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THDP Ch 103 Part 2 – Yewu (II)

“They are useless for me.” Yun Qingyan said, “You should keep them all to refine the Five Spirits Cauldron.”

“Thank you, Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi bowed respectfully.

Refining a Five Spirits Cauldron did not need all the materials to be complete. After refining the cauldron with the barest minimum materials, the rest could be added later on, with each additional material would directly raise its rank by one level. Once the five-element materials were complete, the Five Spirits Cauldron not only would become a sixth realm magic tool, but would also gain the ability to change elemental attributes of the medicine it created and even directly refine medicinal materials into five primal aura.

With that ability, she could finally try to heal a broken spiritual sea.

Of course the cauldron also had other, more basic, abilities. Like other natal magic weapons, it was connected to the cultivator via spiritual communication, just like the sword spirits of the sword cultivators. In the future, whenever Meng Qi used it to refine medicines, she would be able to better control the heat and make subtle changes during the refining process, greatly improving both the refining’s success rate and the efficacy of the medicines she produced.

Meng Qi sighed silently, thinking how lucky she was. She couldn’t help but glance at the nether iron in the storage space again. Of course, when she was with Yun Qingyan, she had always been blessed with good luck. Meng Qi looked up at Yun Qingyan and gave the man a smile: “Let’s go back, Sovereign Qingyan.”

After saying that, Meng Qi strode towards the still unconscious Devil Realm’s war maiden and bent over to pick her up. Naturally, Meng Qi couldn’t let Yun Qingyan do this kind of chore. Not to mention that saving this woman was originally her intention; it was only natural for a disciple to respect their master by taking the rough jobs upon themselves.

Meng Qi’s posture was very steady. This black-robed woman looked tall, but she was quite slender and was not too heavy. Meng Qi carried the woman in her arms, carefully supporting her neck and knees.

Yun Qingyan glanced at the blue-robed girl. With her slender body, she was carrying another woman who was a little taller than her as if it was a given. Moreover, Meng Qi’s careful movement was as if she was holding a fragile, precious item.

“Sovereign Qingyan?” Meng Qi tilted her head and looked at Yun Qingyan curiously.

“You are going to carry her like this?” Yun Qingyan gave her a glance.

“Huh?” Meng Qi’s eyes fell onto the black-robed woman in her arms. “Oh, she is not heavy. Moreover…” Meng Qi smiled again and said proudly, “I’ve already a Golden Core cultivator. Carrying one person is not a problem.”

As soon as Meng Qi spoke, her face turned red. Saying it like this, wasn’t it as if she was deliberately showing off? She indeed wanted to tell Yun Qingyan that she was not so weak anymore, but did he discover her intention?

Meng Qi used the corner of her eyes to secretly and quickly took a glance across Yun Qingyan’s face. She didn’t dare to look any further, so she hugged the black-robed woman and began to stride towards the direction of the manor, “Sovereign Qingyan, let’s go back.”

Meng Qi walked quickly, but the hands holding the woman were always steady. After all, even though this person’s life was temporarily safe and she was also currently unconscious, her injuries were indeed very severe, not even counting her shattered spiritual sea. Therefore, Meng Qi was careful not to injure her a second time.

Meng Qi had just taken a few steps when a crashing sound was suddenly heard. The next instant, a dark green lump formed next to her. The lump twisted twice before turning into a tall, human-like figure, which then walked towards Meng Qi and silently held out its hands.

“Give her to it.” Yun Qingyan instructed.

“Yes.” Of course Meng Qi would not disobey Yun Qingyan’s words. More than that, she fully believed that he would not do anything that might harm the woman. She carefully handed the unconscious woman in her hands to the green figure, who then immediately walked forward with steady steps, far steadier than Meng Qi.

“Sovereign Qingyan, you are so thoughtful.” Meng Qi praised from the bottom of her heart: “It is indeed much more steady than me.”

The Great Wilderness Island was not too big, so Meng Qi and Yun Qingyan soon reached the manor they resided at last night. The green figure directly carried the black-robed woman into Meng Qi’s room and placed her on the bed. Seeing this, Meng Qi hurriedly stepped forward to help, supporting the woman’s head and gently placing it on the pillow to make her position more comfortable.

When Meng Qi turned around again, the green figure had dispersed, and Yun Qingyan had also returned to his room. Meng Qi quickly turned her focus back to her patient. She reached out her hand to the woman’s wrist, then began to deliver the Jiuhuiyang spell from her fingertips. Compared to the feeble pulse at the beginning, the woman’s pulse had become obviously stronger now.

Meng Qi activated another spell with her other hand and conjured a splash of water to wash the black-robed woman’s face. She then reached out and pinned the woman’s hair behind her ear, revealing a beautiful face that didn’t lose even to Sikong Xing. Based on Meng Qi’s initial guess, this woman should have been severely injured before, then had her spiritual sea torn apart by the five primal aura in the Starfallen Sea before she finally managed to climb to the shore of the Great Wilderness Island, where she fell unconscious.

When Meng Qi carried her down from the rockery hill, there was a lot of dirt on the woman’s face. Now that her face had been cleaned, her facial features looked even more beautiful. Probably because the pills she had given had taken their effect, the originally pale and bloodless lips also gradually regained their color.

When her hand reached the woman’s chin, Meng Qi’s mind began to wander. She stared at the black flame tattoo behind the woman’s ear. Devil Realm, Great Devil Seat, thirty-three celestial devils, the war maidens, the lord of the Great Devil Seat… words that were originally unfamiliar to her flashed through her mind one by one.

Meng Qi retracted her hand and pulled the quilt to cover the woman. The clothes on her body were also cleaned up by Meng Qi’s spell, which could help her sleep more comfortably.

Meng Qi then reached out her hand again and pressed her fingers against the woman’s forehead. In addition to her shattered spiritual sea, this woman’s internal injuries were also very serious, with much damage to her internal organs. Fortunately, the body tempered by the Spirit Severing cultivation base was strong enough. Otherwise, she would have long died of excessive blood loss.

Meng Qi pondered for a while and took out the last Jiuhuiyang Pill from her storage space. She pried open the woman’s mouth with her fingers and stuffed the pill in. Next, Meng Qi jumped on the bed, sat cross-legged next to her unconscious patient, and began to deliver another round of Jiuhuiyang spell into her body.

After holding on until her aura was exhausted, Meng Qi retracted her hands and slowly opened her eyes.

She exhaled and looked at the black-robed woman.

The fingers of the person who had been unconscious for a long time began to move slightly.

“Ugh…” The black-robed woman suddenly groaned. Her thick and slightly curled eyelashes fluttered slightly, and she slowly opened her eyes.


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