling as she gazed far into the distance, towards the vast and seemingly endless Starfallen Sea. Back then, when the first lord of the Great Devil Seat was surrounded by powerful enemies, even though he was ostracized and isolated by his fellow devils, and was forbidden of using red by them. But this person was able to stay unconcerned, upright, and free-spirited, and even scolded those people back with a carefree laugh.

Meng Qi’s eyes flickered slightly. Such a person really could attract others to him.

“So, since the tattoo behind her ear is a black flame, and she should be one of their war maidens.” Yun Qingyan said: “You can save her.”

“Yeah!” Meng Qi nodded enthusiastically, “Let’s save her!” She was so ecstatic that she temporarily forgot that they were still at the Starfallen Sea.

Meng Qi leaned over, activated a spell with her fingers, and tapped lightly at the black-robed woman’s forehead. When doing the initial examination just now, Meng Qi barely saw the shattered spiritual sea and loss of aura inside the woman’s body. Looking more closely now, this woman not only had her spiritual sea shattered, but even her internal organs seemed to be injured.

Frowning, Meng Qi retracted her hand and pondered. It seemed that this person was injured by someone, and it happened before she fell into the Starfallen Sea. Otherwise, with her spiritual sea shattered to this extent, she wouldn’t have survived such a serious injury.

Meng Qi took out a small porcelain bottle from her storage space, which contained two Jiuhuiyang Pills that were extremely effective for internal injuries. On top of that, these pills were the improved version, with the Jiuhuiyang spells imbued into them.

Meng Qi reached out and stuffed two Jiuhuiyang pills into the black-robed woman’s mouth.

Yun Qingyan stood on the side, watching Meng Qi’s busy actions in silence. The sunlight cast a soft glow on her long eyelashes. The blue-robed girl was calm and composed, and she looked even more beautiful than usual. Meng Qi herself probably didn’t notice, but there were two small dimples on the corners of her lips that always appeared every time she got serious.

Yun Qingyan’s eyes then swept over the unconscious war maiden indifferently. Although this woman indeed looked beautiful and could even be called stunning, Meng Qi actually didn’t lose to her. The girl might be not as dazzling as those stunning beauties, but her beauty contained a certain charm and elegance like a wild orchid in the mountains, enough to intoxicate people.

“Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi called. She had finished the initial treatments. The next step couldn’t be done in a short time, and now it seemed that she really needed to refine the Five Spirits Cauldron as soon as possible.

Meng Qi stood up, turned to look at Yun Qingyan, and asked, “I forgot to ask, but what is the clan name of the Great Devil Seat you just told me?”

Yun Qingyan took a deep look into the girl’s curious eyes and answered in a slightly cold tone, “The lord of the Great Devil Seat is surnamed Ji.”


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  1. Lol. She really better fess up that the one she’s practicing to save is him. Otherwise this dude is gonna stay petty

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